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  1. FishHead

    [MOC] Where is my mail? My post office

  2. FishHead

    [MOC] Winter Village Cider Mill revisited

    It is beautiful! Glad to see this brought up again.
  3. FishHead

    Classic Space Lego pile comes back to life

    I have a great deal of my original Classic Space stuff. Man-oh-man, that is a beautiful collection!
  4. FishHead

    Classic Space Lego pile comes back to life

    This is awesome! I have most of these from my original collection. Nice work!
  5. FishHead

    [MOD&MOC] Cafe Corner

    That is beautiful work!
  6. FishHead

    [MOC] Cafe Corner Interior

    This is beautiful! I'm with everybody else - love the jukebox!
  7. FishHead

    Review: 10251 Brick Bank

    I gotta say, your review just sold the set for me.
  8. FishHead

    [MOC] Usonian Style House

    Wow! This is really cool!
  9. FishHead

    Modular Corner Neighborhood

    Very nicely done!
  10. FishHead

    ICE Planet 2002

    Man, that is sweet! I love the old Ice Planet stuff
  11. The old Alps printers, sadly long out of production, could print metallic colors and even white.
  12. FishHead

    Micro Space (Microfighter MOCs)

    Wow! That's impressive!
  13. FishHead

    MOC: 24-Carat Urban Vertical Farm

    This is a hoot! Well done!
  14. FishHead

    Is Pet Shop gone for good?

    Yep, mine arrived yesterday. :)
  15. FishHead

    Is Pet Shop gone for good?

    Ditto - I apparently have a Pet Shop in transit as we speak.