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  1. Congratulations JimButcher! It seems my path ends here... But you have not seen the last of lord Dar'vole'e! Good luck in the final confrontation!
  2. How come JB's push does damage against mine? I do also have the combat master feat...
  3. Through to stage III in the Chosen one tournament! (Jedi Duel)

  4. filip skywalker

    10.000 members

    10,000! Woohoo! Nice presentation! Altought I am sceptic about the 9,3 new members/day...
  5. filip skywalker

    Theed Diversion

    I love it! The arcitecture really captures that "Theedy" feeling!
  6. filip skywalker

    I am your father..

    Very nice entry you have there!
  7. filip skywalker

    Duel on Chandrila

    Altought the scene is not that widely known, It is, still an great entry! I love the smoothiness of the MOC!
  8. filip skywalker

    Hogwarts Mafia Sign-Ups

    I'd love to be in this game! I haven't been in any mafia games, but I have tried a lot of times. I have read throught many of them, and followed some as well, so I do understand the basic rules and gameplay! And for the HP part, I've read the books, I've seen the movies, I've played the games, and I've loved it! I were a BIG HP fan a couple of years ago, and I still love it!
  9. filip skywalker

    Meeting Yoda

    Nice entry Inky! I love the details in Lukes camp, as well as the 'plugged in' R2!
  10. filip skywalker

    Immolation- the end of Anakin Skywalker

    Amazing! You've really captured the right feeling in the scene!
  11. filip skywalker

    Major board upgrade

    In one word: Awesome! I love the sleek and mordern style, and everything works just fine for me! Altought I feel that the status bar on the profile page is a litte off the sites original purpose... But, as a very wise swede once said, (aren't all of us swedes wise? ) EB is the new Facebook! Yep Ras, I'm stalking your profile...
  12. WOW! That was an EPIC duel! I thought I was doomed... Thank you csimian for a very nice and very exciting duel! Only one stage left now... ...Then I'll go right!