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  1. Hartfan

    [MOC] Soldiers Outpost

    Very nice MOC. Well done.
  2. Hey guys I’m a fan of legos for good 30+ years. Used to play old “space” sets and pirates as a kid and last ten years I collect LEGO Star Wars. Occasionally, I buy other sets but 90 percent of what I own comes from SW.
  3. Hartfan

    Small island

    Nicely done. Especially different shades of blue :)
  4. Hartfan

    Spanish Colonial Outpost

    Lovely build. Wish You can expend it.
  5. Hartfan

    [MOC] Modular Medieval Lighthouse

    Lovely build. Great job.
  6. Hartfan

    Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Love the way you display everything. Great collection.
  7. Looks great. Impressive build...
  8. Hartfan

    [MOD/MOC] Middle-earth 16x16

    Small but seriously great MOCs. Amazing work mate.
  9. Hartfan

    REVIEW: 75104 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle

    Nice review. As always. I want to get this set just for figs.
  10. Amazing review as always ! Tribal woman and Winged Battle Warrior are my favs here. Thanks
  11. Hartfan

    [MOC] Her Majesty's Theatre, London

    I scrolled down, saw the pic and said... "F...k" :) WOW !
  12. Hartfan

    [MOC] Castle Durstan

    Looks great. Amazing work !
  13. Hartfan

    LEGO Books

    That's my Lego book collection. Some of DK books I have in English but also in Polish. Best one in collection: Collectors guide 1st Edition (Limited to 3333 copies edition with minifigure and brick)
  14. My recent purchases... Finally, I have all 3 minifig magnets in my collection. One came from Australia and other from Germany.
  15. Hartfan

    Pirate Hideout

    Small but great MOC. Love it.