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  1. Heppeng

    Photobucket fix!

    Dear fellow forum members, It seems someone wrote an app for google chrome that, when installed, will rid you of those damn photobucket P500 upgrade rectangles and will allow you to see the embedded photos again in older posts. How to use ? 0. Use google chrome as your browser 1. Go here: https://chrome.googl...nflicjjgj?hl=en 2. Install the plugin. 3. Clear your browser image cache (click the three dots at the top right in your browser bar - then click advanced, go to the "privacy and security" bit, "clear browser data" should be the last item in the window, then select "cached images and files" and clear the cache) Just to be clear - this is something YOU have to do if YOU want to see the pictures - for everyone else who surfs to the topic and uses a different browser or doesn't have the app installed, it will still show the photobucket upgrade mess. The original posters of the topics can do nothing about it. I can only say that for me it works splendid !
  2. This is my recoloured 7725:
  3. Heppeng

    Remote Control for 4.5V. Would it Work?

    I know exactly what he means, it will work. I don't have pictures of the two together, but the underside of the left connector here: https://shop.lego.com/en-GB/LEGO-Power-Functions-Extension-Wire-8886 Will connect directly to the studs on this motor here: https://img.bricklink.com/ItemImage/PL/bb07pb01.png Without any modification.
  4. Heppeng

    Diesel 7720 train questions

    1. Replacement rubber is easily available on ebay or bricklink. If you are struggling you can also use bicycle inner tube - get the thinnest racing bike type and slice them up. One tube will give you a lifetime supply! It is possible to use any motor in this train, they are all backwards compatible. However the newer battery powered ones use a different voltage and will need a different wagon for the batteries. 2. Magnets - replacement again best bet is bricklink or ebay.
  5. Heppeng

    Monorail game changer?

    After reading and re-reading your post there is something I am not sure about, I wonder if there is something you could clarify for the benefit of myself and others, Are you the guy behind 4DBrix?
  6. Heppeng

    Rare earth magnets?

    I use these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wholesale-20pcs-Strong-Disc-Round-Rare-Earth-Neodymium-Magnets-10mm-x-1mm-N50-/151444270355?var=&hash=item2342c82d13 Dirt cheap. You just place one between your existing Lego magnets, and they are so thin you can hardly tell they are there.
  7. You have done a good job there, I like it!
  8. Heppeng

    Pullman MOCs for Emerald Night

    Thanks! Not always necessary to replace the wheels - I eased the fit of the wheels on the axles and then used a light plastic friendly oil. This reduced the friction to at least Lego levels if not slightly better. Not had any issues with the magnets.
  9. Heppeng

    What were you treated too for Christmas?

    I got a model for Christmas, and she was very well built!!! :wub: Sadly no Lego though!
  10. That GBL rendition of the Horizon express seems surprisingly accurate. Just a few minor differences, eg the arrows are stickers rather than brick built, and no printing on the windscreen. It would not surprise me if their orange bricks were more consistent in colour than Legos. On my Horizon Express I had to swap around some of the orange slopes to avoid having an orange striped nose!
  11. Heppeng

    Are Clone Lego Brands bad for LEGO?

    Well since Lego is the biggest toy manufacturer in the world and despite that still cannot keep up with demand, no clone brand is likely to have any noticeable effect on Lego, let alone something bad.
  12. I suspect that it means that they are not making any more, so how long it stays available is dependant on how long it takes to sell the remaining stock.
  13. It is subject to change! That was correct at the time of writing for the UK store, which after a quick check has now changed to December 17th for shipping. So presumably they have done a bit of stock re-allocation in the mean time. Still a bit tight for anyone in the UK that wants it for Christmas though. On the other hand, its not like the Rolling Stones* only did one concert either... *Other sets artists are available
  14. Heppeng

    Pullman MOCs for Emerald Night

    I will have a look for the LDD files, I think they may be on another PC. I think it is possible to create a parts list from that. However each one of my cars is different depending on purpose - there is a standard 'parlour' car as well as the Kitchen, Bar and brake/luggage. In the full size train the parlour cars would be paired with a kitchen car, an at seat full Restaurant service was provided for all seats, and it was reckoned that the catering staff in one kitchen would also be able to serve the adjacent parlour car. The windows as I said are Enlighten - Although others have made pretty reasonable brick built alternatives which not only look more 'Pullman' than the EN ones, they are a lot more easy on the wallet! One little improvement that could be made would to be to use a tile under the 1x2 clear flat plate that is used in the clerestory roof, that way you would not have a white stud showing through quite so clearly. The top roof tile should still hold it securely.
  15. Doctor Who now sold out until January 11th. If you wanted it as a Christmas present for someone it is now impossible, at least if you want it from lego. That's only six days from release. Sure you can still pre-order, but for how long?