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    Anakin's Podracer

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Gollum! Gollum!

LEGO nut since the late 90s. Up until about 2006, I spent nearly my entire budget on LEGO Star Wars. Since then, I've often sampled smaller action/sci-fi themes (Power Miners, SPIII, Mars Mission, and Alien Conquest all come to mind), and for a brief time garnered a ton of Fantasy Era, but also a lot of licensed themes, such as Prince of Persia, Pirates of the Caribbean and most recently Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit. Nowadays I only really buy Collectible Minifigures.

Avid roleplayer, video gamer, and LEGO enthusiast (for lack of a better world).

4412019774_5559520e5c_o.jpgCallie Peterson, head of Airplane Staff in JimButcher's and Ricecracker's Dystopia. Insane, strangled with a tree branch on Night 3.

hm-ava-xander-dead.jpgXander Lovegood, slayer of Cuddles the Cerberus in Sandy's Hogwarts Mafia. Innocent, outplayed in Conclusion.

001-2.jpgCarrie Price, police woman in Zepher's Eurodina. Converted Ronzoni, shot on Night 3.

5401944167_f75de15ac0_m.jpgCharles Synclair, Oxford professor in JimButcher's Werewolf Mafia. Village, survived, winner.

polina.jpgPolina, Moonlight Transit Authority in Hinckley's Baritones 3. Russian-turned-Baritone, survived, winner.

6143475912_6b8b533d35_t.jpgCarl 'Black Beast' Pie, insane punk in def's Dr. Bloodbricks II: Fraulein Bloodbrick. Town, lynched/cued up the megablocks Day 1.

catwomanrt.jpgCatwoman, Selina Kyle in ADHO's and The Penguin's Gotham City Mafia. Undercover Agent, lynched Day 1.

6643861959_d0d3342c85_t.jpgMelaena Stools, renowned snake therapist/poet in Pandora and Rufus' Curse of Imhotep. Cult of Imhotep, lynched Day 2.

cimg0548.jpgShizuko, Japanese Chinese takeout wizard in badboytje88's Yakuza Mafia. Yakuza, katana'd Night 7, winner.

ae_grumble.jpgcharles_pleasance.jpgChief Grumble, security captain and Charles Pleasance in Hinckley's Steampunk Mafia. Royalist, outplayed in Conclusion.

22.jpgEnsign Robert Holloway, Andurian engineer in Bob's Excalibur Mafia. Neutral, lived through time warp.

13.jpgLieutenant Joshua Wright, Andurian med-bay nurse in Bob's Excalibur Mafia 2.0. Still neutral, vanished without a trace Night Three.

heidi.jpgHeidi Hippo, hippochondriac farmer in Hinckley's The Forest II.. Villager, bravely inadvertently committed suicide by self-immolation on Night Five.

18.jpgCanute Gray-Bush, warrior of legend and senile sage in TinyPiesRUs' Ragnarok Now. Einherjar, axed by a paranoid warlord on Night Six, winner.

8234240116_dae86e0271_t.jpgCarl, loving, cheating, day-killing husband in Darkdragon's Heartlake Heartbreak. Town, drowned in a duck pond on Night Five.

8366587709_bcb3f79809_m.jpgCallMePie, some dude in def's Eurobricks Mafia. Town, outplayed in Conclusion.

pierre.jpgPierre, completely genuine French waiter in Bob's The Pearl. Thief, lynched on Day Two.

8556295473_59e6cf3fca_t.jpgLi'l CallMePie, cranky mayor in def's Eurobricks Mafia II: Mafia School. Town, mayored into oblivion on Night Five, winner.

rutherford_hablabble_bibble.jpgRutherford Habblable-Bibble, malapropismic wand salesman in Hinckley's Harriet Slutter and the Philospher's Balls. Odor Eater, survived, winner.

b0aa63d9-bc18-4013-97c6-f34c21d5ab99_zps13ad11d0.jpgThe Jester, suicidal mindless freak on Zepher's Mafia Mafia. Town, head torn off Night Two, winner.

9043059604_00501e371b_o.pngCarletta Maria Puerta, Amazing, All-Seeing, Fantastic gypsy in Tamamono's Silver City Mafia. Red Coyote, survived, winner.

9304758936_b41210412a_t.jpgJuliet Williamson, friendly dwarven dog-lover in Trumpetking and Hinckley's Collectible Minifigures Mafia. Council, decapitated Night Three.

catava-rogue.jpgCalico Meatpie, 16 year old Level 9 stylish halfling rogue in Sandy's Cruel Angel's Thesis. Heroica, exploded Day Three.

photo-thumb-91141.jpg?_r=1381296172Ellsworth Kelly, minimalist painter cinnamon roll enthusiast in Hinckley's Minimal Mafia. Town, survived, won.

15056508315_becf75ac8a_o.png Christopher Milton, fire control officer in jamesn's Red Menace Mafia. Town, shot on Night Four.

20713006760_921976d201_t.jpg Atramor Gibbin, 33 year old human in Sandy's Heroica RPG.

Rogue Thief








Decamon Drafter

16973023702_2bf89fff4d_o.pngMiderun, 19 year old orc in Sandy's Heroica RPG.


Quests Hosted


9415387126_2e929203a8_t.jpgCallMePie, Imperial Stormtrooper in Shadows of Nar Eubrikka.

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