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  1. Batcave 1966

    Wayne Manor 1966 by monstrophonic, on Flickru Oops! Here it is...... And the Cave! '66 Batcave by monstrophonic, on Flickr
  2. Batcave 1966

    My latest Moc.....Wayne Manor/ The Batcave.
  3. The PorkChop Shop

    Thank you all for the loving words! and no! locoworks...i don't paint bricks, why should i?
  4. The PorkChop Shop

    Hi there, this is my latest Moc....the Butcher aka The PorkChop Shop,i made for the Lowlug MMM found the rest overhere

    Congratz for the winners in the Large catagory.....and thanks for those who voted on me!! See ya at the next contest.. Cheers Fonz.
  6. Pillage the Village II - VOTING - Large Category

    These are the votes from the Netherlands..... Infomaniac 1. Kris Kelvin 2. Derfel Cadarn 2. HoneyBee 2.
  7. Jansued 2 Lorenzen 2 JDHinten 2 Rampant Dingo 1
  8. Kapt'n T-Roll leaves the Island

    thanks so far for thes nice words! The legs? i dunno, they didn't fit in the box! so we ( my son and i) chew on it, while making this MOC
  9. Pillaging Port Royal

    So! realy nice Moc..... there are a lot of things that i love to "steal" for my own stuff.
  10. For Whom The Bell Tolls!

    Real nice stuff,this is what i like about lego...when i got some time this winter i realy like to build something like this.
  11. Cliffhanger

    Thanks for these lovin' words..... There is not realy a story behind this one, bought myself a few months back the troll ship ( that's the only boat hull i got) and like to give it a try..... to build a pirateship for my son , and see the PTV contest, I noticed that the hull was to low for a pirateship.....but hey! you have to build with what you got.....(that's what my mom told me 40 years ago.) When i finished the boat, i don't want to build a big diorama where the ship is i try to build a huge wave that looks like a big hand where the ship lies on top of it. that didn't work out the way i liked it.....then i got the idea of the rock. A big wave lifted the boat, and lay it gentle down on the rock.....but no worries,the crew is to drunk to notice. That's a little bit the story. Thanks and good luck all of you with the moc entry's Ahoy Fonz.
  12. congratz!! enjoy your first prize in the contest..... this entry is soooo unreal well built, it allmost makes me cry! I see stuff, i can believe it's Lego.... Cheers... and see you all at the next contest. Fonz.
  13. TTCE: German BR 50 PF Steam Train

    really like this steamer! what...and how much stuff do i need to run a train on Power functions.