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  1. Bonjour, j'ai vu votre construction lego sur le venator et j'aimerai le refaire. J'ai juste un soucis, je ne trouve pas les pièces avec le n°4697b. Pouvez vous m'envoyer une image de celle ci pour voir à quoi elle ressemble. Voici mon email:


    Merci d'avance.

  2. Hi, you can use SR 3D Builder to edit the file. What is your trouble with MLCad?
  3. Polo

    Shadow legion gunship!

    Very nice !! The association between the republic gunship and the imperial dropship is terrific :D
  4. Polo

    TECHNIC Sets from 2010

    Hello everyone I did a reproduction of the #8053 crane truck 10 days ago. It took me 13 hours to build it, and I reproduced it just with the toy fair pictures (thanks to the very high quality ) All the features have been integrated (without any new part), I'm quite proud of it ^^ There are 4 axles steering, "in star" deploying outriggers with independant setting, The rotation of the turret is full manual (like The 8421). On the turret, there are 3 features. There are on the same axle, and 2 transfert box allow us to have 6 possible configurations. Brickshelf galery : http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=421679 Video : Hope you'll like it ;)
  5. I aggree with you. I spent a lot of time to get THE turret : to have this result, I worked betwen 5 and 6 hours....just for a 14 parts turret Seriously, It was very difficult. PS: I did a HUUUUGE mistake on the documentation : I forgot to include the frame's file. Now it's fixed. I also added some intructions about the order of the building.
  6. Thank you for all your comments !! I reused the patterns of the ISD to do the side greebles. I know, it's quite repetitive, but it brings some integrity whith the UCS line. No, it doesn't, because the frame takes almost all the space in the ship. In addition, I built it in an UCS way, not a playset The first version of the documentation in included in my first post, with a partlist, the MLCad models, and a readme. I'll try to improve it, but the size of the MOC complicates the matter I am very flattered ! The frame is not the one from the ISD, I reused the geometry of the thire5's Venator. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26049 One more time, I would like to thank him a lot for his work
  7. Thank you very much @Rufus : The MOC is very strong, but not enough to turn it back. I have to take back pictures by an other way Nevertheless, I took a screenshot of the whole modelisation ( when it was in progress ) : I don't have built the back bay yet . Because I'm so lazy !! Seriously, I really have to do this.
  8. EDIT : Professional building instruction available here : http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37663&st=150#entry1597460 You can email me at setechnic@gmail.com /EDIT Hi everybody, This my version of the famous Venator, inspired by the design of Thire5. It's of course an UCS scale ship. I would like to thank a lot Thire5, who permitted me to accomplish this project, with his agreement and some pictures during the building . The geometry is almost the same of the Thire5's one. The most important changes are the greebles, whitch are inspired of the ISD #10030. The feet are the same too. Its length is 112cm, and took me 7 months to build . I'm working on the buildings instructions. The first version of the documentation is available and is composed of MLCad files You'll find it as an attachement of this post. The whole galery is available here : http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=404881 The ship is composed of about 5340 parts. I hope you'll like it
  9. I agree with you , the reviewer has to share his experience on the set, and his impressions. However, a review must be as objective as possible because it influences people to buy or not to buy this set. If the surprise of the the buyer is good, there isn't any problem. But if he has a bad surprise because the reviewer has been too optimistic and gave a good rate to this set, it is problematic. I don't say it especially for this set, because I think that most of the reviews on this forum give better rates than the set deserves, and the range of rates is not fully exploited
  10. Polo

    Hi, I'm Polo !

    Hello everyone !! :) My Name is Paul, and I come from France. First of all, I apologize because my english is not as fluent as I wish, because my native language is of course the french I am a 23 year old IT student. My domains are decisional analysis and business intelligence. I play lego since I am 4, but I had a dark age for 3 years when I was 17 , but the lego have won \o/ I discovered the AFOL community throught the SeTechnic website, on which I am a moderator. Then, I began to have interest to the international community, in order to follow the news and the MOCs from the other members. And yesterday, I registered myself in order to get involved into this community ( and to try to improve my english ) My favourite themes are : technic, of course, but also cretor ( I really love the big ones ), and the UCS SW. I have also the complete exoforce collection, and try to play with the Mindstorm NXT I don't really do MOcs, but I try to make Trial trucks in LT, and I have reproduced the thire5's venator See you on the forum !!