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  1. Very hard to choose but I tried... 1.castor-troy : 1 point 4.gotoAndLego : 1 point 9.alois : 1 point 14.alex54 : 1 point 27.Myko : 1 point
  2. 6.lego_legis_legere : 1 point 10.LegoJalex : 3 points (really like that entry!) 16.Sid Sidious : 1 point
  3. 1.George G : 2 points 7.Kit Fisto : 1 point 10.CarsonBrick : 2 points
  4. Ezechielle

    "Lanternier" and classical facade

    Thanks everyone
  5. Ezechielle

    MOC: The Farnheim Fire Department (Part 3)

    Very nice! I love your little 4-wide vehicles! They have the clean design of new MOC's with a nostalgic "classic" touch in the overall look. Very nice!
  6. Ezechielle

    Street grinder

    Thanks a lot everyone! The third one i already available here
  7. The third one in my "forgotten jobs" serie (with the coal delivery man and the street grinder) : a "lanternier" (sorry, I couldn't find a translation for that job )... well, the guy who kindles the street lights. It was supposed to be "just" a little vignette, but I liked the facade so much that I decided to enlarge the base to make it wider
  8. Ezechielle

    Street grinder

    B-V-18A Some of you probably remind my coal delivery man and my project of making a few vigs about "forgotten" jobs ; here is the second one : a european street grinder around the year 50-60's.
  9. Ezechielle

    Coal Delivery Man

    Wow! Thanks everyone for the kind comments! I really appreciate your detailed post About the coal pile on the street, as I wanted a vignette (and thus a very small surface to build), I choose to represent the delivery in that way, knowing that in was quite unusual ; but I thought it would make the scene clearer
  10. Ezechielle

    VOTING: Architecture Building Contest

    2) 1 point 13) 1 point 17) 2 points 24) 1 point 37) 1 point 38) 1 point
  11. Ezechielle

    Coal Delivery Man

    B-V-17E The first of a serie of vignettes I'll build about old forgotten jobs Here, a coal delivery man around the 30's.
  12. In 1936, while the ČDK (Českomoravská Kolben-Daněk) multiplies contracts around the world, Klaus Briknau, director of the TSI (Troppau Stahl Industrie, based in Opava – Troppau in German), decides to start producing military equipment. Hiring former ČDK engineers who have worked on the TNH and the AH-IV tanks ordered by Iran, the TSI start developing its very first tank, seizing the opportunity of a call for bids from the Kingdom of Iraq wanting to expand its armored fleet. Three prototypes designated PPA ( Panzer Prototyp A) are completed in October 1936 and after two mounth of trials in Czechoslovakia in presence of Iraqi officials, the tank is approved to be in service in the Iraqi army and a contract is signed for more than 200 units. Production starts in March 1937 and at the annexation of the Sudetenland by Nazi Germany 28 units are assembled. The symathy of the Third Reich for Iraq allows the delivery of 20 units but with the outbreak of Word War Two and the increasing needs of the German army, the 8 remaining units are blocked in Troppau. Considered inappropriate by German High Command, the LP-I/37 of which 8 more units are produced in the year 1939, are kept in reserve and ultimatly are given to the Slovakian Republic who will use them during the Russian campain between 1941 and 1943. In Iraq, the tanks will be deployed during the anglo-iraqi war of 1941. The LP-1/37 at the factory in Troppau : The tank fully assembled : More information =>here<=
  13. Ezechielle

    Vote for your favourite Category 2 entries

    1 point to n°5 Cat Burglar (Build by Darkblane) 1 point to n°8 Nightwing Hoverbike (Build by –zenn) 1 point to n°11 Croc’s sewer (Build by Skrytsson)
  14. Ezechielle

    Vote for your favourite Category 1 entries

    2 point to n°6 Batman Returns (1992 Burton) (Build by lego-maniac) 1 point to n°11 The Dark knight! (Build by Skrytsson)
  15. Ezechielle

    Review: 21011 Brandenburg Gate

    Well... the only thing I note about this creation are the sand green cheese slopes (finaly!). I'll wait to see them available on Bricklink