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  1. Legoliner Pilot

    If you ran the Lego company...

    Hmm... Good idea.
  2. Legoliner Pilot

    2010 Train Sets

    You knew what he was referring to.
  3. Legoliner Pilot

    If you ran the Lego company...

    Which will result in said company going bankrupt.
  4. Legoliner Pilot

    Jamie Berard Appreciation Week

    Jamie... You are amazing! Even though I COULD write a big long mushy thank-you note for all of your hard work, I will instead state that I admire your building techniques. You rock!
  5. BB Code acronyms are a very cool feature that I have seen very little use of on Eurobricks. What is an acronym, or more specifically, what is a BB Code acronym?According to, an acronym is quote "a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words". A BB Code Acronym... Wait. First of all, what is BB Code? Well, BB Code is two pairs of brackets, of which are opening which starts with [textgoeshere] and closing which ends with a forward slash (/) and looks like [/textgoeshere]. When text is typed between those two brackets, the text in the two brackets specifies the chosen effect (see here for a list of examples. Acronyms are a little known feature of BB code. Their brackets are [-acronym="textgoeshere"-] and [-/acronym-], sans the dashes. When used, a word will appear as normal text, but when you hover over it with your mouse, text will appear! Here is an example: Hover your cursor here. How do you create acronyms? Well, it's a piece of cake if you can follow these simple steps : 1. 2. 3. 4.Post your message. 5. Done! Look above to see how to view your newly created acronym. You now know how to post acronyms! Please remember to abide by the Site Guidelines when using them. --- What do you think of this guide? Please comment!
  6. Legoliner Pilot

    Modular Building 10211 Grand Emporium

    Four. You forgot Market Street! It was a Modular and was part of the line, so don't give me that hoo-ha about it being a factory set. This pilot (read: me) is tired of people discounting the fact that Market Street is a modular building because of either a. It was not designed by Berard when in fact he helped Erik Brok immensely while in the development of the model or b. It was part of the Factory line which is the silliest thing I have ever heard. Market Street on!
  7. Legoliner Pilot

    City 2010

    edit: Anymore news on the LEGO Truck?
  8. Legoliner Pilot

    If you ran the Lego company...

    I would develop some decent [extra] wagons for the Emerald Night and not put up with this bla bla limited releases of exclusive in a year bla.
  9. Legoliner Pilot

    4841 Hogwarts Express Train Discussion

    Yes I am. This is the 501st time someone has told me that actually. It doesn't revoke my opinion, does it? Of course I wasn't expecting something like your absolutely wonderful steam locomotives (really them! ), but I was expecting something other than short wagons and out of whack proportions. IMO, the whole thing is ruined because of it being to scale of those... um... Maxifigs with those ugly heads that IMO aren't even minifgures?
  10. A diesel locomotive! I totally it! The details are all there!
  11. Legoliner Pilot

    4841 Hogwarts Express Train Discussion

    I don't have any hope for this one, after seeing that hideous excuse for a "Western Train" from the Toy Story line.
  12. Legoliner Pilot

    2010 Train Sets

    The only reason why people want 9V back is because of the pulling power of the locomotives, or more specifically the motor. That's it. The track is nothing special, hell it's comparable to a normal piece of RC track with some metal stuck on. If LEGO made a proper motor (I.E: A motor that can pull more than what's included with itself) that fills the space of a bogey instead of all this Technic motor and gearing hoopla, and that can actually pull more than 2 carriages without tripping the circuit, then maybe AFOLTs (see below paragraph for definition) would shut up and stop lamenting the death of 9V. It shouldn't be that hard to make a bogey motor that has enough torque and that doesn't suck up battery life in 2 seconds flat. I wish LEGO would stop trying to make trains into Technic. The Emerald Night is great, but it only comes with one carriage. Keep in mind LEGO that this is the only bone you have thrown us AFOLTs (Adult Fans of LEGO Trains, I think it sounds quite good ) in two years. It's not fair how we have waited this long for a nice train and we finally get one, and it only has one carriage/wagon. Who the hell has the mindset that a train should only pull one carriage, and then puts extra stickers for more cars but the pieces aren't included to build them. If you can make the Imperial Flagship USD $179.99 than why couldn't you have made the Emerald Night the same price and included two more carriages/wagons? In any case, 9V is dead forever. Complaining won't help and it is certainly NOT coming back.
  13. Legoliner Pilot

    Modular Building 10211 Grand Emporium

    Ditto. Flaming would be intentionally trying to instigate an argument, insulting people, etc. There is no reason not to release the instructions.
  14. In the LEGO store in Orlando, Mom talking to son: "But honey, you have to put this one together... "
  15. Legoliner Pilot

    Modular Building 10211 Grand Emporium

    Instructions? Where?