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  1. Huh... Yep, name mixed up. I meant Benson, sorry about that. Im willing to support the lynch on MT, seems like our best shot of completing one. Vote: Zip (mostlytechnic) without the aid of our town block, this feels like a 50/50 proposition.
  2. Look, at this point we have basically zero margin of error. We have to have a lynch and we better hope it’s right. The town block has either been unlucky or doesn’t exist so we’re not getting much there. Idk how Moore has skated by with such a weird display but I know it does seem too bold for a scum player. Still, why is he voting for me then? He’s also responsible for the votes on MT with his vague “the investigator doesn’t trust MT” line. He’s basically created both candidates for today’s lynch and yet given us no reason to trust him. I don’t know what to make of it.
  3. When you claim to be in contact with the investigator and then start a vote, everyone will follow. They think you’ve got a sure thing!
  4. I don’t get what he’s after. Claiming to know the investigator and asking if there’s a real investigator they’d should claim to him. He’s not offered anything verifiable, just loose claims.
  5. Wow, things have taken an unfortunate turn. I’m on the road ATM but will be stopping in the next few hours. You are wrong, very terribly wrong. The scum can take a chance because they likely have killed our investigator. The problem is, once you realize this tomorrow, it will be too late. I find it likely that you are scum. It’s a win win for you. If the real investigator comes forward you have their identity. Otherwise, you kill of one of the few remaining townies. If the real investigator is alive, please contact someone you’ve cleared and have them dispute Moore’s claim, otherwise this is lost. So wait, your not voting for me because I’ve been investigated scum?? Please clarify ASAP.
  6. Ya, at this point there is no option. We have to lynch and we have to be right. The numbers are too lopsided for us to stand much a chance otherwise. I continue to hold my suspicions of Moore. Also, tend to agree with the thoughts on Benson looking a bit fishy. Problem is, Lady K didn’t give us that much, I feel the scum are simply picking off anyone they please at this point.
  7. Based on what I said earlier, I’m voting for Moore. He also PMed me saying my argument was baseless and he can’t defend himself against outright lies, which didn’t really help look clean in my eyes. So vote: agent Moore (kwatchi)
  8. Looking for clarification on the part i put in bold. Do you mean that the people jamesn voted for or those that voted for him? Actually, something doesn’t feel right about this. I’ve played lots of games, many times as scum, and an old tactic was to avoid the bandwagon on a townie so I felt like I looked clean the next day. It wasn’t a very good strategy but your self-righteous line “I didn't vote for a lay-up lynch i didn't believe in” Just feels like that. I don’t hold your post amount against you, were all adults, but that’s different from being middle of the road. The “both on notice” line just feels like false aggressiveness to back down would be prying eyes. Just doesn’t feel right...
  9. There are most definitely scum in that group, as there always is in a bandwagon. Likely one voted for him early too. We’ll have a decent start to our discussion next hour when all this shakes out.
  10. Funny, I’ve played a lot but I don’t think I’ve been in a situation where we could have multiple lynches due to penalties. Probably not a good idea, but an interesting situation.
  11. Ok, he may be scum or he may be town, but either way he’s hurting us giving up like this. He’s got my vote. Vote: officer Lewis (Jameson)
  12. Watch out for those edits... To the best of my knowledge, you can paraphrase what is said but not directly quote. Thinking of the pms, it’s got me thinking, the deceased was very vocal over PM. In fact, he was messaging at least 3 of us if not more. Seems like he might have ruffled some feathers with his line of thinking, maybe said something to the wrong person. That alone makes me take his list a bit more seriously.
  13. I’ve already begun to engage in PMs. I personally see no harm it from a personal standpoint. It gives me another angle to analyze players from and (if I feel so inclined) I can plant false info to see if scum act on it. Communication is really all we have to go on. Speaking of PMs, I was in discussion with the now deceased as I’m sure others of you can collaborate as if he messaged me he likely messaged others. He did share his thoughts, for what they’re worth. To paraphrase as we can’t quote PMs: He was suspicious of Bobs claim, it almost seems like bobs trying to draw night actions by posting that at the deadline. He couldn’t read Asphalt or LMF, Lady K seems too laidback, when she's town she takes the lead.
  14. jluck

    2019 LEGO Architecture

    DC would make an interesting left to right design around the mall if they wanted to try something new. I’d likely skip it as I’ve already got the regular dc architecture sets. However, Paris was already well represented and they did its skyline so you never know.