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  1. Trial by Jury - Conclusion

    Well I applaud the scum team, they played a flawless game! Our host was wonderful. Threads were on time, pictures were great, and the story was strong! Also, the game was very uniquely designed. The role choices were interesting. I think this clearly shows that voting patterns are often useless. I thought that no lynches on days 1 and 2 weren’t really a bad thing.
  2. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    OK, since everyone is so pathetically apathetic I guess it’s time to start looking towards the night. Gary, if you truly are the doctor then you’re the only one that can save the town for a Nother day. Tonight the scum will try to kill, it will either be you or the remaining town member. It’s basically a 50-50 shot as to which one they will target, however you do not know who the other town member is so they will likely target them. You can either choose to protect your self or take a chance on guessing who the other town member is. If the scum target you they will be taking a risk since it’s easier for you to protect yourself. The game is in your hands. I am town so tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow, the numbers will likely be two town two scum with a three vote majority for a Lynch. If that’s the case the game is over anyway short of a good vigilante target tonight, if that is still available. Consider carefully who you will target and if it’s worth guessing at the remaining town or protecting your self and hoping. Good luck, please get serious if you’re lucky enough to have another day.
  3. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    You say next is Jared. There will be no next if you lynch me.
  4. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    So is this it? Are you willing to lose the game on apathy?
  5. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    OK, at this point I need to plea with everyone. You have taken the convenient path, but you know that 1-2 scum are with you. You have handed the game away. Don't be apathetic, I know it's easy to follow the lead but you will be responsible for our loss. Step up and take a risk, because I can promise you, if you don't the game will end tonight. With my death the game will end. Even if there is only one scum left they will kill tonight cutting the numbers to 2 town 1 scum. But it is much more likely there are 2 and both are voting for me. If you continue to take the path of least resistance, we will lose.
  6. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    I didn't. In both scenarios I gave I worked with the assumption that he is scum. I think it is highly likely he is scum given his actions.
  7. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    Don't pretend the scum team is ignorant. We've played 6 days and not found a single one. Our enemy is too smart to place all their eggs in one basket. Which of the following seems more likely? 1) Jared and I are the remaining scum members. After 3 players voted for me and my lynch was (basically) secured, Jared decided not to vote for me which then places all the suspicion on him once it's revealed I'm scum (I'm not, but for this scenario) 2) Anthony and Jared are scum. Anthony was anxious to get on the bandwagon early to appear supportive but Jared wanted to separate himself from the crowd in case there was a change in direction. Basically, this is the scum tactic of don't put all your eggs in one basket. They only need my lynch to win, so Jared can stand back til then end and hammer me just in case one of the townies gets cold feet. They then win with their night kill. Which of these seems real from an intelligent opponent?
  8. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    OK, I am here. I can see where this is heading, it's extremely regrettable. We can work under the assumption that there are 2 scum left since we've not found any. It is possible there was only one from the start but that would be a risky game to play by the host so lets say 2. There are 5 of us left so we have no room for a misstep here. Unfortunately, because of the severe lack in conversation we've basically enabled the scum to bandwagon the first chance they've gotten. Unless @Kintobor and I are the two remaining scum (which is simply not the case as I am not scum), we can assume there is a scum player voting for me. Even if I were scum, a normal scum play would be to vote for me early to distance ones self from me, so even if you think I'm scum you should look at those voting for me to find scum. We all want to say Gary is cleared because we need that to be true, so let's continue to build on that. Then there are two other choices, Anthony and Tina. Tina voted first and Anthony followed. I've not trusted him from day 1 and nothing has changed: Vote: Anthony (Actor Builder) Even if you're leaning towards thinking I am scum you need to recognize that this is a good play in the grand scheme of things. There is a scum player voting for me and it's basically a 50-50 shot (without Gary).
  9. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    Agreed sir. I’ll try to compose a thoughtful post in the morning!
  10. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    I don’t trust Anthony. Haven’t since day 1. I have no choice but to trust Gary.
  11. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    I gotta think we lost some early, we had to have more. However, the scum clearly started with no more than 2, so a low number of PRs isn't a big surprise.
  12. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    My thoughts exactly. I'm afraid to push a new lynch, cuz I really don't know where to go from here. There's only a few players left so I guess today we should spotlight each person's voting record and actions.
  13. Trial by Jury - Day 6

    We’re done, I’m done. This sucks. At this point we’re absolutely reliant on there only being like 1mafia member, which doesn’t seem right. Otherwise, we either need a night result or a unanimous town. It’s not looking good.
  14. Trial by Jury - Day 5

    Ok so right now I’m working on 2 assumptions: 1) Gary is town 2) the scum can only kill every other night I’ve had a lot to say on the topic of Stephanie, but the Gary protection racket has been a glaring addition. If she is town with no PR, there is absolutely no reason for her to be protected. It just doesn’t sit well. Heck, the doc would be better off targeting himself than her. But there is something weird about the whole thing. Based off of this post, Gary has been consistent with his story. He told us day 3 he’s been in contact with, and protecting, Stephanie. I think she’s been using him from the beginning. Vote: Stephanie (lady k)
  15. Trial by Jury - Day 5

    Sorry I’ve been absent, RL has me. There’s a lot to unpack here so I’ll have to come back and react to everything, but I’m certianly onboard with the direction we’ve gone today.