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  1. dutchlegofan50


    Fantastic build! I wonder what parts make the phone box? Can't figure out from the pics how you made the side panels.
  2. dutchlegofan50

    Winter Village diorama 2017

    This is such inspiring! I just made my first orders on BL for white 16x16 plates and other sizes to make my own Winter Village modular diorama based on the 6 sets I own. Also planning to including this nice little gem: 40138 Christmas train.
  3. dutchlegofan50

    [MOC] Lustron House

    A very thoughtful design! You captured the essence of Lustron houses very well and your presentation is flawless. Great work and I can't wait to build it myself. Any chance of putting instructions online (or made available upon request)?
  4. dutchlegofan50

    a Special Place to Visit ( modular building moc )

    I'm impressed, what a great building! It has a real 19th century natural history museum look and feel. The floor tiling is superb. Are those colors pearl gold, medium azure and dark red? I'll definitely borrow some interior details for my next modular. :-)
  5. dutchlegofan50

    The AFOL Brick House

    Awesome! Grandissimo! Very creative build and funny texts as well. I would buy such a house for myself without hesitation.
  6. dutchlegofan50

    Oktoberfest Scene / Modular Platform

    Very clever and quite intriguing all the shapes you can make with it! I just drooled over the pics you posted on BL. Nice how the tables connect too. I see you even made a miniature version of your cuckoo clock!
  7. dutchlegofan50

    LEGO as a therapeutic hobby?

    Like Murdoch17 I too have the Asperger Syndrome. I was 50 (April 2011) when I found out... My life has changed completely since I know I have it. In October 2011 I bought my first Lego-set so that should be my out-of-the-dark-ages moment. Learning what Asperger is and how to cope with it in an hectic world with just too many people wanting you to 'be social' has made my life much more easy. And playing with/collecting Lego relieves me from the day-to-day work stress. Man, am I happy being Asperger & AFOL!! So, is LEGO therapeutic? I'm a living example!
  8. dutchlegofan50

    KavLand (my city)

    Amazing! And you puchased/built all of this in only 9 months?
  9. dutchlegofan50

    City Square

    You've got a nice collection of hardbound books too!
  10. dutchlegofan50

    MOD: 7346 Seaside House Modular Building

    I'ld love to build this one! I'm really considering to buy an extra set and additional parts ;-) Have you been inspired by the Parisian Restaurant for the stairs/balcony part? It's always a great idea to copy things that are good and then alter it for your own purposes.
  11. dutchlegofan50

    Brickset down?

    It' down for about 14 hours now. No information about what's going on Brickset's twitter account or the BS forum...
  12. dutchlegofan50

    Brickset down?

    This must be a nightmare for Huw and I sympathize with him. Some months ago my web shop was off-line for about two days (and I lost orders). I had to work on it day and night because the site was hosted in The Netherlands but the programming work had to be done in India...... Anyway we all do miss Brickset, don't we?
  13. My story is almost about the same as Ingo Althoefer's. Also born in 1961, I got my first motorized Lego train for my 7th birthday (set number 116). I played with Lego until I was about 14/15. Then I thought I was too old to play with it anymore and decided to shift my focus to 'how to get myself into kissing a girl', like everybody else in my class. ;-) I still remember the day I said goodbye to Lego and the pain it caused. It took 35 years (until November 2011) before I rediscovered Lego as a way to relax after a long day of work. Now I have over 70,000 bricks and spend most of my free time with Lego: building sets and MOC's. There's something I would like to mention because maybe there are more people with the same history. In 2011 I was diagnosed as having the Asperger Syndrome. For me this explains why I'm so happy being alone and building my fantasies in Lego, but this is another topic.... (BTW: This is my first post to the Eurobricks forum.)