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  1. Hi! Awesome contest! "Mindstorms and LEGO Electronics are not permitted" - Is it true also for sets that really have a motor? For example 8868 has a motorized compressor for smooth pneumatics operation.
  2. WoW! It's my favourite LEGO set. Can't wait the result :)
  3. desert752

    [MOC] REXX Truck 1:15

    Thank you very much :)
  4. desert752

    [MOC] REXX Truck 1:15

    :)))))))))) I'm sure there were no sand. Double wheels, big weight and high-speed motors. Probably it's not an inner damage, but the friction between the case and the part with pins. It seems now the backlash is much more.
  5. desert752

    [MOC] REXX Truck 1:15

    Thank you! I'm glad you like my new pet :) Thank you @Milan :) 1. I haven't used a lubrication, so unfortunately planetary hubs started to destroy :( 2. Single lights look a bit too small to my mind . It's just my vision, of course it's easy to fix it :) Regarding to my experience, the number of pieces in thousands is close to the weight in kilograms. It's very approximately, but I suppose the truck contains 8k-9k pieces.
  6. desert752

    [MOC] REXX Truck 1:15

    Thank you very much for so many positive comments :) I've inserted a few photos into my detailed video on main channel. Fast output of the buggy-motor drives the new differential gear (from 42109, 42114, 42124) and than planetary hubs from 42099 are mounted. I don't know about auto-translated subtitles, but you can take a look to the video at 4:11 (axles photos) and 7:11, 7:53 (how the suspension works). I suppose about two months in total. It's hard to mark one challenging part )))) I had some issues with frame strength (it is 5 stud high and 90 cm long), how to unload huge bin, and of course how to replicate very unusual cabin shape :) The bin is lifted in two stages controlled by two separate levers in control profile. I've just cut the pause between the first and the second stages )
  7. Hi! I’ve finished new MOC, a scale model of huge mining truck REXX produced by Australian company BIS Industries. The real truck is 14,3 m long and can carry 160 tons :) The scale is 1:15, so my model is 95 cm long. The total weight is 8,5 kg. My truck contains 15 motors and 4 BuWizz receivers. Functions: - AWD, five buggy motors, twenty tractor tires - Suspension, solid axles - Steering 10 x 6, three servo-motors - Bin unloading, one XL and one L-motor - Ladders, two M-motors - Doors, two M-motors - Wipers, M-motor Enjoy the video :) More photos on my Flickr: Thanks for watching :)
  8. desert752

    [MOC] Snow Dozer

    I almost didn't use non-Technic pieces, so the chance to lose some pieces is very small. Technic connections are really strong :) I use music from Youtube library.
  9. desert752

    [MOC] Snow Dozer

    Thanks :) I like winter very much :) Cross country skiing and of course LEGO Technic models :)))
  10. desert752

    [MOC] Snow Dozer

    I'm glad you like it, thanks for so many kind words! Winter landscape is very friendly for LEGO models (excepting the frost :))))) there is no dirt here ) It's completely my fantasy, but I won't be surprised if similar machines are really existed :) Yes, the dozer has two BuWizz receivers
  11. Hi! The winter is out, and I’m ready to show a new MOC :) This new Dozer was designed special for snow. Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 25 cm, total weight 4.1 kg. The model is powered by two BuWizz receivers. Functions (13 motors in total): - All-track drive, eight L-motors - Steering (articulated chassis, working steering wheel), two L-motors - Blade elevation, one M-motor - Crane arm with extensible section, one M-motor and one L-motor - Detailed cabin with opening door - Pendular suspension on the rear axle The model in action: More photos on flickr: Thanks for watching :)
  12. Thanks for many kind words and interesting discussion :) To say the truth it was frozen pond in the video. But the ice was very bumpy. I cleaned it three times :)))))))
  13. Hi! It's time to upgrade one more shelf model (the previous one was the Batmobile Ferrari 42125 has a lot of free space, so I've inserted four buggy-motors and a few BuWizz receivers. The chassis is very simple, I've removed suspension, V8, driver seat and steering wheel :) And the bodywork is the same as in the original LEGO set. Here is the result: Thanks for watching :)
  14. desert752

    [MOC] Small Racing Car

    I suppose the bars will be too long. I use blue axle pins instead of usual black pins. Instead of thick 5L beam there are two #5 connectors in the model.