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  1. It's time for some coffee at Wayne Manor!
  2. After being disapointed with the LEGO DeLorean, I tried to do something useful with it:
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    Brick Flick: Snake's Gun Reviews

    Thanks for taking the time to write such an elaborate response, SteampunkDoc. I am aware of almost everything you pointed out, but you missed the real mistake. Before I go into that, I would like to explain that this was just a test gone off rails. I have a much more complicated movie in mind, but since I'm just starting with this, I thought it was a good idea to do some small things first as tests. It was supposed to be just Snake shooting the dummy. But as I went along I kept thinking things like: "what if I try this; or this; that probably won't take long." And I finally ended up with what you see here. I learned a lot of things during the process, for example: -Don't use a camera that can't be controlled through software, I had to press a button on the camera to take a picture. This made the camera move slightly, even when mounted on a tripod or locked down with blu-tack. -You can't trust the focus in the view finder. -If you want your camera to move in a shot, you have to build some kind of rig for your camera. Moving the tri-pod or sliding the camera across the table is not going to look good. That's why all the shots are static. As for you "complaints" : I used yellow cardboard as a background because it was just supposed to be a test, just something to hide my messy room. But the cardboard comes from a Lego store display, so technically it's real Lego. I did not have the luxury of beeing able to compare frames during shooting, that's why it's not always as smooth as I would have liked it to be. The footsteps sound, what can I say, you're right! I had planed to add some music at the beginning and at the end, but I somehow forgot. The fact that Snake shoots the gun at that range is part of the joke. Not seeing the bullet hole is part of it too, there is all this build up of that 'special' gun. So when it's fired you expect to see something big, yet there isn't even a hole. Maybe the dummy should fall backwards, but I think falling forwards is funnier. The big mistake you missed is that Snake is holding the gun in the wrong hand in the last shot. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for you reply.
  4. Snake Plissken knows his guns.