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    [MOC] Bay 327 - A Star Wars Museum

  2. Lego Amaryl

    [MOC] Town hall and square

    Hi, this is my new MOC, a town hall building with a square. The MOC is vaguely inspired by the town hall of the city of Messina, in Italy, where I was born. The square contains a war memorial that I built two years ago, finally taking the same position it has in reality. On the side entrance of the building, there are the ramps for disabled people. (I built the wheelchair well before the news of the official release by TLG!) Other two views of the building and the roof: Two details of the square: The building has interior rooms (roof and first floor are removable), but I haven't built any furniture yet. The MOC will be part of the City diorama of ITLUG Latina 2016 exhibition. Other photos are available on Flickr.
  3. My Christmas tree is a colorful one. Colorful Christmas by Lego Amaryl, su Flickr
  4. Lego Amaryl

    MOC (my first one! :) ) - Comptoir Florian

    Nice little modular building! Very notable for a "very first MOC" !! Only a remark: I'm afraid that the shape of the roof, that sticks out the base, won't allow you to combine it with other modular buildings...
  5. Lego Amaryl

    [MOC] Mobile Crane

    Hello, this is my last MOC, a mobile crane vaguely inspired to the one included in the LEGO Town Square set. Mobile Crane di Lego Amaryl, su Flickr Mobile Crane di Lego Amaryl, su Flickr Mobile Crane di Lego Amaryl, su Flickr Mobile Crane di Lego Amaryl, su Flickr
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    [MOC] American Truck

    The original MOC is dated 2006 and it was actually inspired by another MOC by astronut1.
  7. Lego Amaryl

    [MOC] American Truck

    I'm not sure, it was a little local exhibition that lasted several days, maybe a kid stole it from the diorama...
  8. Lego Amaryl

    [MOC] War Memorial

    I resume this old topic to share the plaza that I built for my monument: War Memorial Plaza di Lego Amaryl, su Flickr
  9. Lego Amaryl

    [MOC] American Truck

    This is a new version of an old MOC of mine that I lost at an exhibition: American Truck di Lego Amaryl, su Flickr The cabin is big enough to put the sleeper interior: American Truck - interior details di Lego Amaryl, su Flickr The original version of the MOC was inspired by this one.
  10. Am I the only one who is not surprised by the choice? It sounds to me the only logical one and I saw no reason why the Universal Pictures shouldn't have granted LEGO the license. In reply to those that complain about another licensed set... you are underestimating how popular is the BTTF trilogy still today and how alive is still the fandom! PoP, PoTC, Ninja Turtles, The Lone Ranger and other movies or cartoons that TLG turned to sets will be forgotten soon, BTTF is a classic that will always be popular (without need to have a sequel).
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    Superhero Video Contest: Voting Thread

    5 by MadAboutLego - 1 point 10 by DarthNick - 1 point 11 by whataboutlego - 1 point
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    EB's Super Hero Comic Cover Contest Voting Thread!

    1 by Ninja Nin - 1 point 8 by toutouille - 1 point 9 by Captain Nemo - 1 point
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    EB SW Xmas raffle 2012

    For this raffle I made my own Xmas version of the latest "LEGO Imagine" ad campaign:
  14. Lego Amaryl

    Monster Fighters Haunted House

    Awesome miniature of the real set! Many interesting techniques... most of them are "illegal", so if TLG released an official miniature of the set it would be very different!
  15. Lego Amaryl

    I don't get the hate for clone brands

    I agree that the existence of clone brands is important for competition, however I think it's more than evident thay are a copy... a bad copy. Megabloks and other brands not only use the same "stud" system of LEGO, but they keep introducing new molds similar to the new LEGO bricks (e.g. new mudguards, wedges, etc...). Plastic quality is poor, set design is often more childish than LEGO, minifigs are ugly... and no competitor brand has a brick "system" comparable to LEGO (in fact, usually they use the word "compatible" on the boxes). So I don't hate them, I simply keep them away and suggest to my relatives and friends not to buy them for their children, especially those from very low cost brands.