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  1. I put together Helm's Deep in September, then got the Vampyre Castle for my October build. As I was putting it together, I thought, "Hey, the connections between each sub-structure aren't too different between the sets. I bet I could put them (the pre-built substructures) together for a REALLY EPIC build." So I did. I guess I could have put this in the Action forum for the Monster Fighters theme, but I chose this one, because, you know. Castles. Going around the castle clockwise, front left view: Back left view: Back right view: Front right view: Vampyre Theoden awaits the armies of Saruman Van Helsing: Zombie Aragorn peeks out of the side door: Skeletal Haldir overlooks the battlements (apparently elf ears and hair don't decompose): The only being powerful enough to counter the White Wizard Saruman is the Black Wizard Gandalf! It took some trial and error to arrange the substructures in a way to make the walls come out even, but even so, there are two places where the walls only abut against each other and don't actually join. Other than that, it was a pretty easy build. Anyone could recreate it by using the official build instructions for The Battle of Helm's Deep (+ Uruk-Hai Army) and Vampyre Castle, and looking at the pictures above. I think it turned out pretty well. The Vampyre towers really fill out the overall structure, and the walls of Helm's Deep make it look like a fortified bastion. Anyway, I had a lot of fun building it. I appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks, Ragnar
  2. My Halloween build was the Vampyre Castle, but I felt that Frank Rock and Jack McHammer needed a truck of their own to go with Dr. Basil Rathbone's Hero Car. The result was the Assault Truck: Key points: oversized tires, aggressive ramming spikes below the front grill, and a dash of red! The highlight is the moonstone-powered gatling laser manned by Jack McHammer. Below you can see the red LED brick I used, as well as the crank handle for the gatling mechanism: Here is a YouTube video showing the gatling laser in action: Finally, a shot of the truck in action: Assault on Vampyre Castle! Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Welcome, Lucy! Don't worry - you can always buy old sets on the collector's market for a bit of a markup. Ragnar
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    Welcome! I'd be interested in seeing pictures of your tabletop skirmish game in action. Do you build detailed sets for the heroes and villans to destroy in their battles? Ragnar
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    That's awesome! My Vampyre Castle is supposed to arrive in a day or two, and this setup inspires me. Ragnar
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    Welcome! And don't worry about MOCs not being up to some of the quality you see here. Some of the posters here have decades of experience and enough bricks to build a life-size house. Ragnar
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