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  1. I had a pleasure to attend in 2019. 2020 unfortunately only in my minds. This year I'll be there :) Honestly I cannot wait!
  2. maciejd

    MOC: Maciej Drwięga Train Station

    Ok, so here it goes. The last 4 weeks was a real speedup in the project. I had to finish the side tracks between switching tower and engine shed as well as build the cargo area and workshop from scratch. The layout had to be finished for the Lego Fan Weekend in Skaerbaek (Denmark). And it was. I was able to see it put together for the first time on Friday morning, 28th of September. For those who cannot be on the event - some photos taken during it: Several other photos you can find on the Flickr gallery: Enjoy :)
  3. maciejd

    MOC: Maciej Drwięga Train Station

    After six long months it is a time to publish some photos. A week or two ago I had opportunity to get back to my project. I decided to start from the "switching tower" corner (the whole station map is here). In comparison to the map, I put the switching tower building back a little bit and made a straight track in front of it instead of adding a switch to the main track of the station. The switch will be somewhere else. At the moment not sure where ;) I reused the building I already had and modified it a little. The old platform waggon is also reused from my another MOC). Ok, it's time for photos: And a few more in the train station set on Flickr. cheers!
  4. maciejd

    MOC: Completing my Pet Shop block

    That is really amazing. Tremendous amount of work invested as well as this lovely cosy Lego town spirit made me watching your flickr set for the last 20 minutes :) I also like the low aperture photos with relatively small focus area. The only thing I would change is the background for these pictures. Keep up good work!
  5. maciejd


    Hello Everyone Thanks to some of you yesterday I logged in here again. I'm not sure if there is a reason to write a full introduction of myself. Last year I did this in this topic: :) So maybe a few words "why trains". I'm not a true trains (these real ones) enthusiast. I like some areas, especially these I can identify with my childhood. Translating this to Polish railways timeline, it's about late 70's till early 90's. Especially I love small not electrified train lines. Effectively little bit of steam and - most of all - diesel power :) I decided to couple this with my Lego hobby so here I am as a Lego Train builder. All of my train creations are built as smaller of larger parts of train diorama I hope I'll finish some day :) Not everything is ecxact model of actual object. Mainly engines and rail trucks I try to keep close to the original. As for now, all waggons are a compilation of train vibes, only inspired by misc real things. Till now I've got in my "sched": SM03 shunter, ST43 heavy cargo engine, SM42 heavy shunter (designed by Misterzumbi), SU42 universal engine, 3 box cars, 2 tank cars, 3 platforms/low side cars and 3 small rail trucks (WM-10, OMW-3a, KSF-70). Despite the rolling stock I'm also collecting buildings for the bigger project: train station with goods storage and platforms, engine shed, switching tower, gateman box etc. All of them you can find here What can I say more. I try to keep all these things in the same vibe just to make them fitting each other. When thinking of any big project, some kind of governance is a must to keep it going. Some directives I defined for myself: - engines are 8 wide (this is because first loco I got - SM42 which was 8wide); they might be 7, but it should look good with other in my collection; - waggons are 7-8 wide depending on what it is and how it can be built; - rail support trucks are 6-8 wide, but try to keep the main structure around 6-7 studs; - the clearance is 9,5 studs of width; - all tracks are build with lego train geometry rules: http://www.brickpile...ayout-geometry/ to make my world compatible with other layouts on this level; - all tracks are 9V or RC modified to be 9V - for now only quad-switches are to be modified somewhow, the whole rest is original 9V; - all rolling stock is lego curves, switches etc compatible and the diorama is my rolling stock compatible; - last but not least - the most important to be honest: NO generic Lego sets on the diorama - everything is a smaller or bigger MOC! What about Lego purism? - I can understand purists and I realize what is the idea of it; partially agree; - I decided to use custom lights for the project; 12V system might be not so bad if prices and availability will be reasonable; 9V nor PF system does not provide any reasonable lighting; I use custom infrastructure of 3mm LEDs, it requires max one brick being modified per lighting point. So what. I can deal with that, the effect is worth it. The rest is pure Lego; - I cut hoses and flex parts when I need to; - I use non-Lego strings, but these are to be almost like these Lego made; - I do not paint bricks; if there is no brick in color I need, I build the thing another way; - I do not connect bricks using glue, tape, stickers or whatever non-Lego. Huh. I think it's enough as for introduction :) Hello Everyone once again :)
  6. maciejd

    MOC: Maciej Drwięga Train Station

    There is a strong AFOL community here in Poland (, but paradoxically I'm not a member of this one :) Thank you, that's really nice :)
  7. Awarded an honorary Train Tech tag on January 6, 2012 for his magnificent Train Station.

  8. maciejd

    MOC: Maciej Drwięga Train Station

    I want to thank all of you for all these comments. If effort put into such MOC can pay off in any way, seeing such warm welcome is the one I most like :) I'll keep you up to date on the progress. There is still a lot to do with the station and with the rest of the train layout. As per below map, the currently presented part is about 40-50% of the planned station infrastructure. (source: ) I have no idea how long it will take to finish it. The plan is to have it done till the end of April 2012. For now it's a priority one for me reagrding Lego bricks but I wouldn't be surprised if it will take two or three months longer than I plan to. One thing is certain - the project could be only bigger since now :)
  9. Hello Everyone I'm a registered user and frequent reader of EB forum since September 2009. I just thought today it might be a good day to write my first post on the forum and introduce myself in a few words. So... my name is Maciej Drwiega, 30 years old, married, working in IT industry. My dark age finally ended somewhere in the mid of 2001 when I took my Lego bricks from the basement to play with younger cousin. Cousin got back to Italy but the bricks have never returned to the box. It was something like 2kg of bricks, mainly small Legoland sets and two bigger ones from the Model Team series: 5580 and 5510. Since then I come a long way as an AFOL. From first MOCs published over Internet in 2002 through something like 3 and a half years of leading local Polish AFOL’s community, organizing Lego events etc. to freelance-builder status with dedicated Lego room in my home. I believe there is no sense to write how this hobby can impact the day-to-day life, some of you probably know that from own experiences. I try to deal with it and the result seems to be not so bad :) I hope :) Let’s get back to bricks. I'm mainly focused on Lego trains and some kind of Model Team series extension: 1:13 scale trucks. What might be unusual I try to keep all of my creations so the collection of MOCs is continuously growing. All train models are kept for a diorama of train station which is on its way and should be finished in nearest months. Each truck is a separate project for me but they all together (especially US trucks) are kept in same style so can be treated as one family :) What can I say more… The BS gallery can be found on The Flickr address is