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  1. darksheep

    [MOC] Baja Trophy Truck with SBrick

    Thanks this is really great , will defanity build it ! Just wonderfull work.
  2. darksheep

    Optimus Prime

    This is soooo cool , would love a video of it transforming to see how its done .
  3. Very very nice love this version of the truck !!!
  4. darksheep

    [MOC] Class 1 unlimited buggy

    This is grate !!!!! Cant wait to see more , do you have and ldd file or some thing for it ? I would like to see how you have created this amazingly fast creation !
  5. This is really cool , I like it more than the original body , really well done ! Wow really cool , I think you did an amazing job , I like it more than the original body !
  6. darksheep

    [MOC] Axis

    Wow this is really cool , have some questions how may ev3's and motors did you use . What language did you write the software in ?
  7. Very cool moc , white looks nice on it !!! You are both right the bucket is some times facing forward and some times backwards depending on what , they are using the machine for.
  8. darksheep

    [MOC] Lego Carrot Crawler

    Very cool dude the crawling performance seems quite good and I see you intend to make it better, I suggest making a low simple body from beams to make it look like a really crawler, with out adding to much weight.
  9. darksheep

    [MOC] camper trailer

    Very cool dude I have the Toyota FJ40 sitting behind me and might build the trailer to go along with it because it looks so good. I have an idea for you , there is enough space in the trailer i think to put Sariel's, turn signal system . So you could wire it up when you turn the trailer lights would flash at the back to show the direction you are going .
  10. What you could do is create an rar file of the instructions and split them up in to 80 mb chunks that way the limit wont matter . You would then have 4 files to upload . Also helps people downloading them cause if you fails you only need to down load one 80mb file and not a large 270mb file again . This is a tutorial on how to do it .
  11. Nice work dude may be upload the ldd to http://rebrickable.com/ and then ask if rm8 can add a link to it in the description for his models in http://rebrickable.com/ .
  12. darksheep

    BMW i8 Spyder

    This is a very cool moc , I love all the functions and at a smaller scale it is very impressive . I will buy instructions if you make them. I love the way the doors open very cool looking .It total how long did this moc take you ? Answer To Your Question : As some one who own 90% of your instructions , I can say I don't miss the sequential gearbox or breaks .
  13. Thanks for the review really well done and helpfully. I ma shocked the new small cylinder is weaker , that is disappointing , I hoped it would be stronger .
  14. darksheep

    [MOC] Terra Gator 8333

    Wow really cool did not even know this thing existed in real life .