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  1. mapimi

    [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    This is just incredible !!! Congratulations on a beautiful train. You really managed to reproduce the real thing. Thank you for posting this. Any chance you'd have instructions to share/sell? Would love to make my own
  2. mapimi

    Bombardier C-Series

    Hello everyone I would like to introduce my model for the Bombardier C-Series (both the CS100 and the CS300) which is the newest narrow body plane being made by the Canadian giant Bombardier to take on Airbus and Boeing's duopoly on the medium sized aircraft market. My model for the CS100, the smaller of the two members of the family comes in the colours of Swiss Global Airline, which is the launch customer for the type. The aircraft features retractable landing gears and opening doors. It can seat 6 passengers. The tail is this way until I can justify ordering two 3x3 cross plates (15397) which I still have to do. DSC04420 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04442 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04437 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04427 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr My CS300 is 4 studs longer and comes in the colours of my custom airline Nova Airlines. The aircraft features the same retractable landing gear and door system. DSC04460 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr DSC04467 by Maxim Pieuchot, on Flickr I hope you enjoy these two airplanes. My goal is too bring more details into the lego aviation world. I hope you find these creations achieve this. All comments are welcome :) Happy Building -Max
  3. mapimi

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hello to all I'm going to change the subject slightly and wonder what you guys think: Is it time for the modular price to go up to allow for the older modular size with the playability and interior details of the newer ones? I know lego tried with TH and that sales were considered a failure but since then : -Lego has added many larger sets which start way higher then modulars -The modular price has also gone up. BB here in Europe is only 10/20 € cheaper than TH was -The modulars are getting smaller which is starting to have effects on the uniformity of the modular block. The concept of modularity is also in question with expansion not always an option (especially with BB and DO) I know I wouldn't mind seeing this mixture if the downside is paying a bit more every year. But perhaps I'm the only one
  4. mapimi

    Classic vs. New Lego airplanes

    As a AFOL lego airplane enthusiast, I am not that happy with the way lego has been treating lego planes. As far as the system goes, the older planes fit better, yes they had some specialised parts but they did a better job of fitting in the system. Planes could be taken apart and become all sorts of thing. Its kind of a shame because many of these older parts are very useful for my lego airplane MOCs, and to no longer have them produced is a shame. These also took up less space meaning you could grow a fleet of planes and build a somewhat realistic airport with road plates. Whereas I own 3 7893s and they just take up space for nothing gathering dust because their size prevents me from stocking them properly. The new 8 wide planes have many parts that can only be used on planes: cockpit, wing,... which to be quite honest I don't like at all. These parts limit the opportunities for MOC and they aren't at all realistic looking, whereas the older planes at least had some sense of realistic traits. Its kind of a shame lego didn't use the opportunity to build realistic looking parts when it made its new plane cockpit parts back in 2005. And as far as the wing goes, it takes up useful cabin space. The door system would have been more realistic if lego had made it double sided, very frustrating for MOCs. Perhaps this is only my opinion but I have long taken the route of MOCing airplanes rather than use the ones provided by lego. Over the years mine have been getting better and better and these do not use any of the new parts but lots of the great parts Lego had produced in the 80s when it invented the airplane are still useful in my MOCs.That is why I find the older planes better.
  5. It works for me now, very happy :)
  6. mapimi

    2016 Lego trains

    Tiens, un collègue cheminot, je croyais être le seul. Anyway, I think the HE was a decent set, also bought two, but for future set I think it would be nice to see suburban/subway trains addressed, since lego has never really made those in the train line (except if you count the city pax trains...), would be a nice change to what we usually get. We could also get smaller regional trains or early diesel models, something original that hasn't been produced yet, just my opinion
  7. mapimi

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If you go back in this thread a year and a half ago the "next" modular was a fair with lots of minifigs which eventually turned out to be the fairground mixer, are we sure the amusement hall will be a modular and not the next set in the family of the mixer and the ferris wheel ?
  8. mapimi

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You could also pack them up and keep them as parts until you have room for them (give you time to convince your fiancee as well)
  9. mapimi

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    It might however come with a promotional set next month when it's released for the general public. Happened to quite a few large sets where VIPs lost that advantage by ordering early. I'm waiting until the first reviews emerge anyway before watching it
  10. mapimi

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    The price hasn't changed on lego.(insert country here) if you want it you can still get it at lego. In the US it's still 149,99 and in France it's at its normal 129,99, guessing it's the same everywhere else
  11. mapimi

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    Anyone curious about the use of plates instead of a base plate? Do you think that could outcome future large sets (i.e. modulars)? Probably just reading too much into this. Talking about baseplates how to get the trans 16x16 baseplate that appears in the video ^^? Still a nice set, will be hard to resist, wallet might be able to handle it, but I'm lacking available room...
  12. I agree, fun build and more substantial than you'd think Also my lego store had tons for the ones worrying about not getting some, I'd check out your lego store even if Shop@home says its out of stock
  13. mapimi

    10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Thanks for the tip! Was able to pick up 2! Case solved ^^ Bravo to Ace Brickman (and of course Tragic Banjo)
  14. mapimi

    looking for ideas: one floor modular

    How about a small old school garage? The type you see in early color movies? The front is mainly the car door, and inside you could have tools and maybe a car lift. In the french countryside (among other places) we still see things like these: I imagine they must have looked great when new
  15. mapimi

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Not necessarily a nightmare, the set wouldn't be produced forever, so his investment might loose a little value but then would skyrocket again after the production of a new old set ends. sort of like the 2004 wave of lego sets that were brought back, and that started a whole new trade value of the original sets having even more value to collectors