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  1. Rebuilding the Profile...

  2. Current job requires me to type so much I have nothing left to give to Heroica :(

  3. Crows are annoying! :thumbup:

  4. Something positive. ^_^

  5. Just because the majority thinks it's a good idea doesn't mean it's what's best.

  6. Watching what's listed below

  7. Playing the games below.

  8. Started watching "Fairy Tail". Great material there for making Heroica RPG classes

  9. Ryze, best scroll mage evah:

  10. Jebediahs serves to restore balance to Heroica RPG by targeting the biggest sources of decadence within the game.

  11. If you get tired of all the wah-wah boohooing in Quest 53, feel free to use Chaos in Eubric to swap in Nur for a PC or NPC. He's not afraid to go with the flow and try things out.:)

  12. I like how Mizuki is always eating interesting desserts in the Hall.

  13. I have no memory of this place...

  14. Saw Dyric's training room post, like the assassin pic. :thumbsup:

  15. Saw a wrinkled elderly man with argyria slowly pushing a shopping cart at the store. Since it was 12/21, I thought it was a zombie. S'been awhile since I've been scared of a man. If I hadn't kept my cool, he would have lost his head!

  16. D&D 3: Book of Vile Darkness is a good movie. Paladin is forced to pose as a member of an evil-aligned party.

  17. When HRPG gold is lent during a quest, why is it not auto recouped? Hm.

    1. Waterbrick Down

      Waterbrick Down

      Gurnam thinks some questions are best not answered. In other news, hope you decide to come back one of these days.

    2. PsyKater


      I really hope you forget about your anger (while I can understand the origin). Pocket your pride and return to the game. It is a game still and I think you have a great character.

      On other news: Do you know Xarrzan? Does he show up again soon?

    3. Jebediahs


      Nah, dealing with QMs changing legal actions of players just because they don't agree with those actions doesn't appeal to me. I saw this type of interference during the Dastan quests and found it offensive. I think Xarrzan started grad school so could no longer dedicate time to the game.

  18. Who are you people?!

  19. does not understand the reason for Angeli's ban.

  20. :-D Thx for noticing. I didn't post much before Heroica.