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  1. Bammboso

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Same here. In comparison to the rest of the set it looks too "easy". A small child could've probably built that. Apart from this little flaw I think Bag End is a lovely set. The minifigs look great as expected. We also get those brick bricks in a new nice color and the door seems to be a new mold as well. The details of the windows are amazing - a very nice touch. Now I'm looking forward to see some decent interior shots. A detailed interior would make that set to one of the best sets on the market!
  2. Bammboso

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    Nice. I didn't like Jabba's Palace too much by itself. Now I'm starting to finally like the set. The Rancor Pit will be a great addition, and I'm very curious what further modules TLG will give us in the future. I guess many people who started building a Rancor Pit for that "Jabba's Palace Building Contest" are going to be quite frustrated when finding out that it's already been announced. Anyway, the Rancor looks very cool and I really like the "Rancor Trainer" minifig (don't know what his name is). The set itself doesn't seem as if it contained a lot of pieces, so I guess it'll be somewhere in the 50$/€ price range. If so, it's a sure buy for me!
  3. Bammboso

    Battle for the Imperial City

    Oh my gosh. I guess there are no words to describe how marvelous your creations are. Your tower on the first picture made of "brick" bricks is my favorite. It looks very realistic and has a very classic feel to it. I love the way you filled the gaps between the walls with cheese plates The other builds are just as good and show how much dedication you put into building them. This is probably gonna be frontpaged very soon.
  4. Bammboso

    MOC - classic castle

    One advice: You shouldn't be so "loud" about promoting your set. If people like it they will still vote, as you already anounced your Cuusoo participation in your first post No need for further off-topic posts. ON-topic: I think that's an amazing and very creative idea you had there. The wolf is instantly recognizable and a perfect keep for the wolfpack. I also like the way it opens to reveal the inside of the wolf-castle and its splendid chandelier. Great work; looking forward to see more of you soon!
  5. Bammboso

    MOC: Warehouse

    I'm glad you came back to show off your MOC I really like the truck, but the tilting shelve tops everything else. That's a great idea that you managed to built very very well. Brick on!
  6. Bammboso

    Living room from the 80s

    Your MOC's got a great atmosphere and reminds me of a typical apartment you get to see in older movies. I especially love the way you used the rope as a TV cable. That's an awesome idea
  7. Bammboso

    Nature in distress

    That's a very well built micro-scale MOC. Great job on the photoshopping. Makes it appear even better I suppose.
  8. Bammboso

    MOC: Modular Modern Home

    Very interesting choice of color, gives your house a very extravagant appearance. That bright yellow/blue combination is a little aggressive but I guess there are people out there who'll love it Although you mostly used basic techniques, you added some nice little details. I especially like the plant on the balcony and the usage of cheese plates as door window is very good! Thanks for sharing this.
  9. Bammboso

    Legoredo Cinema

    That's a good start "WideWiiLover". I like that you integrated two theatres and are already thinking about adding another one. All MOCs of cinemas I've seen so far only had one! May I suggest that you add some more details to the facade of your cinema? I'm sure there's more to come with the following floors, yet it seems a little too plain by itself. Keep up the good work
  10. Bammboso

    Good way to start?!

    Hi "AgentRed", I was in a similar position like you a couple of years ago. The way I started off was by simply buying a lot of sets. I never bought them at the original price level though. Always kept looking on ebay for good finds which usually worked out quite well. But still that was way too expensive to get a lot of parts on the long term. Today, I buy used but complete sets with instructions and the box. Later on I sell the box, the instructions and the minifigs on ebay. This way I can get a lot of bricks at a good price level, because many people are going crazy about minifigs and still pay quite a lot - even without the bricks. If you need any more help or tips, don't hesitate to PM me, if you want in German
  11. Bammboso

    Moc 16x16 burl

    All of those three vignettes are very well built. If I had to pick one of your vigenttes I'd definitely go for your Endor scene. The idea behind it is just great. I suppose no one has ever done that before
  12. Bammboso

    Watchtower Diorama

    Very realistic looking MOC. The tiled tower is amazing!
  13. Bammboso

    Porsche 930 (minifig scale)

    This is by far the best minifig-scale car I've seen so far. Great MOC of one of my all time favorite cars. Hope to see more iconic car models coming from you soon
  14. Bammboso

    Market Day in the village of Arod Mearas

    That's one nice crowded MOC "Doornroosje". It really brings the scene to life and shows how busy everyone is. Great job
  15. Bammboso

    Modular Madness: Ferrari Car Dealership

    I'm a great fan of Ferrari itself and have been to several Ferrari dealerships. Your MOC brings the atmosphere across very well. Although it's got a simple outside and I would have liked a second floor, I totally love it. The Ferrari sign really makes it stand out. Excellent work