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  1. domboy

    Morehead & North Fork 0-6-0 No. 12

    My favorite part is the driver wheels! I was wondering where you got those, and after watching the video was impressed to hear you designed them yourself. They look awesome, and a very good match to the real life drivers!
  2. domboy

    H.G. Wells "The Time Machine"

    Awesome model. The original time machine is one of my all-time favorite movies, and this vignette is awesome... you got the candle, clock, checkered floor, flower pots etc all in there. Curiously, it's like a Lego version of the working model George used for his demonstration at the start of the movie.
  3. domboy

    4-6-2 LNER Class A3 4472 'Flying Scotsman'

    The wheels in green look awesome!!
  4. domboy

    Review: 10679 Pirate Treasure Hunt

    Of all the new pirates, I'm actually excited the most by this little set. Original dangle-arm skeleton, black treasure chest, love the printed wall piece, unique pirate flag and map. I have to get this.
  5. domboy

    steam engine. newbie advice please.

    Pretty sure the driver wheels on that model you posted are the "large drivers" from as they look larger the official Lego driver wheels, which you could also consider: Flanged Driver and Blind Driver
  6. I actually started with the Emerald Night and Maersk a couple years ago, so I sort of went backwards. After that I bought power functions for them, bought a few track packs, the rail crossing set (still available at the time), bought some tracks off bricklink (curves are pretty cheap), bricklinked the parts to build the My Own Train series of rolling stock (10014-10017) and the BNSF engine (10133). Eventually I got my little boy the red cargo train, and bought an extra box car via ebay. I also bought an incomplete yellow cargo train from a co-worker mostly for the parts (not really interested in it as a complete train). I'm also working on a couple of designs for an engine and a mail car with the LDD program, which I plan to build eventually (via bricklink). Lots of ways to expand!
  7. domboy

    Modern Railway Truss Bridge

    And I thought he was kidding about the milk jug test... wow!!
  8. I'm not 100% sure if I understand what you're saying, but those numbers do have a match if you switch to LDD Extended mode: Click View (menu) -> New themes -> LDD Extended Paintball gun and train wheel??
  9. domboy

    Lucky LEGO Train Finds

    A couple years ago I was building a 10133 BNSF piece by piece via spare parts and bricklink. One of the last things I needed were the elusive and exclusive orange window pieces http://www.bricklink...Item.asp?P=2377 At the time the alternate part (60032) did not yet exist in orange, so I was stuck waiting and watching and for months either nobody had any for sale or they were crazy expensive (like the currently listed ones are $10-$15 each!). I was ordering some other pieces for my projects and happened to ask the seller if he by any chance had the orange windows. To both his surprise and mine he discovered that he did indeed have the six needed orange windows I was looking for...he had somehow forgotten to put them up for sale in his store. What's more, he offered them to me at a very reasonable price (I want to say something like $1.60 each). That was a very good day.
  10. domboy

    90 degree crossing - PF/IR

    So this latest version will hold itself together without the need for a baseplate since it is pictured without one? Either way it's quite amazing.
  11. Personally, I'd pick the actual train you want, regardless of the package. My initial foray into Lego trains was with the Emerald Night and Masersk trains as I prefer the more detailed models to the regular trains. They were of course like the Horizon Express had no track or power functions at all. I eventually got all the PF bits and track through various means (Lego store, track packs, bricklink, and eventually a complete train set for my son).
  12. domboy

    3677: Red Cargo Train

    Maybe that's it. It's definitely a fast train. The non-powered boogie/truck uses regular train wheels instead of the train motor wheels on technic axles or pins like sets like the yellow cargo train or Maerks train use, so there is less drag. I got the set for my then four year old and and he loves it. I like the choice of locomotive design better than the yellow cargo which is why I kind of encouraged this set over the yellow one... besides, what boy doesn't like a red engine! It was $20 cheaper too, and for that price you could buy a set of switch tracks.
  13. Interesting topic. A couple of years ago I bricklinked the parts to build 10133 BNSF. I ordered the parts along with other projects, but I calculated it out that I spent ~$170 on it, which at the time wasn't much cheaper than the used sets that were available. It was more fun this way though, and spread the cost out over a few months. But for a originally $40 set? Man I wish I could have bought that when it was available new. I sure hope I don't get obsessed with any other retired train set...
  14. domboy

    MOC: Southern Pacific Daylight #4449

    Awesome! Thank you for releasing the instructions for this. I hope one day to be able to fund a copy of it. I noticed one change immediately in the rendering... your use of the new 2 x 1 curved slope in Orange (11477)... love this piece.
  15. domboy

    Roller Coaster rails in Joker Funhouse

    I'll bet there was when that link was posted over two years ago... January 2012...