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  1. Pief

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    My theory about this is that first a English Steam Passenger (EN) Then American Diesel Freight (Maersk), French Electric/high speed Passenger. there is a pattern in this with freight and passenger. If they stay true with the pattern the next one will be a Freight steamer and probably German because that is also a big train country. This makes sense to me but they can do what ever they want so It could be something completely different.
  2. Beautiful! As the german steam locomotive fan I am it looks like a BR 24 in my opinion. Great work!
  3. The Rheincold train with a NS 3700 (a dutch locomotive) or a German BR 18
  4. Pief

    3677: Red Cargo Train

    I've always had the Idea that the locomotive is a NS 6400 in the red raillion color scene.
  5. Pief

    2015 LEGO Trains?

    A big German steam locomotive would be awesome. So in my enthusiasm I got my book of German steam locomotives and selected some who may be good to be a set. So the main 2 I've chosen are the BR 38 and BR 41. Personaly I would go for the BR 41 because it's a freight and passenger locomotive but the BR 38 would also be a nice one. If TLG made a BR 50 or BR 52 I wouldn't mind at all but the 1'E (2-10-0) would be hard to get through a curve.
  6. Pief

    1920s German museum train

    Nice job on the carriages and the locomotive to!
  7. Excellent work you could almost call the Br23 a model is looks a lot like it's real life version! congrats!
  8. I think zephyr is right. Because in the past they used a closing sign that was a sign you just could put on the back of the train. If you look at the german Umbau wagons they have each on both sides light that could be turned on as closing sign. They made it like that so they could easily add another wagon. And also you can define most of the time a train its origin of of its colors and not the style what it's build in. Sure American trains look different than British trains but British trains are European. I hope you can understand that.
  9. Pief

    French Type 120 Steam Locomotive

    Nicely done and very detailed it's very beautiful!
  10. Pief

    Happy 'Rockin'' New Year!

    Happy new year
  11. Very nice Erwin! At first nice build for a small station. Second I saw the little dutch signal on the right very nice detail! Look at a German Sonderzug that is a mix of all kind of wagons
  12. Pief

    Big Ben Bricks - Where to buy in Europe

    My orders took 3 weeks to arrive a friend of mine found a german retailer but that are only the small and M wheels in black but that was a lot cheaper for me. I have to find that website again….
  13. Well I think that the next exclusive train set will be a German train because We had now The EN (English) The Mearsk train (American) and the HE (French). Also after a Diesel and Electric I personally think that there will be a steam train and that it will be a Cargo steam train
  14. Looks like most of you want the mallard made into a set but i would really like to see A baureihe 44.
  15. Pief


    Hello I've been doing stuff with lego over the last couple years I've just finished my first train layout and I am building some locomotives.