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  1. Jedi Master Fangorn

    My trade/sale topic

    Update 1: Lowered prices, added collectible minifigures, took the hold off the dragon.
  2. Jedi Master Fangorn

    Selling Lego Sets

    PM sent about 7684 and 7747.
  3. I wanted to let everyone in the U.S. know about a sale Toys R Us is running this week, February 13-19. 10% off all Star Wars sets, which isn't that great, but 25% off 4 of the new Star Wars sets, including: 7929 Battle of Naboo 7915 Imperial V-Wing Starfighter 7931 T-6 Jedi Shuttle 7930 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship Link: At 25% off these sets, that can be a fairly good price break. My Jedi Shuttle came out to $51 with tax.
  4. Jedi Master Fangorn

    Classic Disney theme possible?

    Ever since I heard of Lego partnering with Disney, I have been envisioning something like a Classic Disney line. Produce one set containing all the main characters (3-5 or so), add minimal accessories, price it around $15, and watch it fly off the shelves. Alternatively, or perhaps in addition, bring girls even more on board with Lego by putting out "princess packs" (lame name I know- but stay with me). These could be a line of all the Disney princesses, with accessories, similar in piece count to the Star Wars battle packs, with one princess, a friend/sidekick (think Ariel and Flounder), and some accessories. Do I think Lego would ever produce either of these? No, but I think both would sell well by appealing to both Lego and Disney fans who fondly remember childhood movies.
  5. Jedi Master Fangorn

    Lego Club for Adults?

    Perhaps the answer to Lego starting a new journal or continuing with Brickjournal/other journals is that Lego should buy out an existing one, then make it into what they want with input from us?
  6. Jedi Master Fangorn

    LEGO Star Wars 2011 Pictures & Rumors

    I really hope the Republic frigate everyone is talking about is regular minifigure scale, not midi scale. Here's to more Jedi, particularly in the Geonosis set!
  7. Jedi Master Fangorn

    My trade/sale topic

    Greetings from Texas! I am Jedi Master Fangorn, and this will be my trade/sale topic to unload some of my extra stuff. I have done several successful trades with people here at Eurobricks, including Captain Green Hair and Mr. GanBit. I check my messages once every couple of days, so don’t wonder what is going on if I do not get back with you right away. I will get back with you, and look forward to doing business with you. I greatly prefer trades, but if you really want to buy something, I accept only USPS money orders. I live in Texas, if you are calculating shipping costs. Transaction terms: Value of trades/sales will be calculated using current Bricklink values for the set or figures. Each party will pay their own shipping costs. You will ship payment or trade to me first, and immediately upon receiving it I will ship my end of the trade to you. All other rules/regulations I reserve unto myself if problems develop. End of legal speak. Stuff I Have To trade: 1 Werewolf (CM-S4), loose in bag ($3) Bricklink page: 1 Street Skater (CM-S4), loose in bag ($2.50) Bricklink page: 1 Race Car Driver (CM-S3), assembled, never played with ($1.50) Bricklink page: 1 Space Villain (CM-S3), assembled, never played with ($2.50) Bricklink page: 1 Dark Red Dragon, Fantasy Era, assembled, never played with, ($15) Bricklink page: 5 Skeletons, Fantasy Era, assembled, never played with, ($1.25 each) Bricklink page: 1 Toys R Us Bricktober Week 1 Duplo brick, 1x2x2, never played with, ($1.50) Bricklink page: 2 (8398) BBQ Stand, in boxes but with a large orange sticker on each, ($3 each) Bricklink page: 2 (7020) Army of Vikings with Heavy Artillery Wagon, in boxes never opened, ($30 each) Bricklink page: 1 (5980) Squidman’s Pitstop, de-boxed, but in original bags with instructions, ($40) Bricklink page: 1 (5971) Gold Heist, de-boxed, but in original bags with instructions, ($15) Bricklink page: 1 (5970) Freeze Ray Frenzy, de-boxed, but in original bags with instructions, ($8) Bricklink page: Stuff that I am looking for (by theme, ordered most wanted-less wanted) Star Wars minifigures Shaak Ti, Saesee Tiin, Sugi, Aurra Sing, Embo, Aayla Secura, Nahdar Vebb, Cad Bane, Captain Rex, Geonosian either type, Thi-Sen (actually looking for more like 3 of him), Hondo Ohnaka, R4-P44, R7-D4, R2-R7, Rotta, Senate Commando (looking for 3 of these), Onaconda Farr, Magnaguards (looking for 2 of these), Nute Gunray, Shahan Alama, Turk Falso, Regular Clone Wars clone troopers (looking for 3 of these) Castle Any red ninjas, Peasants (especially women), Any green ninjas, Any Forestmen sets, but especially 6054, 6066, 6071, Trolls Individual things (not sets or figures) Any animals, including dewbacks, ostrichs, camels, pigs, cows, bats, frogs, horses, kaadu, monkeys, scorpions, tauntauns, snakes Any foliage/shrubbery, including bushes, flowers, trees, vines Any weapons Any containers, such as barrels, crates, etc Pirates Governor’s daughter (from 2009 Pirates line), Any Islanders, Governor (from 2009 Pirates line), Any sets with Islanders in them (sets 6256, 6262, 6264, 6278)
  8. Jedi Master Fangorn

    Need to Purge: Wants/Haves

    What color are the ninjas?
  9. Jedi Master Fangorn

    Reflections of an (ex-retired) veteran

    Interesting read. I was completely blown away as well by the Medieval Market Village, and buying that set really got me collecting castle Lego again after not acquiring any since the Dragon Masters, Forestmen, and Black Falcons of yesteryear (with a brief sortie into the fabulous Vikings theme years ago). Though I don't share your happiness over the Kingdoms line as much as I loved the fantasy line, I completely understand your wonder when you came back to Lego. I have a younger brother who just in the last three years has really begun collecting Lego, and with him I have gotten back into actively collecting as well. Not that I ever got completely out of collecting, but it stagnated for a little while. Some of my best memories forever will be building and playing Lego with him. I'm glad that you were inspired to come back, and hope that we continue to see innovation by Lego over the long haul such as we have seen over the last 30 years or so.
  10. Jedi Master Fangorn

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 Pictures and Rumors

    I think it's fantastic that we finally get a much more affordable Kit Fisto, plus the other two minifigures. These magnet packs have been great, keep them coming!
  11. Jedi Master Fangorn

    D2C Designers requesting feedback for 2012 models

    1. No 2. I do not own any from the line, but would buy them because of individual appeal if I did pick up any. 3. a pyramid with detailed interior 4. A Jedi Temple set. No question on this one, it would be a huge seller. Make it around $200, populate it with around 10-15 different Jedi, and watch it fly off the shelves. This would be the ultimate Star Wars collectible set for the future, and the Jedi need some kind of base. 5. Bring back some of the themes from the early-to-mid 1990s (updated, of course), i.e. ninjas, Western, etc. A larger release with green ninjas actually in sets would be nice. Some of the major EU figures such as Luke, Mara, Jaina, would go over well, and you could put them with starfighters as well. Finally, like many on this thread, more civilian-castle sets would be nice.
  12. Jedi Master Fangorn

    What other SW "Battle Packs" would you like to see?

    Ever since the Wookies from 2005 were released, I have been waiting for a Wookie battle pack. I doubt we will ever see one, but that is what I want to see as a Republic battle pack. For the Confederacy, droid packs are getting boring. A Geonosian battle pack would be nice, especially since we have not seen any Geonosians for so long. Or perhaps we could change directions entirely, and bring in bounty hunter packs or something from the Clone Wars series?
  13. Just wanted to make sure everyone saw this, Toys R Us is running a giveaway this week (through 3-20) that if you make any Lego Star Wars purchase of $11.99 or more, you receive a free stormtrooper minifigure. The flyer does not say USA only, but it surely is at least North America only, if not USA only. This is undoubtedly the same stormtrooper minifigure that was available free at Toys R Us with purchase recently, I think in Spain, but am not sure. Anyway, that is the price of a battle pack these days, so might be a good time to get one! Or, in my case, I will pick up the Swamp Speeder set along with my free stormtrooper.
  14. Jedi Master Fangorn

    Toys R Us Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Toys R Us in the United States is doing their Buy 1 Get One 50% off Lego sale through Sunday (March 7). The deal is also good in their online shop. Unfortunately, it does not include Star Wars or Toy Story sets.
  15. Jedi Master Fangorn

    Parts, parts, parts

    KinGanon, You said you need Viking figures, not sets, but I have 2 7020 Army of Vikings with Heavy Artillery Wagon available that has lots of figures and useful brown pieces. Interested? Let me know in a PM...