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  1. Captain_Rex

    MOC: Snack Bar - an updated #675

    Nice job on this MOC! It has a great modern feel while retaining the original set's vibe.
  2. Captain_Rex

    SoNE WIP Need some help with my MOCs.

    Thanks for the advice. The baseplate comes from the 6241 Loot Island.
  3. Hello everyone. I wanted to get some feedback on some SoNE free-builds I have started. I have never done a MOC much less post it online. They are a WIP and are not ready to be judged. I will also end up changing the names of each after I have more time to think about them. (When they are ready I will post each one in its own/new topic.) The only reason why I didn't make them bigger/more detailed is because I don't have very many pieces of the right color needed in the various builds. (90%-95% of my pieces are built into my LEGO sets and I don't want to disassemble any sets.) Constructive criticism is welcome! Thank you! Name: Mini Hoth Police Stand Scout Trooper arresting a rowdy Stormtrooper. Name: Communications Room on a Star Destroyer. Name: Guarding on Tatooine in a former pond. (Hence the plants.)
  4. Captain_Rex

    Hello from England

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  5. Captain_Rex

    MOC: VW Camper in minifig scale + hippie version!

    LEGO is releasing a mini-VW camper van in September. It comes free with a $75 or more order on S@H. Your version looks spot-on in comparison to the look of the mini LEGO version.
  6. Captain_Rex

    [MOC] Alien Castle

    Very nice job! The color look very "Sci-Fi" like.
  7. I'm getting the same message too on Google Chrome. I have been using instead.
  8. Captain_Rex

    Hysot from Canada

    Welcome to the site!
  9. Captain_Rex


    Welcome to the site!
  10. Captain_Rex

    (SoNE) Time off-duty

    Very nice job on this. Hopefully an officer doesn't come in and see the commotion!
  11. Captain_Rex

    REVIEW: 75016 Homing Spider Droid

    Very nice job with this review. I have the 2008 Spider Droid and I like the selection of minifigures in that one better than in this set.
  12. Captain_Rex

    [SoNE Ep. I] Clouded Mind

    That is one heavy duty AA gun! I agree with Brickdoctor on adding more grey to the platform along with some greebling.
  13. Captain_Rex

    DeLorean DMC-12

    That looks very well done. The shape of the car is spot-on. The BTTF movie is really the only reason why this car is popular. It was fairly expensive at the time it was sold, (About $63,000 U.S. Dollars in 2013 when adjusted for inflation.), and the company that made it went out of business.
  14. Captain_Rex

    LEGO Cuusoo projects of interest

    It is now only 105 supporters away from 10,000. (I have supported it.) Let's get it passed!
  15. Captain_Rex

    {MOC} The Lost Temple of Athor

    Wow! Great job on the crumbling walls and the foliage.