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  1. desert752

    [WIP] Fox 8x8 V2

    Can't wait for the result!
  2. desert752

    [MOC] Tumbler

    Thanks )
  3. desert752

    [MOC] Tumbler

    Hi! Today I'd like to show very small MOC. This funny model has two motors, two wheels and one BuWizz :) Because of rotating center it's not easy to control it, but it is very funny. Instructions: Thanks for watching!
  4. desert752

    [TC16] Martian Heavy Transporter

    Your Fox was absolutely incredible! When I saw the power of BuWizz, I forgot that big models need careful control :)))
  5. desert752

    [TC16] Martian Heavy Transporter

    Hi! The final video about my model - Outdoor test-drive :) Thanks for watching!
  6. desert752

    [TC16] Martian Heavy Transporter

    Hello! My vacation is over, and I've filmed short review of this model :)
  7. desert752

    [TC16] Martian Heavy Transporter

    Thanks for kind words :)
  8. 1. Martian Heavy Transporter The model features: - All-Wheel Drive (six XL-motors) - Side steering - Independent suspension - Pallet loading/unloading system (two L-motors) Now Mars colonization will be much easier! Of course, if we won't meet Martians... Discussion topic: Thanks for watching :)
  9. desert752

    [TC16] Martian Heavy Transporter

    Hi! I've finished the model just a few days before my vacation and now I'm ready to show it :) The truck has AWD with six XL-motors, side steering, independent suspension and pallet loading system. Now we can do Mars better :)))) More photos here: Thanks for watching! I hope you like it :)
  10. Thanks :)
  11. Hi! I had a few rainy days in the village, and today I'd like to show three c-models of 42088 Cherry Picker set. 1. Spaceship with foldable supports, engines, guns and one nuclear missile :) 2. Jet plane with changeable wings angle. 3. Race car (no additional functions) You can watch short review with subtitles. In the video description I've placed links to building instructions: Thanks for watching!
  12. desert752

    [TC16] Martian Heavy Transporter

    White dishes have arrived from Spain :)
  13. desert752

    [TC16] Martian Heavy Transporter

    After first test-drive it's time to create loading/unloading system. I suppose it will be pallet system like in Oshkosh trucks.
  14. desert752

    Atlas Copco Minetruck MT85

    Very nice truck!
  15. desert752

    [TC16] Martian Heavy Transporter

    Hi! Today I've tested my reactors. The performance is rather well. Of course, it will be better in lower gravity of Mars :)