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  1. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    What's up with all the CV joints on the trailer? I dont understand their purpose.
  2. No, It actually is a black bush, see the octagonal shape at the edge.
  3. Lego has enough internal spring friction and low mass, so no additional damping is needed. I have yet to see a Lego model bounce for more than half a second.
  4. I almost couldn't decide if I'm looking at technic or model team model. But the end mix is very smooth!
  5. EV3MathBuggy - a fun and math bot

    So you can drive it any shaped path? That looks great! P.S.Please credit the wheels creator...
  6. How did that pass Lego QA is beyond me...And you can't even insert a the through the white joiner to push out the axle.
  7. Saw this set in a local toy store for 320€....320€!!! That was the smoothest NOPE in my life...
  8. [MOC] Nasty Tower

    What an awesome organic design. From a distance you could not even recognise it as Lego. How does the internal structure looks like?
  9. Great review Jim, this is a must buy for me. One question though, what is the purpose of the 9L links?
  10. Lego E-formula competition idea

    Hi everyone Sorry for the lack of updates in this topic, I will return to it as soon as I return from holidays
  11. For that price they could have used 2Xl motors and some extra paneling and 2x4L liftarms under the doors.
  12. Well done as usual Jim. Having built a ton of simillar truck, I decided to skip this one... The only reason I wanted to get this set is for the tyres, outriggers and XL motor, but for such price I can get two Claas sets. I also dislike how bare it looks, especially compared to 2017H1 models. The designer went lazy in almost all areas, inculding suspension, function switching, number of motors, etc... Why couldnt they use same concept like 8043, where 4 motors control 6 functions? I think it would be a perfect solution. And lets not even talk about that poor teddy...
  13. But you are a MODerator Think best mod for this set would be to put some real live axle suspension and an XL motor for each axle along with servo for steering the front and possibly rear most axle. And something to increase clearance under outriggers.