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  1. I was doing these quietly for a year or two and stopped after getting huge orders from china twice, thought it would be bootlegged but the print quality isn't so good yet and most of the parts have "traps" designed via undercuts, etc... that would not be possible to create with traditional manufacturing. You can see the full set by googling "blackographic flickr". again, stopped doing these but can answer 3D print questions. For the design itself I've been using Rhino a 3D modelling program that I self-learned 5 years ago. Pretty hard as a starter program to get into. https://imgur.com/a/FT0h87J
  2. shapeways can print but they dont do the 3D cad design. frosted extreme detail is their highest quality but the surface finish isn't so good
  3. jasonjupiter

    Help identifying aftermarket part

    those look like arealight resin capes, unfortunately no longer in production: http://cdn.thebrickblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Arealight-Capes.jpg
  4. New on here, was inpsired by MOKO's awesome JOJO creations to make some of the charecters from my favorite japanese cartoon, probably not so well known on here? I mixed and matched real parts with custom parts but tried making these as "manufactured" looking as possible with as minimal painting and modification as possible. The worst part is probably the custom hair, still hard to smooth out these tiny little parts but I used colored epoxy putty so at least they are not painted. individual pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/101476205@N06/
  5. This is awesome! I saw this on ebay for a couple days and then it disappeared, are you selling these customs?