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    MOC: Dawnstar - 1st Fleet

    A quick Flickr search for 'lego saratoga' should yield appropriate results.
  2. Topsy Cret

    MOC: Dawnstar - 1st Fleet

    First MOC I've posted on these forums, so bear with me. Last year I saw, as I'm sure most of you did, Red Spacecat's USS Saratoga. Link: Not having built LEGO for some time, I was inspired to build a similar version. I started working on it late August when I found out instructions had been released, thus making my life a lot easier. His inner structure has thus been completely plagiarized in my version, as has the bridge, but the rest is my own imagination. Enjoy! For those of you that like stats, the build took me somewhere in the region of four months to complete, and cost approximately $400 in Bricklink orders before I was satisfied. The element count is, if I recall correctly, just above 4000 pieces. Luckily, most of these are extremely cheap and readily available, meaning I don't have much incentive to disassemble her. I'm quite happy to keep her displayed for years to come.
  3. Topsy Cret

    REVIEW: 8803 LEGO Minifigures Series 3

    Very nice review and analysis! In the photo where you show a part of your Ninja collection, I was wondering where you got that minifigure that's second to the left?
  4. Topsy Cret

    REVIEW: 10214: Tower Bridge

    Thanks for the review, though a few more detailed shots would be appreciated. There's no doubt that I intend on getting this set: it's only a matter of finance.
  5. Topsy Cret

    Suntron Speed Fighter

    Cool ship, and I'm impressed at how you were able to use that large cockpit piece in such a small vehicle without making it look like a submarine.
  6. Topsy Cret

    10214: Tower Bridge Unboxing

    YESYESYES! I was waiting and waiting for the review on this one! Thanks for the post, I look forward to the rest of it.
  7. Topsy Cret

    History thread

    "What if Nazi Germany had won World War II?" From a realistic standpoint, and not delving into detail, the Allied countries in Europe would belong to the Reich, save Britain. Countries such as Sweden and Switzerland would not be occupied by Germany, but would quickly turn into Fascist states. The Russian Steppes would also belong to Germany, but not the rest of Russia. Possibly some parts of Northern Africa would be occupied as well. Japan would be occupied by the United States. The reasons for these are the following: The Allied countries linked to the main continental mass had already easily fallen. Taking Britain would serve no purpose, and would take a massive amount of supplies and troops to hold. Neutral countries, and eventually Britain as well, would lean to the German Reich and its ways, soon becoming Fascist. Germany occupying all of Russia is about the most insane thing I've ever heard. The Soviet Union was enormous, and could have won the war even without US supplies. As it stands, Germany would have had to satisfy itself with the puppet states as well as the Steppes. Anything more is close to impossible to hold. In order for Germany to have won the war, America could not have stepped in directly. Knowing this, the majority of the US forces left for the Pacific for the already planned invasion of Japan. Japan, seeing how well its ally Germany was doing, did not surrender as it would have. Thus, America occupying all of it. After the war ending, several things would not have happened. The United Nations would never have been founded, at least not with the same founding members. The Cold War would not have happened the way it did, and could have become a three-sided arms race instead. With Hitler at the lead, Germany would have advanced extremely quickly in ways of technology, possibly being the first to send a living organism into space. There most likely hundreds of other things to discuss when on this topic, but I merely divulged the primary things.
  8. Topsy Cret

    Review: 21005 Fallingwater

    Unbelievably awesome! I've been waiting for a review for this for such a long time. Too bad they don't ship the set to Sweden. Thanks for the review!
  9. Topsy Cret

    Review: 7952 Kingdoms Advent Calendar

    This seems to be a much better calendar than the previous ones. Thanks for the review!
  10. Topsy Cret

    Survey: New parts and new colors

    - Part name: 2x4 plate (in dark green) - Part description: --> A regular 2x4 plate, but in a much-needed color; dark green. - Part usage: --> Just hear me out. Currently, a plate does not exist in dark green that is smaller that 4x8. Having a 2x4 plate would greatly help matters in this department.
  11. Topsy Cret

    10216 Winter Village Bakery

    Oh my god... Boy, am I glad I stored some money away for this one! Amazing set! Unfortunately, the price will probably be 200kr (about $20) higher than in, say, America. Nevertheless, I am sooo getting this.
  12. Topsy Cret

    MOC: Costume Corner - Finished!

    Wow, very cool, with a bundle of great techniques. However, I would recommend replacing the collectible figure heads with plain yellow heads.
  13. Topsy Cret

    10214: Tower Bridge

    Wow, I think this set is pure fantastic! The scale is great (for those of you complaining, good luck with raising the funds you'd need to buy a minifig rendition of this), and the detail looks great. I can imagine there's a bundle of techniques in there as well. The problem is, I don't know when, or if, I can get this beauty.
  14. Topsy Cret

    Review: 8404 Public Transport

    At first I was skeptical about this set, but now I'm not too sure. If it wasn't for the price, I would definitely get it. Maybe I'll just wait till it's on sale.
  15. Topsy Cret

    10155 Maersk Line Container Ship

    Ah, yes...I remember getting this all those years ago. I had been planning to get it on, but when I finally got the money, the set had retired only a few days before. Thus, I was forced to get mine on eBay while prices were still low.