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  1. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Thanks for the help @Duq. I opened the file with notepad and just deleted that line (from <brick> to </brick>. Then tried opening the file in Bluebrick and it opened. it appears a right hand 9v switch was removed and likely the offending part. Sal
  2. Bluebrick Layout Software

    @Alban Nanty, I have been using Bluebrick for quite a while now for doing club layouts. I recently started having an issue opening my latest layout. I get the following message when trying to open the file. "Cannot open the map C:\Users\Sal\Documents\Sal's Documents\BlueBrick\City-Train Area 2018 E.bbm." "There is an error in XML document (56317, 10)." I had the file open the day before and did open work in it with no problems, but now, I get the above message. I did copy some items from one layout into this layout the last time I had it open, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it. If you can offer any insight into how I can get this file open and what may be causing the issue, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Sal
  3. Brickworld 2018 Call for Topics

    For me personally, all but the narrow gauge. I also think just letting the conversation steer itself can be good too. It would also be nice if the trains round table time could be expanded. You could spend the better part of an hour discussing just one of the above topics, with all the digressions that naturally come up. Sal
  4. Changing the polarity of PowerFunction train motors

    @legotownlinz, is there enough wire within the train motor body to simply rotate the actual motor 180 degrees, so the wire connections to the internal motor would be on the right side in you pictures in stead of the left? Sal
  5. Hello,

    Would you mind sending me the link you recieved for the leaked summer catalog?



  6. Switch Modification

    @legoman666, that is why I let someone else do the modifying and just by them off Bricklink. I have bought a custom crossover from Sanders' Bricks on Bricklink. He does great work. I posted pictures in another switch mod post a few days ago on here. They are great quality and you have to look very close to see the are modified. Myself and another member of my lug are looking at buying some more for use at Brickworld Chicago. If he does not have a particular modified switch AVALIABLE on his Bricklink store, just message him. The crossover I wanted he did not have in stock. After contacting him, he had it made within 24hrs and was ready to ship. The nice thing is, I think he has done it so much, he is very proficient at the mods. Check out his splas pages on Bricklink for more info. Sal
  7. Switch Modification

    Sanders' Bricks on Bricklink has done throw rod modifications on switches.{"itemType":"P","catID":"128","showHomeItems":0} Sal
  8. 9V switch modification

    @B Man, Here is a close up pic of the joints of the crossover I purchased. As you can see, the builder staggered the joints in the rail from the joints in the plastic track. There are additional pics showing the underside on my Flickr. 20180103_145113 by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr Sal
  9. 9V switch modification

    Soldering should be plenty strong enough for the rails. I purchased a custom 9v crossover on Bricklink, I'll dig it out tomorrow and take some pics of the connections. Sal
  10. 9V switch modification

    Just solder the two joints. Sal
  11. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    @zephyr1934, here is the video as promised: Kadee Coupler &quot;Bump Test&quot; by Sal Ciofani, on Flickr. I think it qualifies as bumpy enough, haha. As you can see, the Kadee couplers don't have too much problem with elevation changes, as long as it is not too severe. @coaster, it looks like your coupler design is slightly bigger vertically than the Kadee couplers, I think this will make yours more forgiving of uneven track. One issue with your design might be, the opposing coupler might trip the uncoupling lever of the coupler it is hooked to on very bumpy track. As far as centering issues, I had a thought, if you use a friction technic pin design, that would make it so the coupler would not swivel too freely, there may not need to be any centering spring. I would be interested to test your prototypes when you have some ready, if you would like. I have run LEGO magnets and Kadee couplers in the same train. since both mount to 3176 I simply swap out 3176's with whichever coupler I need already attached. Sal
  12. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    Yes, I have run them on uneven track, it can be problematic if the "bumps" are to extreme. I believe I ran my mostly Kadee coupler train at Brikworld this year. Our layout had a handful of 1-2 brick elevation changes (aiming for 1-2 plates per track section), plus general unevenness due to poor rental banquet tables, but we tried to make those "bumps" as gradual as possible by using shims and spreading it out. I have all my trains packed from doing a show this weekend. When I get around to unpacking it (by this weekend) I'll set up a loop of uneven track and shoot a video. i did a quick calculation. A pack of 2 couplers is $4.55, a pack of 12 bolts is $3.90, a pack of 12 nuts is $3.90 and a pack of 12 washers is $3.75 (you need 2 washers per coupler.). Breaking it all down, it costs about $5.80 per car to install Kadee couplers. @coaster, I would suggest getting a couple pairs of Kadee couplers (one with coil centering springs and one with whisker centering springs). Since they already have solutions for many of the issues discussed above, I think they will offer great insight into what is needed to make your LEGO-ized couplers function as desired. As as a side note. Several years ago, I talked to a Kadee rep at a train show and asked if they would have interest in doing a LEGO compatible coupler. He said a few years prior they had had discussions with some LEGO train fans, and I believe even had a prototype made. But interest from the LEGO train community died. i would love to see what you end up coming up with. It would be nice to have a ready made solution that simply snaps on to LEGO trains. Sal
  13. Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    @Daedalus304, I have used Kadee O scale couplers in my LEGO trains (Kadee #806 to be exact). A pack of 2 couplers is about $4.50 plus buying backs of nuts, bolts, and washers (12 each per pack). These couplers "bolt on" to LEGO 2x3 pates modified with technic hole. @coaster, Kadee couplers use centering springs to keep them centered, (coil springs in the O scale couplers I use, and Whisker springs in many HO scale couplers). The coil springs can be a bit of a pain to install, and the whisker springs are built into the coupler shank. The Kadee couplers also use magnetic "trip pins" for "automatic" uncoupling via magnets mounted under the track or can be uncoupled manually using a small pointed object (skewer, pencil, etc). Here are some pictures of the instalation process: Sal WFB, WI
  14. New Fire Station and MOCs

    @sasbury, how do you do the inverted cheese slopes on the heavy rescue truck? Your fire apparatus MOCs are amazing and an inspiration! Sal WFB, WI