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  1. Thanks for many kind words and interesting discussion :) To say the truth it was frozen pond in the video. But the ice was very bumpy. I cleaned it three times :)))))))
  2. Hi! It's time to upgrade one more shelf model (the previous one was the Batmobile Ferrari 42125 has a lot of free space, so I've inserted four buggy-motors and a few BuWizz receivers. The chassis is very simple, I've removed suspension, V8, driver seat and steering wheel :) And the bodywork is the same as in the original LEGO set. Here is the result: Thanks for watching :)
  3. desert752

    [MOC] Small Racing Car

    I suppose the bars will be too long. I use blue axle pins instead of usual black pins. Instead of thick 5L beam there are two #5 connectors in the model.
  4. desert752

    [MOC] Small Racing Car

    I'm not sure I understand you. In general I don't like 1/2 pins because of the backlash.
  5. desert752

    [MOC] Small Racing Car

    Thanks! I used usual pins, but they are inserted through the thin liftarms, so they are half-stud sunk.
  6. Hello! Today I'd like to share my old MOC, wip name was "Angry Racer" :) The model was built special for BuWizz fest (canceled), it is driven by two PF L-motors, servo-motor for steering. Dimensions: 29 x 13 x 8,5 cm, weight – 700 g. Watch the video to see the model in action :) More photos: Building instructions: Thanks for watching :)
  7. desert752

    [MOC] RC Boat Mk II

    Thanks )
  8. desert752

    [MOC] RC Boat Mk II

    Yes, my first RC boat was not too successful ))) It was five years ago..
  9. desert752

    [MOC] RC Boat Mk II

    Thanks ) I used old system propellers. You can check detailed video on my main channel
  10. Hi! After first outdoor tests of 60266 Ocean Exploration Ship I've decided to create a MOC based on its ship hulls. I use two buggy motors, one servo for steering and one BuWizz. The model is 70+ cm long and weights 2,1 kg. My favourite feature is Batmobile windshield :) Test-drive: More photos: Thanks for watching!
  11. desert752

    [MOD] Motorized Batmobile 76139

    Thank you for so many kind words! The second half of the video contains some details. Also I have detailed video in Russian on my main channel.
  12. Hello! Today I'd like to show you one more MOD - Batmobile 1989 (LEGO set 76139). I've added five motors, two BuWizz receivers and pneumatic system to motorize it :) RC functions: - two buggy-motors for RWD - M-motor for steering - M-motor for working machine guns - M-motor and pneumatic cylinder to open the cabin Video demonstration: Thanks for watching :)
  13. Hello! Today I'd like to show you motorized modification of 42112 LEGO Technic concrete mixer truck. This is the perfect set for motorization because of the large scale. I use BuWizz here, but it's possible to use any AA battery box here. Functions (five motors in total): - 2x L-motors for drive - servo-motor for steering - M-motor for drum rotation - M-motor for unloading direction The model in action: Thanks for watching :)