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  1. Thanks ) Me too, especially during transverse roll.
  2. Hi! It's time for winter models :) I wanted to create an icebreaker for few years, and now I'm ready to show you new MOC: The model is 73 cm long, weights 2.4 kg (without underwater stabilizer) and contains seven motors and 2x Buwizz receivers. The main feature of the model - it can really break the ice. The video is in russian, but you can find the model in action in the beginning and also detailed test-drive starts in 15:40 of the movie. Functions: buggy motor for the screw, working rudder, two drills and adjustable trim of the vessel. More photos you can find in the album: Thanks for watching :)
  3. Thanks :) You are right, I've excluded this function to mount more motors in the rear part of the model. Two cylinders look more realistic and the crane is more powerful )
  4. Hi! A few months ago I've motorized the set 42128. All the functions have remote control except the axle lifting. The model has 10 remotely controlled functions including pneumatic system with compressor, pressure gauge and air tanks. 12 motors in total and 3x BuWizz 2.0 to control all the functions: - 3x L-motors to drive - Servo-motor - steering - 8x M-motor: compressor, 3x pneumatic valves, outriggers, rear jack, crane rotation, double winch I have detailed video in Russian, you can find there many pictures of the inner structure. Thanks for watching :)
  5. no differentials, it's not a problem on the ice )
  6. Hi! Awesome contest! "Mindstorms and LEGO Electronics are not permitted" - Is it true also for sets that really have a motor? For example 8868 has a motorized compressor for smooth pneumatics operation.
  7. WoW! It's my favourite LEGO set. Can't wait the result :)
  8. :)))))))))) I'm sure there were no sand. Double wheels, big weight and high-speed motors. Probably it's not an inner damage, but the friction between the case and the part with pins. It seems now the backlash is much more.
  9. Thank you! I'm glad you like my new pet :) Thank you @Milan :) 1. I haven't used a lubrication, so unfortunately planetary hubs started to destroy :( 2. Single lights look a bit too small to my mind . It's just my vision, of course it's easy to fix it :) Regarding to my experience, the number of pieces in thousands is close to the weight in kilograms. It's very approximately, but I suppose the truck contains 8k-9k pieces.
  10. Thank you very much for so many positive comments :) I've inserted a few photos into my detailed video on main channel. Fast output of the buggy-motor drives the new differential gear (from 42109, 42114, 42124) and than planetary hubs from 42099 are mounted. I don't know about auto-translated subtitles, but you can take a look to the video at 4:11 (axles photos) and 7:11, 7:53 (how the suspension works). I suppose about two months in total. It's hard to mark one challenging part )))) I had some issues with frame strength (it is 5 stud high and 90 cm long), how to unload huge bin, and of course how to replicate very unusual cabin shape :) The bin is lifted in two stages controlled by two separate levers in control profile. I've just cut the pause between the first and the second stages )
  11. Hi! I’ve finished new MOC, a scale model of huge mining truck REXX produced by Australian company BIS Industries. The real truck is 14,3 m long and can carry 160 tons :) The scale is 1:15, so my model is 95 cm long. The total weight is 8,5 kg. My truck contains 15 motors and 4 BuWizz receivers. Functions: - AWD, five buggy motors, twenty tractor tires - Suspension, solid axles - Steering 10 x 6, three servo-motors - Bin unloading, one XL and one L-motor - Ladders, two M-motors - Doors, two M-motors - Wipers, M-motor Enjoy the video :) More photos on my Flickr: Thanks for watching :)