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  1. I'd like a classic Green Goblin, or even the movie style one, using the modern minifig standards. I don't like the old one with the unprinted mask and yellow head, and I certainly don't recognise the new bulky Green Goblin character from the helicopter set. They did give us both styles of Dock Ock in the last year or so, so there's a chance, but I'm not too hopeful.... I wouldn't discount Ghost Rider on the basis of some bad old Cage movie nobody remembers. In fact, I'd say any superhero from either the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom or Injustice games has a strong chance of showing up. Fan favourites that aren't likely to appear? Yeah.... Power Girl.
  2. I loved the S1 zombie and have over 50 of them, all plucked from the boxes. I haven't reached the stage where I've bought him online. I also have a dozen Zombie Drivers from Monster Fighters. I just like Lego zombies.... I'm also trying to build a nice big Balin's Tomb diorama so I need lots of Moria goblins. I only have about nine so far. They're expensive, and it's not a part of the movies that TLG is likely to visit a second time, so I'm stuck. As for hypothetical figures, a Borg drone. Yes. Hundreds of those. Lego, get the Star Trek license, then give me my Collective collection. Honestly I can't think of any unlicensed minifig I'd like in droves. I have full sets of Series 1-8 with spares, but the interest dwindled to the point where I haven't even bothered to get any S11. And it's right there on the shelf....
  3. Dunjohn

    Disney franchises selective?

    Wreck-It Ralph's multitude of themes wouldn't be a problem. Toy Story had the same thing, with Woody's western sets, Buzz's space sets and the various movie scenes in between. I personally lump Lone Ranger and Prince of Persia in with Speed Racer. It doesn't matter who made it, it's just a big flashy summer movie that Lego backs as a one-off licensing tie-in. I won't pretend to understand, or even try to speculate, what factors go into Lego's decisions on what Disney movies to tie into or not. I just see two categories - the blockbuster series mentioned above, which get one wave of half-a-dozen sets but are never seen again (like the movies, really), and the established, dead-cert movie licences like Toy Story and PotC that Lego know they can get more sets out of. Taken that way, maybe it's even a good sign we didn't get Wreck-It Ralph sets. Maybe Lego see some depth there and are waiting for it to mature.
  4. I got my usual 16 random packs and was kinda disgusted when I only got 7 different ones, but of the duplicates the Roman was the most common. Got 3 spares of him. It's odd, since the roman series is usually the rarest, but welcome.
  5. Dunjohn

    Best/Worst designed licenced minifigure ever?

    I like the promo Hulk. I consider him to be the Lou Ferrigno version, while the Helicarrier one is the CG version. They both have their places. I wish I owned him. My personal least favourite licensed minifig is the original Squidward, he looks like he's got his head stuck in a jam jar. I'm also not too fond of Gollum; he's a long way from "worst," but his arms keep falling off and he's so scrunched up that it's hard for him to hold his fishy. Best licensed minifig, hmm, toughie. I really like the Fellowship minifigs, all of them, especially the hobbits because their facial expressions are so perfect that it's remarkably easy to identify them at a glance. I'll go with Merry as my favourite. The mischievous grin is spot on.
  6. Dunjohn

    Where do you keep your Minifigures?

    That is actually very nice, I might have a look in my local Lidl. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Dunjohn

    TMNT 2013

    Boy, they've really made it hard to get the team. Assembling the Fellowship of the Ring was easier than this. Okay, there are three small sets: Raphael, Michaelangelo/Krang, and Donatello/Shredder. The cheapest was to get Leonardo is the Escape set, which also comes with Michaelangelo. CON: I'd lose Krang. PRO: There is a less cool Krang in the set. So on balance, that's the set to get. Two turtles down, bonus Krang. I could get the two small sets for Donatello and Raphael, and have bonus Shredder, OR I could get the mech set, and have those two with bonus April and Baxter instead. So it comes down to which bonus characters are cooler: Shredder, or April + Baxter. This Baxter isn't the geek I remember from the 80's so he's down points there, and Shredder is Shredder, so right now it's strongly in Shredder's favour, even though I really want that April and I have a fondness for Lego mech sets (Exo-Force is what ended my Dark Age). I think I'll let the shelf price decide that for me. I'd like Splinter too, of course, but that set's way out of my price range.
  8. Dunjohn

    Fake Lego

    Seven years ago, yes
  9. Dunjohn

    CMFs: Do AFOLs and kids like the same ones?

    Hmm. I've never actually thought about anything that might link my favourites. Let's see, what have they been, S1 Zombie, S6 Aztec, S4 Werewolf, S5 Boxer, S1 Spaceman.... Can't really see a theme. Whenever a new series gets revealed I tend to examine and judge each minifigure individually, and decide based on their parts or the kinds of scenes I imagine using them in whether I really like them or not. The star of S8, for example, will likely be the DJ, and he doesn't sit easily beside any of the ones listed above. I guess I just like what I like.
  10. Has that been a problem? The Team GB series flew off the shelves here, and we're not even part of GB....
  11. Dunjohn

    Games where you build your dice during play

    The only one that comes to mind is Race 3000, though I don't think it's particularly good: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=44658
  12. Breakdown looks largely along the lines we'd been expecting, though I am glad to see my favourite - the DJ - is a 5-of. There's nothing in this series I plan to army so the set'll do me.
  13. Dunjohn

    LEGO Team GB Minifigures Discussion

    Sold out here in less than a week. AFOLs are far too savvy to let these slip away.
  14. Dunjohn

    Most wanted CMF for army builder

    How many kids buy minifigures on the secondary market? I'm not being sarcastic, I'm wondering. Do many?