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  1. shutinc

    [MOC] Dalheim Medieval Diorama

    Thanks everyone for the fantastic feedback on Dalheim. I truly appreciate it, so thanks much! :D
  2. shutinc

    [MOC] Dalheim Medieval Diorama

    Sorry for reviving such an old thread, but so much has changed since last time. Here comes a couple of updated photos of Dalheim. Hope you guys like them :)
  3. shutinc

    Steampunk Grand Canon

    Hi everyone! I've always been facinated by steampunk and all the creations people come up with. The combination of colors, gold, wood and metal truly mesmerize me. I also realized that one would have to use a lot of SNOTing and using pieces in ways they were not originally intended for. This is my first attempt at making something in the Steampunk theme. Please don't be too hard with your critiques :P Steampunk Grand Canon by shutinc, on Flickr
  4. shutinc

    [MOC] Dalheim Medieval Diorama

    Thanks! :) Means a lot to hear this!
  5. shutinc

    [MOC] Dalheim Medieval Diorama

    Thanks much :) Means a lot!
  6. shutinc

    [MOC] Dalheim Medieval Diorama

    Thanks much! I really appreciate it!
  7. shutinc

    [MOC] Dalheim Medieval Diorama

    Wow, thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and praise! I'm glad you find the whole build interesting! :) Thanks much! It means a lot to hear this from such a master of this theme as you are :) I have to admint that I've taken inspiration from your wonderful builds like many others before me. When it comes to the mill and the house I totally agree that they should be swapped, but I was so happy with it that I didn't dare to change it :P I don't know, but I can ask and send you a PM if he does :) wow, thanks much! I agree it looks smaller than what it really is but getting the whole thing into one picture isn't easy :P Thanks again for your feedback!
  8. shutinc

    MOC: Hobbit Hole

    Looks very natural! I want to see more! :)
  9. shutinc

    [MOC] Dalheim Medieval Diorama

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on this build! It really keeps me motivated to go on with building new stuff :) Thanks much, but I cannot take any credit for the signs. They have all been engraved by Matija from (Norwegian LUG). Wow, I didn't expect to get this much attention for my work. Thanks! :) I kind of regret not making the watermill. I agree it would fit better than the windmill, but I'm glad you like how it turned out! :) Oh yes! Drow are so facinating! I used to play a drow on a NWN2 server a few years ago. I notice your avatar is from the original neverwinter nights game I'm glad you appreciate the developments in the castle section. More will come from me aswell hopefully in the near future :)
  10. Welcome to the lands of Dalheim! This is where the tax evaders build their houses with large tunnels beneath. They use the tunnels for both storing their valuables and for a place to retreat if war breaks out. The setting is of a medieval village in the highlands with surrounding mountains. The original idea was to make a small landscape on 4x 32x32 base plates. In the beginning I was only focusing on the landscape itself, but after a while I decided to make a small house on the top of the first module. I was unsure if I was to make a japanese or medieval styled house, but after getting more and more done I decided to go with a medieval theme. Just when I thought I was finished I realised that it looked a bit empty and unfinished with just the first module by itself. I then started on the second module which I have also used 4x 32x32 baseplates. In the beginning I had planned a watermill, but I was too inspired by the "Mill Village Raid" [7189 ] so I decided on to go with a windmill instead. The windmill is also motorized and geared down to make a nice and slow spinning effect. The total length is 120 studs, 64 studs deep and around 40 studs tall on the highest point. This build has taken almost 4 months to make and there is used about 20.000 parts and bits. Take a look at the WIP set on flickr if you want to see how I made this huge landscape. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment and critique this build if you like! Dalheim Medieval Diorama - Main by shutinc, on Flickr
  11. shutinc

    MOC : The Cave Bear

    Incredible build! The bear and the cave looks very realistic! If I was to point anything out I would have added a bit more foilage. Other than that it's fantastic! :)
  12. shutinc

    A Guide to building a Medieval Village

    Great guide Derfel! And thanks much for taking your time to write up on this matter. You are a true inspiration to me and I love your medieval themed houses! I must admit that I have taken a lot of inspiration from your fantastic builds and I'm always looking forward to see what your next mocs will be like. By the way people - Read this article on wikipedia regarding forum trolls before you decide to waste any time and energy on them :P They lose their power as soon as they are ignored and no one allows to be provoked!
  13. shutinc

    Herbzcak castle

    Now that is impressive! The rock work is absolutely fantastic!
  14. shutinc

    WW category 1: The Gold Rush

    So beautiful and so many details. This is wonderful!
  15. shutinc

    [MOC] Wax Museum

    Thanks for your support, everyone! Means a lot to me :)