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  1. Stormtrooper from "Dutch Garisson"

    I haven't seen them for a while, but they were for sale on eBay some time ago. I haven't seen the Dutch Garrison version before... and yes, they will be expensive
  2. Stormtrooper from "Dutch Garisson"

    Did you mean these Sir von Lego? I know the first three were commissioned from The Litte Arms Shop by LEGOLAND Germany and given to the German 501st Garrison in 2007. As far as I know the one on the right was made for the US 501st garrison.
  3. Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    I used 8 silver-gray plates and drilled 1120 little holes . A 2x2 brick with hole and axle (BrickLink item) fits perfectly in the holes. This way the brick looks glued to the plate but is easy to move around (with the fig on it). I use the hole in the brick for figs like the IT-O Interrogator.
  4. Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Yes, accept for the metal limited editions, I have them all.
  5. Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Hi there, it has been two years since I posted my collection display here. Here is my wall (again)... It holds 922 minifigures (including key chains and magnets) and I am running out off space :o)
  6. Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Most of the time I use a 4x4 plate and put it upside down to connect the bottom of the Droideka. Or I use a transparant lego piece to connect the droid. I use (a lot of) 2x2 bricks with a pin and put them in holes I drill in laminated board plates. I now have 8 plates that can hold 140 figs each. And I keep running out of space... And if you want to see more of the collection then go to my website (the address is in the footer of this message).
  7. Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    They are for future releases.
  8. Show Your Army, Navy, and Collection Display

    Hi there, it has been a while since a posted my LEGO Star Wars minifigures collection here. Last week I took some new pictures. Here is my wall...
  9. An easy way of monitoring my collection?!

    I just added another filter. Click here to see the figs that are not on BrickLink. If I find the time I will add the BrickLink numbers to the list.
  10. An easy way of monitoring my collection?!

    Done! Go to the alphabetic list to see the result.
  11. An easy way of monitoring my collection?!

    Hi there shinobisgreenshinpads, I am "the guys" form it's just me Yes, is updated frequently. But no, there no easy way to seperate the keychains and magnets from the standard figs. But it is a good suggestion. I will make some changes over the weekend. I will add an extra link on the bottom off the "all figs" page. I'm also working on a solution for marking figs as owned, wanted and (reading your message) not-wanted. But that will take some time. Thanx!!! That is much appreciated. I removed Luke Dagohbah without the backpack from the list. You are right: its just one fig in just one version. I use the figs page of the instructions as a reference and all instructions for this set show the backpack. If you have more suggestions, please let me know!
  12. SW Minifig display stand

    Nice display and fine collection! I really like the Falcon at the bottom!! It is going to be huge if all figs find there place in there
  13. LEGO Star Wars Minifigs

    Yes, I hope to get my hands on one some day. Until now I've seen only one picture of it. It is a fig with quite a story behind it, isn't it...?!
  14. LEGO Star Wars Minifigs

    That is because my website has two perspectives: Star Wars and LEGO. C-3P0 is one SW character but has a few LEGO versions. The droids page is in the Star Wars section (it is in the upper part of the index page - it is shown on the help page). So there is just one droid per character and therefore only one battle droid on the droids (sub index) page. The LEGO (sub index) pages contain all version of a fig. Hope this helps. Thanx 22kane and others before you for your compliments!! It is much appreciated!
  15. LEGO Star Wars Minifigs

    Same answer within 2 minutes of each other...