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  1. Loving the lengthened TGV, think mine is going to have to cop the same treatment
  2. Australian NR class =The Ghan=

    Love the Ghan mate! .....and your other Australian Locos are looking the goods as well. Might have to attempt one myself to add to my collection. Do you have any more pics of the Loco's in the Australian National colours you have built?
  3. I also used to work at Toys R Us and manged to get my hands on an Instectoids display. Unfortunately the lego was all glued together but I was mainly after the wooden display case with the lighting etc in it which all still works. In another instance my wife managed to get a hold of one of the Lego City Banners from another department store. She just happened to walk in as the employees were dismantling the display.

    Very well done!! Looks very authentic
  5. What set took you the longest to build?

    USC Millenium Falcon, took just under 12 hours over a 5 day period.
  6. Layout: Island of Sodor

    Was this layout based on an actual track plan as part of the Island of Sodor or just something that you made up? Either way very impressive and packed full of detail!
  7. I opened and built mine, and stickered it up as well. The way I see it, you want to enjoy the set, not hoard it away to profit off it later. Although that said I'm sure it will appreciate in value being a limited run regardless of weather it has been opened or not.
  8. I'd like to see images of the upcoming movie and Simpsons minifigs before I make a decision. But if TLG is going to moving more towards running a theme for each season from here on in then it looks like will stop collecting at season 11. I agree with what most people have said previously in that it should be a side theme like the Olympic's minifigs.
  9. How many bricks do you have?

    149998 Pieces in sets, plus spare parts, random bricks extra minifigs etc
  10. Your LEGO regrets

    I regret throwing away all my old Lego boxes, although I have kept some of the boxes for UCS sets etc. No point in starting to hoard them again so they continue to be recylced
  11. Lucky LEGO finds

    A couple of mates recently bought a house that was in pretty bad shape. Whilst they were cleaning out the shed they discovered about 12KGS of Lego, all in good nick but just really dirty. I scored the lot for free which is mostly Pirate Lego from the early 90's. Score!
  12. Fantastic, huge back to the future fan here, cant wait to see what you come up with next!
  13. MOC: DB electric locomotive e103

    Thats pretty awesome. Does it have a detailed interior, if so pics?
  14. 2002 - 2006ish when TLG released the 7991 Refuse Truck, that bought me back into Lego big time, spent way too much money intially!
  15. Future Train sets discussion/speculation

    I would personally like to see TLG produce everything seperately, Loco, carriages, trakside buildings etc much like how you buy real model trains. One would assume that this would keep costs down and for those who only like the loco but not the carriages in the set would be benifical.