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  1. Manmade Evil Over the last three years or so, I've been working on-and-off on a little film series of my own. When writing the script for an upcoming sequel, I discovered that some vital plot points were yet to be explored in any episode. Naturally, I didn't feel like incorporating them into the script as that would make it unwieldy, so the obvious solution was to make an entirely new prequel episode. The function of "Manmade Evil" is basically to provide a basis for some of the story aspects discussed in existing episodes of my series. It's a prequel that fits directly before my opening episode, "Random Lego Violence", and as such can - and should - be watched first of all. Please note, though, that if you decide to try out the rest of the episodes, bear in mind that they are of inferior quality as they are older. CAST: Myself as Donny and Rothwell Ross Arrowsmith as Sinton Tom Pullin as Spitzer
  2. starwarsfanatic

    Brickfilm - THE CHICKEN DANCE!

    The other day I acquired the collectible minifigure of the guy in the chicken suit. Well, I decided to make this random little thing!
  3. I present today for your... not edification... perhaps... okay, not entertainment either, really. Brain-numbing half-minute-wastingness is maybe true! Jokes aside, I hope you'll enjoy this latest production of mine, a short test of various effects and things.
  4. I like the look of this. Such a lot of detail on such a small area.
  5. starwarsfanatic

    Futility (Brick flick)

    Check out my latest brickfilm, effectively a music video to the Wilfred Owen poem "Futility", as sung by Virginia Astley.
  6. I've just completed and uploaded a short mock battle between brickfilms and CGI animations made using Blender. The concept was from my friend, and he supplied the Blender footage. I filmed the brickfilm contributions and edited it all together.
  7. starwarsfanatic

    Brickfilm - Devil's Edge

    I've finally finished my mahoosive film project Devil's Edge, and uploaded it today! As lifted from my YouTube video description: "A week after the disastrous massacre at Sarnon, the threat of the Fear Troopers becomes very real for Spitzer, Joe and Captain Cucumber, as they join forces once more with the men in green to repel a formidable foe. Who will survive and who will die?" Feel free to comment on it, giving ways to improve, complimenting it or even openly denouncing it as a pile of rubbish. But enjoy yourself, whatever you do. I'd be unable to forgive myself if someone got bored in my topic!
  8. starwarsfanatic

    LEGO MINECRAFT-The Last Minecrafter

    I thought that was good. A little confusing, though. You have all sorts of characters doing all sorts of things, and a lot of bad-guy factions (green people, minotaurs, etc.). Also, there wasn't that much to do with Minecraft. Still enjoyable to watch, though.
  9. I spent today working on a music video for this nice little song by Queen. What d'ya think?
  10. starwarsfanatic

    Doctor Who - The Invincible Knight

    Looking good. How long is this film expected to be, because it usually takes a LONG time to complete a brickfilm.
  11. starwarsfanatic

    LEGO Star Wars 2012 Pictures and Rumors

    Excellent, finally I can add an Imperial Officer to my collection. I've been wanting one since I started collecting Lego Star Wars back in '06 or '07.
  12. starwarsfanatic

    Lego Doctor Who Spoof

    My best film so far!
  13. starwarsfanatic

    Is Brickfilming dying?

    Brickfilming isn't dying. It just takes a long time to make high-quality brickfilms. Keep waiting and they'll keep coming.
  14. starwarsfanatic

    MOC: Riding the Waves

    That's pretty good! How long did it take you to do it? Keep up the good work.
  15. starwarsfanatic

    Lego Doctor Who

    I made this in 2008, so apologies if it's not the best, but it's just a short pilot episode for a Lego Doctor Who series I was going to make before I decided not to. Enjoy.