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  1. desert752

    [MOC] Concrete Mixer Truck

    Hello! Short review of this MOC :)
  2. desert752

    [MOC] Concrete Mixer Truck

    Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like the model :) I just have no grey background ) I remember backdrops in old LEGO catalogues, and I've decided to create my own landscape :)
  3. Hi! It’s time for new MOC :) I’m glad to show you my Concrete Mixer Truck. The project was started almost one year ago, but I’ve finished it only now. I used KAMAZ 6540 trucks as inspiration. Dimensions: 45 x 12 x 20 cm, weight 1570 g, 2492 pieces. There are no motors here, all functions are manual: - 4x8 wheel drive with working V8 piston engine - 4x8 steering, working steering wheel in the cabin - pendular suspension on rear axles - manual drum rotation - driving wheels drum rotation - cabin lifting - opening doors - opening roof hatch - folding ladder - high detailing: mirrors, lights, spare wheel, fuel tank, exhaust, seats, chocks, additional unloading gutter There are no working unloading system here like in 42112 LEGO set. I wanted to create the drum using only Technic pieces. Video demonstration: More photos on Flickr: Building instructions: MOC review: Thanks for watching!
  4. desert752

    [MOC] SUV Racer Mk II

    I have no instructions :(
  5. desert752

    Show us your Working Place

    My current workshop :)
  6. desert752

    [MOC] SUV Racer Mk II

    Hi! During my vacation, I’ve tested Lego Technic SUV Racer in the Khibiny Mountains. I’ve added two extra BuWizz receivers and double wheels. Have a fun and enjoy a beautiful nature :)
  7. 8:10 9:6 4:4 3:3 14:2 10:1
  8. desert752

    [TC17] REAPER

  9. desert752

    [TC17] REAPER

    The topic is updated, and now I have the video :) Thanks for watching!
  10. 6. REAPER The model has 10 RC functions: left and right tracks, front blade, tail rotor pivot lifting and rotation, main and tail rotors rotation, cutters rotation, wings folding, cutting height adjustment. Video demonstration (including zombie army killing :))) Discussion topic with detailed description:
  11. @Jim Could you clarify, "combined pictures (4 in 1)" - is it the only allowed format for combined photos? Or we can use any quantity of pictures (2 in 1, 3 in 1...)?
  12. desert752

    [MOC] SUV Racer Mk II

    Thanks )
  13. desert752

    [MOC] SUV Racer Mk II

    Thanks! I'm not sure, about 1-2 weeks. One more video:
  14. Just read the contest rules. "Build yourself a vehicle to survive the wastelands of a near-future post-apocalyptic world. Road, sea, air, whatever you think is best to improve your odds for survival." In Fury Road were no sea, no aircrafts, but the contest is a bit wider.
  15. desert752

    [TC17] REAPER

    I have one old aircraft engine in my workshop. It looks really bad. I know that Master has three absolutely new engines from military tiltrotor. And he wants my AK-47 for them. Very unfair exchange, but I have no choice. After all, how many zombies can I kill with only one machine gun? I believe in my Reaper!