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  1. Nickwidd

    Yet another Batcave MOC... (WIP)

    How is this coming along? I love looking at the progress here
  2. Nickwidd

    MOC: Great Boardwalk Carnival

    Blown away by this build! I love it!
  3. Nickwidd

    Attack on Wayne Manor

    Such a fun MOC. Very impressive, I really like the bookshelf in the office. All of it is fantastic!
  4. Nickwidd

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    Thought I might post a picture up and join in this thread. I have only just started shooting pics of Lego. I find it so rewarding
  5. Nickwidd

    Batman II WIP

    I love the cracks in the walls and the grandfather clock, Great job. I hope this project is coming along well.
  6. Nickwidd

    [MOC] Friends

    Excellent work, I am currently making my own Bat cave and this has served as great inspiration. I love the vault!
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Nick and I live in Nelson, New Zealand. I was a huge fan of Lego as a child and had a vast collection. When I turned 19 and left home, I gifted my Lego to a friend for his children to enjoy. Not knowing that when my daughter turned 5 and she saw a Lego Friends series 1 pack that caught her eye that I would one day enjoy spending hours engrossed in the hobby. Over the past year, together we have amassed a rather nice collection and with the addition of bricklink we have made some wonderful things. She is a proud winner of her schools holiday Lego competition. I have been reading and watching the threads here on Eurobricks for about 9 - 10 month without a post, so here I am. We are all set to travel to Christchurch in a few weeks to explore the Brickshow there so thought I may have some interesting photos to share after. I am excited as it is the first Lego show I am going to. Anyway, hello again and I look forward to sharing some of my MOC's with you and joining in discussions. I love the superheroes range and I am working on an expanded Batcave from the latest batcave set.