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  1. Jorrith

    Husbandry-The Vineyard

    Lovely build, love the purple pointed hat to flesh out the pouring of wine!
  2. Jorrith

    The Algus Saga: Myths at the frontdoor

    Awesome series of builds! The aldus saga is far from done, and i don't mind that at all! :)
  3. Thanks guys! It has been quite the build, the cottage turned out bigger than i've hoped so i had to make my base a little bigger than i was initially aiming for... But without it would just be a field and it was a good chance to practice some new techniques. Also nearing completion i've realised i had to little orange 1x1 round plates, and plant leaves, so i've bricklinked some more just a week before the deadline hoping the seller would ship fast. He did. The purple roof was definatly something i wanted to try, nice to see Lord Vladivus has also chosen for purple roofing, this color might be the next hot thing to the new pumpkin heads for nocturnus indeed!
  4. Jorrith

    Husbandry Challenge: Hearts and Minds

    Great build LV! It really seems purple is becoming a color for nocturnus these days... :D
  5. Jorrith

    Al Amarj Island

    How did i miss this one? It's awesome! Brickwork, rockwork, wow....
  6. Jorrith

    [Freebuild] Capther 2 - Dragon's shadow

    Great color usage, figure posing and story!
  7. Jorrith

    Husbandry Challenge: Arkbri Irrigation

    What a gorgeous build! I love all the small details, like the repair made to the dam, excellent build!
  8. Jorrith

    Historica Husbandry (Minichallenge)

    One for Nocturnus: Husbandry Challenge - If you pay peanuts...
  9. Farmer Lars: HEY YOU! GET BACK HERE! So many things were racing trough young Donar's mind, how he abandoned his aprenticeship with an enchanter stealing his spellbook, how he eventually got into nocturnus bluffing his way into people believing he is a wizzard, and how things could have gone so wrong for him... Wishing for a meal and some coin, and probably ending up to be one.. ​Donar: I'm sorry sir! But i'd rather live! DSC00515 by J H, on Flickr Stealing an enchanter's spell book is one thing, but some spells should never be used by those who don't know the power. This unfortunate soul has bitten off more than he could bargain with. With the current unrest in historica, the village lords of nocturnus had to enforce tax on the enchanting of pumpkins. What once was just rewarded with a simple meal, must now be paid with gold. Farmers are tempted to choose a cheaper alternative to paying the village lord's wizzard for his services, and things happen.... I never should have taken in this hack! Farmer Lars thought... But the damage has been done, a montrous pumpkin is plowing his field, hunting for flesh. All because of a spellbook that was stolen and wielded by someone that shouldnt... DSC00518 by J H, on Flickr DSC00526 by J H, on Flickr DSC00531 by J H, on Flickr DSC00534 by J H, on Flickr More pics on my Flickr OOC: Hi there! I hope you like my entry for the husbandry challenge, it is based on two things that stuck in my mind: In Nocturnus food eats you! (Lord Vladivus said that) and when the new scooby doo sets came out, i had to do something based on A day on the farm by MassEditor... Those new pumpkin heads were just the thing for this idea... I like to put an evil twist to things, and someone hoping for food, and in the end turning out to probably be it, is just the thing for nocturnus! Also i wanted to make this entry humorous, the dark lands are not, so i'd wanted to incorporate a funny note to the build. Also i have been building with few colors in previous builds, and i've tried to improve on that aswell. Well i hope you like it, it has been a fun build with a few personal challenges, and it turned out ok i guess. Not 100% sathisfied with the cottage's roof, but the deadline is due so here it is. Thanks for viewing, and C&C Welcomed!
  10. Jorrith

    Husbandry Challenge - Mystic Isle

    What a fantastic little house, but the color usage is particulary great!
  11. Jorrith

    Husbandry challenge -The Scaly Scavengers

    Awesome wall technique, and interesting building!
  12. Jorrith

    War Has Returned

    Fantastic build Blufiji! The first thing that came to mind was the Zangarmarsh region in world of warcraft, and reading on, it reminded me of Nausicaä.. (oh i'm such a geek ) Great story, you did awesome on that, just like the build itself!
  13. What a awesome build! The roof is indeed wonderfull, and lots and lots of little details. Excellent!