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    Raffle: A Nuisance in Newbury

    Those who smash pumpkins in the dead of night risk incurring the wrath of the Pumpkin King himself!
  2. Bricknave

    Ninjago Legacy Contest Winners!

    Thank you @Exetrius! Building my entry for this contest was a pleasure! Congratulations to you and to the other main winners, @Garmadon and @_shaddow_! Thank you @Peppermint_M for hosting this contest! I would choose this Venomari, or "Lloyd," tag: It would complement my Venomari Shrine entry!
  3. Bricknave

    Ninjago Legacy Contest - Voting

    7 - 1 point 9 - 1 point 13 - 1 point Good contest, good entries!
  4. Legacy Venomari Shrine "Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes!?" For the Ninjago Legacy contest, I present to you my Legacy Venomari Shrine, the successor to 9440-1: Venomari Shrine! My MOC features the snake-launching feature of the original mode, in addition to a secondary action function tied to the staff itself. A side view shows some of the mechanisms: Taking the Venomari staff comes with a string attached: the "hissing" statue unleashes snakes upon trespassers! You can watch a video demonstration here! Thanksss for viewing!
  5. Bricknave

    [MOC] Emerald 4-Wide Train

    I used pieces and inspiration from both 31015-1 Emerald Express and 10194-1 Emerald Night to create a compact narrow-gauge train: Most of the inspiration for this came from 31015-1 Emerald Express after I modified it to fit on the minecart rails provided by 7199-1 Temple of Doom. The passenger car can seat up to 4 Minifigures. Both sides can be accessed thanks to hinges. Making room for the engineer was the most challenging design aspect. Thank you for viewing!
  6. Bricknave

    [MOC] Emerald 4-Wide Train

    Thank you all for the comments! Have a Merry Christmas!
  7. Bricknave

    Lester's Big Adventure Winners!

    Bravo Kritch! The Black Crow is quite the smashing automobile! I strongly second the notion, which is why I would very much like to have Johnny Thunder's Aussie hat (third in the row)! Thank you Peppermint_M for hosting a contest fit for Adventurers on a Pharaoh's Quest! I hope there will be more to come, whether they involve jeeps, planes, or ancient ruins galore!
  8. Bricknave

    Lester's Big Adventure Voting

    4 - 1 point 9 - 1 point 12 - 1 point Excellent entries overall.
  9. Thank you! Thank you! I included the license plate as part of a hommage to the Adventurers playtheme; no jeep from that lineup could be complete without one. Thank you, I enjoyed designing it as a feature! Thank you! I came close to using two 1x1 plates and clips instead; I'm glad I stuck with the skeleton legs.
  10. When the adventure gets tough, it's time to break out the rough-and-tumble Dark Green Jungle Machine! As soon as I started building, I knew I wanted to use dark green as the main color. I included a few details here and there to maintain a connection to the Adventurers theme. See if you can spot them; I've used older pieces as well as newer ones (including old shapes in new colors). In addition to a tail gate, the jeep features working suspension: You can view a demonstration of the suspension feature in my Flickr album!
  11. This is a quintessential Adventurers vehicle. The jerry-can is perfect.
  12. Bricknave

    LEGO Fan Personality Test

    While practicing my HTML and PHP, I developed a Personality Test based on the various archetypes of the LEGO fan community. Click on the image to go straight to the test. There isn't a "best" archetype, they all play vital parts in the LEGO fan community. I am the Purist MOCer archetype because I focus on MOCing more than other fan activities, and I don't use custom molded pieces often. What archetype are you the most like? If you would like to show your badge here on Eurobricks, copy and paste the BBCode.
  13. The Cafe: Breezeway (as in 6376 Breezeway Cafe) The Family Restaurant: Brickolini's The Mezzanine: Chez Albert's
  14. Bricknave

    Which LEGO Piece are you?

    Apparently, I am a rubber tire: It makes sense to me. I've always liked fitting them onto the wheels.
  15. Bricknave

    Which LEGO Piece are you?

    See if you can use the BBCode below: [url=][img=][/url]
  16. Entry name: Head Hunter Entry image: Gallery VILLAIN PROFILE: Name: Head Hunter Weapons: Sharp Pincers Powers: Insectoid strength and endurance. Likes: Collecting heads. Dislikes: Not being able to wear Masks of Power.
  17. Bricknave

    Steam Workshop

    A large Steampunk creation displayed at BrickFair VA 2014! I used Mindstorms NXT to motorize the doors, the airship, and the winged flying machine. Previous Steampunk creations of mine took inspiration from the orient and the wild west. For the Steam Workshop, I wanted to capture the essence of Victorian England. The above image is linked to a video of the Steam Workshop in motion! A gentleman and his robot await the unveiling of a new airship! He is also having a picnic! Inventors and workers toil away in the workshop, working around the clock! Ladies and gentlemen watch their progress from above. Test pilots are always needed! Next to the steamy industrial workshop is a refreshing garden! A Steamcopter rests on a special landing pad. The Steam Workshop was Nominated for "Best Steampunk"! I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Steam Workshop!
  18. Bricknave

    Steamworks Owl

    Absolutely gorgeous! I just love those eyes!
  19. Bricknave

    Steam Workshop

    Thank you!
  20. Bricknave

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Just recently, I downloaded Star Wars: The Old Republic. If any of you happen to have a guild, give me the details.
  21. Bricknave

    Steam Workshop

    Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed it!
  22. Play here! More content will be built over time!
  23. Click to select the BBCode for the badge, then copy it. When pasting it into your signature, make sure your cursor is at the selected line.
  24. Bricknave

    [MOC] Billy Starbeam's Sidewinder Fighter

    Fantastic job for your first MOC! Very swoosh-able!