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    I love lego technic.
  1. 2 pointo to commander rex bust 1 point to the bugatti
  2. legoman777

    Lego Metroid

    i love it
  3. thats not the same one beacuse there isnt a key ring or lanyard on the bottom left corner of the box
  4. legoman777

    UCS Star Wars sets for sale

    i have additionally added an at-ot with dropship in excelent condition for sale
  5. legoman777

    UCS Star Wars sets for sale

    I told you Holodoc didnt need it anymore because it took to long to make the transaction. And it is in US dollars
  6. legoman777

    UCS Star Wars sets for sale

    im sorry for doing that. I will add the condition and prices. thanks for your help
  7. I have a couple of star wars sets for sale: rebel blockade runner(10019) good condition with a little tattered instruction booklet: 300.00 star destroyer(10030) good conditioned with a pretty good instruction book: 300.00 death star II(10143) good like new with extra parts and unused sticker sheet: 275.00
  8. legoman777

    10214: Tower Bridge

    thats a lot of money...maybe another another biggest set
  9. legoman777

    Looking for Batman

    I've got the ucs batmobile used, the black batman, the submarine chase mib, and two faces assistant, and jokers assistant. I am looking for some technic sets or money.
  10. legoman777

    Technic Sets for sale

    are you still interested in the trade.
  11. legoman777

    Technic Sets for sale

    Ill take the 8275. Do you ship to the US. Would you want to trade for some other sets. i have tons available. is it new or used
  12. Does anyone have these. Set # 9761-1: FIRST LEGO League Challenge 2004
  13. I will be posting them on brickshelf. If you want me two, i will post them here. Your instructions were amazing. I only found a couple instructions pages wrong. My camera is broke so i will use my friends when i see her in a week or so. I wish you would make instructions for all your mocs. but i can wish.
  14. I finished building your little devil.i will post pics later.