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  1. blksuperman2

    Converting 76108 into a proper Modular?

    tkatt your Sanctum Sanctorum is most impressive!! Looks really good in your city too.
  2. blksuperman2

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Nice collection HyperOnion. That Agen Kolar figure is crazy expensive!! But I have to admit, they look good.
  3. blksuperman2

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    It's funny, a few years ago I was on here complaining about the lack of black female minifigures. Now I have a whole Army of them. Also My Hydra & Chitauri Armies are growing too.
  4. blksuperman2

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Wow!, I went from thinking I'd skip this wave completely, saw the sailboat, and thought I'd have to pick it up, now I have to get this huge modular too. LEGO is killing my wallet!
  5. blksuperman2

    Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Love the Raganork sets but I'm kind of bummed we're getting a Valkyrie before getting a Lady Sif minifigure.
  6. blksuperman2

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    Last weekend I went to Brickfair in VA and picked up a few things. I'm loving these micro racer figs. I may collect all of them. My Army of Robins and Bat side-kicks. Finally opened my BvS sets. Here they are w/ MoS figs.
  7. blksuperman2

    Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    My army of Batmen.
  8. blksuperman2

    Review: 75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

    Thanks for this review. Awesome review of a must-buy set.
  9. blksuperman2

    Is Pet Shop gone for good?

    Yeah I ordered another Pet Shop the first of the month and was given the 30 days treatment. It finally arrived last week.
  10. blksuperman2

    MOC: Candy Lane (Modular Building)

    Oooh that's beautiful. I'd love to build that too. Do you have instructions? (I'll pay) :)
  11. blksuperman2

    UCS Helicarrier

    This is just decent to me. I would've been sold if we got Coulson or maybe a generic S.H.I.E.L.D agent or two.
  12. blksuperman2

    Scooby-Doo 2015 Rumours & Discussion

    Those sets look awesome. I'm looking forward to this now.
  13. blksuperman2

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    That's a rather impressive collection you have there.
  14. blksuperman2

    10246 Detective's Office

    Man this is awesome. I'm just torn on just how many I'm going to buy. At least 3 for sure.
  15. blksuperman2

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    I've thought about doing a Pink Grocer. Right now I'm slowly doing a Purple CC.