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  1. 1. 100 2. I'd like to see plenty of Star Wars goodies.
  2. Nexus7

    ZIL 167 all terrain vehicle

    V-LV-54A This truck was designed in the beginning of 1960′s. It was designed to withstand diffictult conditions in Siberia, Urals and far east and northern territories of Soviet Union. Its also able to cross water and its able to control its tire pressure, equipped with air cleaning systems and has 4,5 kw electric engine to pump water (in case of fire) and it also has radio transmission capabilities. Wheels 6×6 Engine (2xZIL-375) Engine displacement 2×3,5 liters Perfomance 2×180 hp Fuel tank capacity 900 liters Fuel consumption 100 liters/100km Max speed 65 km/h (on the road fully loaded) Max speed in 50/80 cm water 30/20 km/h Measures Lenght 9260 mm Width 3130 mm Height 3060 mm Ground clearance 750 mm Turnin radius 11 900 mm Weights Cerb weight 7000 kg Payload 5000 kg Abilities ability to go through obstacles: Trench 2000 mm Vertical wall 1000 mm Rise angle 42 degrees Fording 1800 mm Snow 1000 mm The best description I found on the net: Function follows form in every bit, styling is brutally simplistic, each bit looks like it will withstand a nuclear attack and a meteorite hit simultaneously – essentially, it’s designed to survive the apocalypse. You can see it in action And a comparison with other trucks to give you a sense of scale.
  3. I'd love to enter some of these in the contest, but sadly they have been made some time ago. Braveheart: Rene and Herr Flick from "Allo, allo": Matador: Templar knights: Elvis: Well, I will have to come up with some new stuff :-)
  4. Nexus7

    MOC: Train Station

    Just wanted to share a little addition to my Gantry Signal Box posted here some time ago. This time round I built a Train Station. Station's signal is moved by small PF motor. More pictures on Brickshelf
  5. Nexus7

    MOC: City transportation 70' style

    Thank you very much for your response! I have just finished another version of this bus: Try here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 DJ Force, yes, yellow stripe on an arch brick is a sticker (cut from big Yellow/Red Ferrari set sticker sheet) As for the scale, as you can see I opt for 8-wide, it just looks a little bit more natural in minifig world. I have to say, though, I have seen some amazing 6-wide creations.
  6. I have always wanted to build this model. It took me some time before I decided to give it a go. Presenting model of Polish Jelcz 043 bus (our Czech readers will recognize Skoda 706RTO). It was developed in mid 60' and was very popular through 80'. There were many different versions of the bus, some intersting, some nice and some plain weird. I chose a typical city version (272MEX) in popular livery. Note the trailer! Reference picture
  7. Nexus7

    MOC: BR 70 - My first steam engine

    Wow, if this is your first one I can't wait to see what you can do next. My initial reaction was: "that boiler is way to small", but I checked some reference pictures and you did get it right! Well done, really nice loco. There is something special in black and red steamers. Happy steaming!
  8. Nexus7

    Category 3 - Winners Announced!

    Great contest, thank you Brickster. All the entries were simply fantastic. Great job everybody. Thank you for your votes. PS. Was this contest a one off thing or is it annual occurence?
  9. It's just insanely good! One of the best trains ever. Well done!
  10. Nexus7

    TTCE: Gantry signal box

    ENTERED Gantry signal box.
  11. Nexus7


    Hi all, I'm know as Nexus7, member of Polish community LUGPOL even though I'm currently based in US. I'm relatively new to TRAINS theme, my main interest is TOWN inspired by Cafe Corner. For few years now I've been working on my little town layout and finally reached the stage where some Train station was needed. I'm still to build my station but I managed to get me a few steam locomotives and some cars both passenger and goods. Nice to meet y'all This is my town: and one of my cars (Gvwhu):
  12. Nexus7

    MOC: Zwettler Cooler Car

    It's a little bit tricky, specially the midle section. Just have a look at the picture.
  13. Nexus7

    TTCE: German Express Train

    Thank you for your comments. Passenger cars are 7 wide and 40 studs long. They run perfectly on curves and switches. Dark red is perfectly ok for German cars, as are mixed colors within the express train. Right now I'm working on Dark Blue sleeper car.