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    BrickArms at BrickFair 2010: New Prototypes and Exclusives!

    Totally getting into the bolt-action KAR-98!
  2. curtisrlee

    Home for Supper

    Hello there, My friend SirWellington has an awesome new video titled "Home for Supper"! The only ploblem is he is um... Banned Anyway here it is!
  3. curtisrlee

    Where is the Red Coats torso?

    Wait Wait Wait... Do you mean like this?
  4. curtisrlee

    Review: 7947 Prison Tower Rescue

    Wow great review! This really makes me want to get the new Kindoms even more! I do agree LEGO is getting a little kiddie-ish, but that doesn't bother me, at least there seems to be less fantasy (skeletons, trolls, bah ) and me like that.
  5. curtisrlee

    Two face/ harvey dent

    Mind you telling what this is?
  6. curtisrlee

    Two Indiana Jones set questions

    I think the Jeep is from the jungle chase, or something from Raiders or Last Crusade.
  7. curtisrlee

    Review: 8896 Snake Canyon

    Nice review! I never heard news of this new theme but they seem great, especially considering a good pack for MODERFYCLES!!!
  8. curtisrlee

    Return of the Blue baseplate

    Well then hello there sir! Yes I believe the blue baseplate was put back on S@H recently. Anyways welcome here!
  9. curtisrlee

    Your First Pirate Set!

    They were bought when I saw them on the shelf at Wal-Mart Looking at LEGO Sees a small corner box-shelf Spots the minifig sets Spies two set with the word "Pirates" on them Picks them up and throws in shopping cart!
  10. curtisrlee

    Wounded sailor modified minifig

    Ouch, It would hurt to be him... Great design, did a cannonball hit him?
  11. curtisrlee

    The ALL NEW

    Amazing. I'm liking the new theme with all the new stuff too! P.S. The "disscussion forum" does not work, it seems to redirect to a "" and then Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
  12. curtisrlee

    Looky Here at what I made!

    Look what I made with the new LDD Universe HERE Oh and BTW no no, if you try the LDD mod don't tell me where I got those decal designs
  13. curtisrlee

    Looky Here at what I made!

    Um yeah? But I'm too stubborn to answer much of them
  14. curtisrlee

    "We were kinda cheated this year" - Discuss.

    OK so lemme get this straight: Everyone was so excited to get pirates theme returned, and then someone complains "Oh but the theme isn't good enough!" (I'm sure you all know who that person is ) It's like if someone gave you a million dollars and then you complain "But I wanted it in hundreds!
  15. curtisrlee

    Looky Here at what I made!

    Bye Bye I'll anounce it LOUDLY when no one even cares anymore, ok?
  16. curtisrlee

    Looky Here at what I made!

    Um....... Nope
  17. curtisrlee

    Looky Here at what I made!

    I don't feel like saying at the moment
  18. curtisrlee

    Looky Here at what I made!

    Obviously, no... Too bad otherwise I have army bigger than Bonaparte's by now!
  19. curtisrlee

    The OFFICIAL LEGO Online Survey

    Done. I want PIRATES BACK! Now all we need to do is make them do all that stuff LOL
  20. curtisrlee

    Bayonets at Dawn

    Arrr!! How do you expect people like me with only a few redcoats and like one bluecoat to enter? I'll try anyway, those prizes are attractive but I'm pretty sure I wont make it...
  21. curtisrlee

    A game

    Hey I just wanted to know if any knows about a game called Age of Empires III It's basicly the same idea and time zone as Empire: Total War. You build a colony and train soldiers to conquor you enemys! No need to wrong me I'm just curious!
  22. curtisrlee

    A game

    My fav. too I love the Asian Dynasties expansion a lot! LOL old but yes, still fun it is! Well then who wants to play multiplayer with me? I can after I get my internet jumbo working properly again just PM me!
  23. curtisrlee

    Future Special Events Ideas/Comments

    Why can't we also have some of the other ideas in mind too? LIKE MINE! Of course, we can always have more than one contest, can't we?