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  1. Funny you ask that. I’d been noticing when I was town I tended to write off disengaged players since scum have more to play for. I didn’t go into this game with that mindset, but once I realized my real-world commitments would limit me, I embraced it. I even tried to hint at the thought that inactives are not usually scum. Bob, as always thanks!
  2. We already know it was a scum plot as Ozell came up scum. Who knows why it wasn’t sooner, but it was a scum play and it does tie you to the scum by extension.
  3. I was surprised when I read the day that there wasn't more of a discussion regarding this exchange. Peanuts vote change alone isn't my main concern, but more the timing. The claim, the vote change, and LegoMonorailFan's quickly pointing it out to Bob all happened within 17 minutes. It felt very coordinated, like they were trying to blindside the town. Also, Peanuts changed the vote to Jellico, now a known scum. I'm just not comfortable how it all played out. I'm with lynching Tarkin but that lynch is sealed, so for discussion I'm thinking Vote:Captain Fenton ( Peanuts)
  4. As I noted earlier, weekends are bad for me. But it's over and you'll see what you saw on day 2, I'm fully engaged. There's a lot for me to digest, but I'm going to get out a few thought from my first read through: Egh, depends. The wagon formed so fast that it can be overwhelming, especially cuz several players voted and went radio silent. Hard to defend yourself to people who aren't listening. I do think we settled a little early. However, if the crowd is right on the lynch, whata you think the scum could do? At this moment any defense or attempt to change the vote will just make the player look suspicious tomorrow (this is if Tarkin is truly scum).
  5. I am present. As y’all saw on day 1, weekends aren’t great for me but I am following. Obviously thrilled with the outcomes so far. I’m interested in a couple things: 1) analyzing the voters on the lynch. I’d assume at least 1 of those voters is scum so I’d like to look more st who voted when. Also, who helped the argument as opposed to who just went along with it. 2) a few people hedged there votes or switched around, never a good look This is where I plan to start from once I have enough time (and my laptop).
  6. I'm happy to see the lynch come together, glad folks are active enough during endgame to get things done. However, I want to point something out now for consideration for tomorrow. Posts like the really strike me as suspicious. You're "reluctantly" going along with a lynch but you sure don't feel good about it. It's like you want to be helpful but want to distance yourself from the lynch as well. A scum player would know Ozzel's allegiance so if we are lynching a townie, they'd want to keep their hands clean. By saying things like this your basically saying "When he comes as town, don't look at me. I warned you!". I'm not saying your scum, but this warrants consideration tomorrow regardless of the outcome.
  7. I'm careful to provide a soft defense here, but generally speaking you are correct. Disengaged players are players that have little to play for.
  8. Why not all 3? I imagine the scum aren't putting all their eggs in one basket. The town does a good enough job as is providing several suspects, the scum can latch on to a few of the arguments and spread the vote thin. My question is, is anyone going to give in? Everyone is afraid of being wrong, but as it stands there's no reward for being right. I think Actor Builder, LegoRacer1, and mediumsnowman could really help the process by leaving their dead end (for today) lynches and pushing for another one. If just 1-2 were to join a voting block, I'm pretty sure the momentum would carry us over. Several people have expressed willingness to switch, but no one wants to be first.
  9. I feel like I've missed so much of the day and I'm really trying to catch up, but it's given me a big picture perspective. As I read this stuff from Ozzel, I'm...really not impressed. 4 of the 5 posts had little substance and were mostly just excuses. I completely appreciate a busy schedule and prioritizing life, but if you're going to post at least make it worthwhile while you're here. Only the 4th post contains effort but it basically just reads "Why aren't you looking at them? They are doing the same thing as me!" Not really a viable defense. Vote: Ozzel (Actor Builder)
  10. Ya, it's crunch time now. Personally, based off what I've seen so far I'm most suspicious of KH, but voting for him today is useless. In fact, at this point all votes really need to be on Actor Builder, Sandy, or Lady K. It's too late IMO to get momentum elsewhere. I've not been super engaged (trying to log on enough to help) but I'm going to try to make a solid vote in a moment, I'm recapping each case now.
  11. So it appears we have a late momentum shift. How much time do we have left to complete this? It seems like your trying to play all sides. In this post alone you say you'd be ok with a lynch of Jellico, Daala, and Jellico. So basically, no matter how the lynch turns out you can say "I was with the town!"
  12. To be perfectly frank with you, if I’d have voted I’d likely have picked someone extremely accusatory. Someone who tries to control the narrative is always suspicious to me, that’s part of the reason why players like Sinner and Lady K always look suspicious to me. They’re flamboyant and accusatory, keeping the spotlight off themselves.
  13. I'd think she was killed because she was part of that blank middle group. She wasn't a town leader or a major past player so she wasn't likely to be protected night 1. Beyond that, I don't see much more of a reason. Also, sorry for my absence at the end of day 1. I ended up getting called for an emergency repair to a droid and I forgot all about our terrible situation going on in here. I didn't place my vote before I left so I'll accept the penalty votes. Honestly, as I said in day 1, had I voted it would have been out of obligation anyway as I'm not big on those day 1 lynches.
  14. From past lives, when I'm scum I make sure to most regularly to avoid exactly the types of accusations being thrown around. It's when I'm vanilla that I tend to be less engaged (not to give away any of my tells...). The problem with a day 1 lynch is that we have to groups we're going after right now. 1) Inactives 2) Noncommital I've already addressed group 1, the problem with group 2 is that no one really wants to stake their day 1 reputation on flimsy small talk accusations. Last game I traded votes with someone just so we could avoid the penalty. People hated it, but I felt it was better for the town then going gung-ho after a quiet townie. Of course the mafia won the last game so maybe we screwed up somewhere along the line...