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  1. desert752

    [MOC] Merlo Roto Telehandler

    Yes! I'll do it in the near future, maybe after New Year :)
  2. desert752

    [MOC] Merlo Roto Telehandler

    Thank you! What format should digital partlist have? Where can I find a tutorial how to generate it?
  3. desert752

    [MOC] Merlo Roto Telehandler

    Hi! Here is detailed review. And now instructions are complete :)
  4. desert752

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    Thanks :)
  5. desert752

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    Review of this model :)
  6. Very cool! Nostalgy :)
  7. desert752

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    Thanks :) 2 Aventador2004: yes, it's me ) 2 MangaNOID: take a look to the real tunneler :) 2 Aleh: Thanks! I'll film detailed video later.
  8. desert752

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    Thank you for many kind words :) 2 AkiyamaWataru: The structure isn't bended - it's an optical effect because of tracks aren't parallel to the ground surface. 2 kbalage: general idea is to connect electric switch and free hanging weight by one axis. The execution is a bit more tricky though )
  9. The topic is updated with detailed review: Hi! I’m glad to show you my new MOC made for Lego and Volvo contest. The task was “Build construction equipment of the future”. My little pet was designed special for Mars developing. Artificial intelligence allows this machine to perform different operations simultaneously. This monster replaces excavator, loader, tunneler, dozer. It can be used for road construction, tunnel boring, preparation of construction sites and many other tasks. All-around lighting system and cameras form 3D vision of the surrounding scene in a wide electromagnetic spectrum. Because of low solar irradiance on Mars the machine is powered by a compact nuclear reactor. Model features: 100 x 36 x 45 cm, weight - 7.4 kg. The model contains 16 motors. 1. Chassis - All-track drive (4x XL-motor) - Independent steering for crab mode up to 90 degrees and zero turning radius (4x M-motor) - Central pylon has an automatic leveling system. The tilt sensor is the weight on a pendant. If lengthwise tilt occurs the weight turns the motor on (buggy motor, I just have no wires for PF motors). The motor is interfaced with four linear actuators which level the superstructure - Central pylon has two co-axial independent turntables for different equipment 2. Loader - 360 degrees rotation (M-motor) - Boom lifting mechanism (L-motor) - Boom extension with synchronized counterweight movement (mechanical binding, M-motor) - Bucket loading and unloading (M-motor) 3. Tunneler - 360 degrees rotation (M-motor) - Boom tilting mechanism (L-motor) - Drilling head has five types of movement (XL-motor). The central part rotates fast in forward direction, the second part – in opposite direction, the third part – slowly in forward direction, eight additional cutters rotate in perpendicular plane. In addition, the whole drilling head unit moves in a reciprocating manner like a puncher - Because of absence of liquid water on Mars I suggest to use a huge vacuum cleaner to remove dust from drilling (you can see six working propellers near the drilling head) All the functions have remote control except for the leveling system – it operates automatically. Please enjoy the video: Thanks for watching!
  10. Thanks for positive feedback :) 2 MajklSpajkl: I used lithium batteries, they work up to -30 without problems :)
  11. Hi! Today I'd like to show my new model - Lego Technic Arctic Truck BIG Brother. It is scale copy of 60035 Arctic Truck. The Lego Technic model is powered by four buggy-motors with two RC units. The gear ratio is 1:3 from slow output. One M-motor is used for steering (auxiliary output). Dimensions: 42x22x29 cm, weight – 2.9 kg. Video: More photos: Thanks for watching!
  12. desert752

    [MOC] John Deere 648L Skidder

    HI! The instructions are still incomplete but I've filmed new video :)