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  1. Pudz426

    The Hunt For Redcoats

    Very interesting! I would like to know, where do you get those musket and pistolet from? In which set? or it is non-Lego?
  2. Ah yes, I bought some of these minifig.cat products couple months ago, and I'm quite satisfied with the detail.
  3. Pudz426

    Brig "Admiral Forster"

    I saw more ships with low profile recently, they are impressive. They give ideas of more building techniques. I like it
  4. Pudz426

    Belly of a pirateship

    Nice hull shaping and curving. I like it, it give me inspiration for my next ship, thank you.
  5. Pudz426

    Fort "Avalon"

    excellent work, i like the detail and the storyline.
  6. Pudz426

    Why Kids Shouldn't Be Pirates by Stormbringer (Flickr find)

    I imagine that the 1x1 rounds are the redcoats and the bluecoats soldiers, aren't they :D and the chicken in the clamshell is some kind like chicken burger isn't it :D it's nice to see this MOC with some imaginations. it's very nice indeed.
  7. Pudz426

    Vote for your favourite Category A entries

    16) Snowboarder Entry (Build by Dreamweb) <-- 1 point 22) Fisherman Entry (Build by turambar) <-- 1 point 29) Mummy Entry (Build by Jippon) <-- 1 point
  8. Pudz426

    Vote for your favourite Category B entries

    I would like to vote for 1) Nurse, Lifeguard & Fisherman Entry (Build by Danchurch) <-- 1 point 13) Ninja, Karate Master and Samurai Warrior Entry (Build by mookage) <-- 1 point 18) Wrestler, Karate Master & Sumo Wrestler Entry (Build by gabe) <-- 1 point good luck for you guys
  9. Pudz426

    HMS Meteor

    two ship in a row.. even three with the Hoy.. oh, not forget about the other ships in the fleet, and the fort in the background! i like the tumblehome shape and the curve, even it's simpler without the gunport i spot also an interesting 4 horses wagon in the background, a nice additional for the port
  10. Pudz426

    King's Castle 7946 Review

    nice review, especially when these two combine together, the castle looks stronger i will buy one or two. thanks for the review
  11. Pudz426

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    I got it, it wasn't intentional, I will be careful next time.
  12. Pudz426

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    its to express my amazement :D sometimes i come back and see this thread again :D anyway, i will delete my first comment
  13. Pudz426

    Achille, a French frigate carrying 36 guns

    this is truly the best ship i've seen so far, a combination of techniques for the tumblehome, hull, modularity, rigging, SNOT and especially the detail of the cabin interior. i like it!
  14. Pudz426

    The Mermaid II - Imperial Soldiers' ship by Pujo

    yes thank you for putting my ship in this forum, this is my first MOC ship, as before I've just modified ships like Black Sea Barracuda, BrickBeard Bounty, or smaller ship like Carribean Clipper. yes, i would like to change the white bricks with the similar, brown or light brown to be better. actually the patterned flags is incidental, because these are the only red flag i have left to build this. i plan to search more in the bricklink to find the brick i need. thank you thank you Admiral, I will search for the small rope and cloth to make better rigging for my next MOC ship. I will browse around to take example from another great ships rigging. yes, I planned to put some cannon behind those flapish things, i have bought some cannon for it. but at the end, it was a bit difficult to make it 'in-out' to 'close-open' the flaps, as the deck is not modular. so that it is a bit difficult to access the gun deck without detaching the upper deck. i will work on it soon after i receive my parts/bricks from bricklink. thank you yes, thank you, I will work on it.
  15. These ships have been my reference to my creation, so i vote for these: 3. Le Requin, Builder: Captain Green Hair : +1 6. La Mort Royale: Builder: Captain Green Hair : +1 9. Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion: Builder: Bonaparte & Captain Green Hair: +2 11. Le Sang Royale: Builder: Admiral Bejaune: +2 25. The Maeve Aulsebrook: Builder: SlyOwl: +1