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  1. Hey there, I'm selling custom LEGO Instructions on eBay, so feel free to check them out :) 1. Wild West Modular Saloon and Hotel - $10 2. Wild West Modular Bank - $5 3. Wild West Modular Church - $5 4. Wizard's Cottage -5$ 5. Medieval Windmill - $5 6. Harry Potter Hogsmeade - Hogwarts Carriage - $5 + a few more! Hope you enjoy them and find something you like! -gryffindorcommonroom
  2. gryffindorcommonroom

    Window parts in LDD not fitting together

    You're brilliant, thanks so much!
  3. Help us out guys! I can't seem to connect the #60594 1x4x3 Window Frame with the #4133 4x3 Window part. They don't fit together whatever way I try to do it - is it LDD, or am I really that limited not to be able to put a window together? :D Cheers!
  4. gryffindorcommonroom

    LDD; Help me out - attaching both ends of a chain

    Sorry for my late reply, I've been playing with LDD, learning all its tricks and caveats. I've managed to do it - straight chains work, when flexed - they don't. By the way, one more question, one which I cannot find the answer to anywhere: LDD makes building instructions as it pleases, and more often than not, erratically connects the bricks out of order. Since I've just built a huge MOC that I'd like to get a useable building guide of, I was wondering if there was a way to make LDD put the bricks together in a more logical fashion? Maybe export an lxf file to a different program which can do it? Cheers
  5. Hey there, I'm selling my custom made instructions for a Harry Potter carriage that takes the students from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts. Link to eBay auction: Hope you enjoy diving into Harry's world once again!
  6. I'm having difficulty in attaching both ends of a regular, dark gray chain - one to the carriage, and one to the horse. I squeezed the life out of the flex tool and obviously had no luck getting both ends to click in place. Help us out, my wits are approaching their doom! Cheers, -g.
  7. gryffindorcommonroom

    MOC: The Edervisk Mill and Tavern

    Never have I been so amazed by a LEGO MOC. Amazing, simply amazing. 15/10!!!
  8. gryffindorcommonroom

    Lot of minifigs, dragons, horses + a Harry Potter and Hagrid Motorbike

    Few items left, prices knocked down, down, down - below nominal value.
  9. I'm selling off 14 Pirate and Imperial Soldiers minifigs (2 rare bodies from set Armada Flagship 6280), along with a Pirate scene consisting off boats, a monkey, base plate, rocks, vegetation, etc. Condition: Used, but in solid overall condition. 7-8.5/10, depending on the figure. PRICE: AUCTION AT $9.99 Cheers!
  10. gryffindorcommonroom

    How much does a LEGO horse weigh?

    That's it eurotrash, cheers to both of you.
  11. gryffindorcommonroom

    How much does a LEGO horse weigh?

    Couldn't find a decent answer anywhere - does anyone know much a LEGO horse (regular horse, no saddles, nothing) weigh? And a minifigure? (Google claims it's 2 grams per minifig, not sure if that's correct)
  12. gryffindorcommonroom

    FOR SALE: Technic Tow Truck 8285 and Mindstorms NXT 8527!

    @S.I: Thanks for the info, I've taken down the listing from eBay. I guess I'll have to do a part by part and check what else is missing. Ugh. :D @Porty: None taken at all:)
  13. gryffindorcommonroom

    Lot of minifigs, dragons, horses + a Harry Potter and Hagrid Motorbike

    Last bump/reminder, half of the items sold - prices lowered further.
  14. Hey there! I've got two used sets for sale, one 99.9%, the other 100% complete. 1. LEGO Technic Tow Truck 8285 The truck is in amazing condition, built once and never played with. Although, a couple of parts are missing - probably due to shifting it from shelf to shelf. MISSING: Parts missing VISIBLE IN PICTURES on eBay: 1x right rear view mirror (3 pieces with sticker) 1x exhaust chimney (5 parts) I think all other parts are there, as I have no time to check part for part. At first inspection, the only things seemed missing were stated above. 2. Mindstorms NXT 8527 - Complete The same as the truck, built once - never played with. Amazing condition. Comes with the user manual, the spare tires, the Red Ball, and the extra parts not pictured. Cheers guys!!
  15. gryffindorcommonroom

    Lot of minifigs, dragons, horses + a Harry Potter and Hagrid Motorbike

    Prices significantly dropped on all. Happy hunting!