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    1920s German museum train

    Wow, what a great work!!! Well done! I also want point out the high level of the photos with perfect view angle, light and the general composition. Excellent, especially the second one! I think the middle axle of the green coach shifts under the body, do it?
  2. helos

    Home Sweet Home - Voting thread

    Category A 3 - 2 points 4 - 1 point 18 - 1 point Category B 3 - 2 points 9 - 1 point 20 - 1 point
  3. helos

    Triplex Erie 2-8-8-8-2

    You always astonish us! *oh2* This is the 10th steam locomotive you've built, and ...what a machine!!! I wonder which one would be the next after this intriguing but little-known engine? I totally agree with Monsinjor: each time you present a new creation it's a masterpiece. It also works fine with all of those complex bogies, connecting rods and even lights!!! I really think you have to test the proposed tips about friction for improving its efficency. Can't wait to see it live! Chapeau ....my dear friend!
  4. helos


    Well, some units of this machine were built at OMR plant (Officine Meccaniche Reggiane) just in front of my former home. Only the main railroad to Milan divided my backyard from the plant courtyard with a big sliding bridge among the workshops and depots. I couldn't see those machines grow because it happened in fifties, when the OMR were rising after being bombed out on 7th / 8th January 1944. I saw many E424 in the seventies during their regular service and I was able to recognize their typical sound like a big sewing machine through the kitchen window. This loco wasn't fast but could have great accelaretion as it often pulled light stuff then the drivers quite often performed this capability. The reproduction is an excellent work with some experienced solutions as our friends had said above. The only problem I can point out regards hte doors which have to be on the starboard side. You might reproduce the front doors :laugh: which would have to be in the flat side of the nose but they were soon removed in the prototypes because too dangerous.
  5. helos

    G2000 Serfer

    You've chosen one of the most appealing liveries of this machine. Great work higly detailed. Reproducing with Lego the Mak G 2000 is not as simple as seems to be especially for the boogies and the cabins. Moreover you chose the 7stud for making your life difficult. Well, the result is fully achieved with skilled solutions. :thumbup: I like the windshelds, the details on the roof and, of course, how you've worked out the lights as the surly look of the original loco
  6. helos

    Siemens TAURUS

    Streamlined, slim and graceful like the original one!!! The red livery highlights its shape. The Taurus has indeed a quite simple design but it's undoubtely so fascinating. You've made a great reproduction in 7stud width wich is my favourite compromise for Lego trains. Yeah, maybe that's true but if there is an (ilLegol) OBB logo, it will be the icing on the cake.
  7. helos

    altBricks: large radius track survey

    In respect of offered options the choiches undoubtely go to both 88 & 104 stud curves and, of course, realized in metal. I put my unique choice on 88. As many of us who partecipate at Lego events can confirm, the electrified rail is the best solution. Long and heavy trains need more than one motor, need a lot of electric power. The batteryies as source of power is a real trouble! Moreover the IR system is good inside home but unusable at the events on long distance and with other people using the same channels. It 'also a problem fitting the battery pack and receiver into the body of small units Don't forget that with a simple current pick-up you can supply all PF motorizations you want! This is the way I'm working on for crossing the limit of 9V motor unit. Someone has published a solution here and you can build up it by yourself, you can find metal wheels in the model trains market, the cottage industries can produce an accessory like that. The plastic rails can be wrapped with a metal tape, but battery train can run on each type of Lego rails. There are thousands of 9V motor all around.he world. You can digitalize each type of motorization with metal rails So to me, unquestionably electrified rails! The past, the future!
  8. helos

    MOC: Railjet OBB

    Hey guys, when tonight I've seen so many replies at first I was speechless!!! I couldn't imagine a result like this! I'm not used to! Now, how can I thank you all for such passion, for having given me such gratification? Please accept this simply and formal way: thank you all very much!!! I like to make models who are inspiring to me, I like to make beautiful trains. Austria have nice trains. Moreover it is a lovely Country, close to mine. I go willigly there when I can. I drew myself the logos by Adobe Illustrator. The program is quite simple to use for this basic works and you'll easily find training course step by step in the web. Once the logos are obtained I send the file to a professional printing-house. They print the logos on an adhesive shhet then engrave the surface (cut) with a plotter. Then you have to practise a little to attach the adhesive on the models. It's a bit heavier than a 6wide model. Two motor are enough for moving the convoy for two reasons: I use rigid coupling instead of magnets (technic plates and pins) and the boogies are very sliding as I haven't used the regular Lego holder. The wheels are those of first type wth the axle inserted in technic bricks and pins. At Wien LKF it run three days without a problem but unfortunately I had to limit the speed due to a short track. Nice to hear from you! It looks very intriguing. I really think so! I wonder what color would be proper? Are you sure of do not switc to 7w? As I've already told you , in this comunity everyone has its own peculiarity. You always find someone who amaze you! Your hands are very brick-friendly. It's only a matter of choice: now I want build this! That one will come out from ABS!! :wink: Who knows! I would be honored. I generally go on well with everyone I have few chances per year to partecipate at events but when I can....
  9. helos

    MOC: KÖF

    Well done!!! :thumbup: You've nicely captured this peculiar rail tractor. Many Kof colourful versions wink at builders and you've showed some interesting solutions for taking cue!
  10. helos

    (MOC)-Modular Bookshop

    My dear Architect, when I first saw this creation was speechless Lots of techniques in this masterly execution. Lovely the bow window on the back courtyard
  11. Hi everyone, I couldn't resist to the charm of this powerful German locomotive. So I'm now presenting my personal interpretation of the e103. As it is so famous I don't think that this machine needs to be described. Enjoy the photos and I'll be glad to know what do you think.
  12. helos

    MOC: DB electric locomotive e103

    Dear Lego train fellows, once again thank you all very very very much for your comments! hope the Mom won't get angry for that harmless pc trick. I love the suggestion of those box images since I was young. Well it's quite heavy. Two motors are needed to move the loco and coaches not only for simmetry aestetic reasons. The loco weight is also good for motors for producing a proper friction on rails I would point out that my model is 7 wide. I usually build in 7wide because I think it is the best compromise between the gauge and the radius of the curves. Moreover the 7 studs train can be flanked by the 6 studs Lego official train without clash eachother due to slight difference in size Unfortunately my spare time is very little and discontinuos. I tried MLcad some years ago but I can't make both Lego models and Lego projects. Cad programs require application, experience, upgrade. I would be happy to share the instructions but how can I make them? I posted some photos for showing the key assemblies. I examined all the e103 Lego model shared on the web before building mine. I think it is not very difficult to rebuilt a model when you have a good images for taking cue. You can see the proportions and the sizes, you can compare the ideas, you have the measures and the building solutions. At the end you can even improve the model, one of the most intriguing aspect of Lego world. You are a Lego builder so do not hesitate! Take those Lego pieces and start your own reproduction. ;-)
  13. helos

    MOC Al Capone gangsta car

    You've precisely captured the shape. Well done I also love the details. Of course you have to do it! It's an unusual subject and there are not so many creations of that theme which.....could be devoloped.
  14. helos

    MOC: DB electric locomotive e103

    Thank you all guys!!! Your comments makes me really happy. :sweet: I noticed that the slopes side is appreciated so I've thought to share some photos of the loco partially disessembled. I don't use any CAD program for making the project consequently I have no instructions. You can now to see the main solutions I've thought up. As you can see in the following pics the third wheel assembly is jointed to the motor so as it can follow the bend and shift under the loco body. It needs only a proper speed along the bends. I think it is better to replace the pin with a screw for a more rigid coupling to avoid dangling Are you sure? I really need of making practice with a steam BRs and even some suggestions from a master to complete my BR 41 and BR80. I've been working on them for too loooooooong time and they are still unfinished. Maybe my next goals after the entire e103 convoy .....waiting for another creation from you ....really? you can bet that I've seen it!!! That one and other creations of yours are so inspiring...... I hope you like this aspect of Lego world. IMHO sharing for improving it should be one of the main pillar of this community.
  15. helos

    MOC: DB electric locomotive e103

    Thank you all guys for your replies. It doesn't have interior details because there is nearly no room left as the loco is full of snot solutions. The slopes curved 4x1 of the nose are mounted on hinges for hugging the frontal slopes 4x1 double, the upper vents are upside down on tiles 4x2 then together attached on clips for folding the assembly. Me too!!! Since the appearence of 7740, the e0103 has inspered dozens of Lego enthusiasts and I had examined with care their creations before building mine IAs I said above to Simon, there's no room left inside for fitting battery pack and IR receiver. I always use 9V motor but with this model it was an obliged way.
  16. helos

    MOC: BR 53-003

    You always astonish us! :O :O :O This masterpiece is interesting not only for being an unsual machine but also for containing a wide use of uncommon construction techniques. You've done an accurate work with a detailed and useful photo stream. I really think that lots of train builders will appreciate it. I particulary love the two driving bogies with the system of connecting-rods. kob!
  17. helos

    MOC: BR 78-281

    Again a lovely creation! :-O Luckily you were joking when you had said that you stopped building BR locomotives! Great work dear steamy addict. You really deserve an honorary degree as Lego BR locomotives expert
  18. helos

    Piazza Erbe of Verona

    Waiting for the place detailing and the colourful weekly market. Hope to see soon the other side for completing this masterpiece. Maybe next Expo edition? However you captured nicely the shapes for having been built it in a such short time. Well done CLV. kob
  19. helos

    MOC: Coal District

    It is not clear if you spend the much of your time taking photos or building your excellent mocs! Great work! The coal supply station is one of the most appealing structure and the Vollmer large one is very inspiring. A beautiful complement for your dampflocks. How is it far your loco roundhouse? Let's enjoy your shared photos!
  20. helos

    MOC: BR84-009

    Hey, you’ve done a great work there, notably the way you had planned it . The shape is efficaciously captured. Hope to see this multi axles model in action somewhere or in a You-Tube film clip. Now is it time for related carriages?
  21. helos

    Life and Lego Trains

    I immediately read this post searching for a trick of yours! To me balancing Lego trains and life is a nightmare! Each piece of the day is fitted into another like a big Lego set without microspace so I have to move Lego work during the night . The only two tricks I use are watchhing similar solutions I'm looking for from other modellers and a box with some pieces of my new project and some key-pieces – I bring the box with me and when a short while occurs I grab the chance.
  22. Hi everyone, I posted some photos of the my Lego creation of the italian electric locomotive E444 - 044 with "Gran Confort" passenger coaches. The main features are the unsymmetrical solution between the front bogie and the rear bogie with hook for aestethic result along the bends and the car bogies representing the real ones for high speed. This machine began its regular service over forty years ago. It was validated for a maximum speed of 220 km/h – it was an high speed performance at the beginning of seventies but the majority of the rail lines along coasts and across mountains has not allowed to this innovative engine of releasing its full power (over 4200 KW) I don't exactly know why it was nicknamed “ tartaruga"– "turtle” by the drivers but for personnel, train enthusiasts and even indifferent passengers it was love at first sight. At that time among steamy engines still in service and rough electric locomotive full of studs it became soon famous and recognizable for its futuristic shape and livery wich flaunted on the portside an unusual cartoon of a turtle wich runs. It became the official engine of the new-born “Gran Confort” coaches. At that time the Gran Confort were extremely advanced and expensive passenger cars and still today they preserve a good level of standard if properly upkept. The main features were automatic doors both external and internal, high speed bogies, antivibration and antitwisting dampers, double insulation and climate control, intercom and audio devices, compartment or saloon outfitting,, bar and restaurant. They were painted in slate-grey and ivory livery with red stripes and in TEE livery. The unsymmetrical solution The panssenger coaches built in 46 studs lenght my gallery:My link
  23. The doors are simply assembled on a bracket 1x2-2x2 The wheels came from the 2878c01 assembly well known for its intrinsic problems of friction. As you can see in the picture the axle is inserted into two pin ¾ 30002 but yuo can’t see the two pieces of hose 3mm inserted into the pins where the axle spins. I've had to check if the axle spins without friction into the hoses because of their thickness can be inconstant. When friction occurs I passed into the hose a 2mm drill bit (or better a 2.2 mm drill bit). At the end I applied a small coat of graphite powder on the axles as lubricant - the reproduction of high speed bogie runs in high speed on Lego rails indeed! At the Itlug 2011 show in Lecco the E444 Turtle ran for hours at fast speed with its convoy without any problem.
  24. Hi everyone, I posted some photos of one of my latest mocs. I tried to capture the shape of a French heavy shunter Vossloh class BB 60000. I used the lime green color which could be assimilable to the light green of the original one. To me is an appealing loco with this livery. grey front lime front other images: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=480307 ----- Edit from TheBrickster: Helos: try editing this post to see how to deeplink the image.