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  1. Yes, it's a new model especially for the book. The Author asked me to contribute a model which is not too difficult to make building instructions of - and it should be almost affordable for somebody to purchase the required parts ;-)
  2. I had the chance to work on the latest book by Joachim Klang, which he did with HEEL in Germany. The title "BUILD YOUR OWN GALAXY" is programm. You´ll find not only my model of the famous Lambda Shuttle in there, but a nice compilation of space themed models from builders with a great passion for LEGO and a lot of love for detailed models. http://heel-verlag.d...ine Galaxie.htm The book includes the building instructions for the Imperial Shuttle and many other fascinating and inspiring builds. Big thanks to Joe for letting me be a part of his work! a couple more images in my Star Wars gallery and.. May the force alway be with you, my friends!
  3. Dear TRANSFORMERS fan, as i like calling my self since 30 years now, here you´ll find a collection of new LEGO and KREO TRANSFORMERS fan creations and design projects. Most of them will be as true to the orignal G1 (Generation 1) toys as possible, some will have own interpretations and transforming features. Since KREO started doing their business i am very happy with the headmolds and the chance to finalize some characters to the maximum. LEGO Bumblebee: vs KREO Bumblebee: all other detail photos and future upcoming characters in the KREO vs LEGO Transformers gallery on http://orionpax.de
  4. Here It Is! Probably my last 80's Theme i will ever do (because the rest has been done by now, even down to the Fall Guy).. I am proud to present the full ultimate LEGO replica collection of all MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE toys from the original toyline. For all 130 pictures you can visit my LEGO HE-MAN & MAsters Of The Universe Gallery - here come the appetizers: Of course the presentation had to be done in a original 80's Mattel manor, how to do that, you can read in the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE LEGO REPLICA – WIP BLOG 1:1 Scale replicas of HE-Mans POWERSWORD & BATTLE AXE
  5. Orionpax

    Sunreef 100 Luxury Sailing Catamaran - 100 studs SHIP

    Depending on the configuration desired by the customer, this catamaran can sleep up to eight minifigs comfortably in double beds of up to four cabins. As you can read in the blog (where you can also find extensive photo documentation of inner and outer interior), i built it for a friend who has to transport this for about 11.000 kilometers. Once at it's final destination, he will take care of every external and internal gadgets - and hopefully he will keep me posted about it, and it will go along the lines of the external interior you can see here:
  6. It's a bit older MOC of mine, but now it's ontopic again, so i thought, it's a good time to mention it here This is my MOC SET of UCS Back To The Future Creations starting with Hill Valley 2015 minifig scale I picked the situation after Biff's Gang crashed into Town Hall and got arrested by the Police. The minifig scale Delorean didn't quite satisfy me, so i had to do a real UCS style version to complete my personal BTTF product range, there's also the MR FUSION range and a 1:2 scale model of the famous NIKE MAG If you're interested in details and more fotos, you can visit my LEGO Back To The Future Gallery All those MOCS were done between 2010 and 2011 and were on numerous exhibitions since then. Enjoy and keep building ;-)
  7. If you're living in a town with a marina, you should have a boat. Actually a SHIP would be even better, and then you can already choose to go luxury. Check out my new SUNREEF 100 classic luxury sailing catamaran. For the colors i chose to do a version for my friend's divecenter Thailand Dive and Sail which fits the boat very nicely You can see the full model gallery here: SUNREEF 100 - Thailand Dive and Sail colors LEGO replica catamaran My friend assisted the build process and documented everything with his camera, so there's a complete WIP article with tons of construction phase photos here: Sunreef 100 lego WIP – How To Build A SHIP In 18 hours I hope you enjoy both, the model and the WIP blog Yours Alex