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  1. 50,000 SKUs, give or take at a store, means finding Clearance takes a good while.
  2. Please note that the ghost train is not on clearance.
  3. Just for your information, here are some set numbers and prices. 8095 $54.97 7208 $69.97 7286 $14.97 7288 $49.97 3368 $69.97 5771 $69.97 7929 $9.97 7052 $24.97 4441 $29.97 9397 $125.97 9472 $49.97 7346 $29.97 9516 $119.97 These prices were current as of tonight, but I cant guarantee they will stay that way.
  4. I think we have a few more forest police stations here, Legoman?
  5. Lego Minifigures are still $4.99, maybe they had a typo? did you scan one at an info post?
  6. There are 2 vampire castles in stock at Riccarton, according to my database... also, Unexpected Journey (the hobbit hole set) is $67! I would love to grab a couple of the castles, one to open, one to stash :) Shipping might be expensive though? Oh btw - Legoman, were you wanting to keep the bears from your police sets? And to add to that, most of the 1022x sets are half price also. (Town hall etc) although not many left in stock around NZ. Jabbas Palace $120 at TWL. Ninjago Spinners $9.97
  7. Hey guys, a few other sets on clearance - Vampire Castle is $67.97 Uruk Hai Battle pack $39, Frankensteins monster fighter set $50, the forest police station $67, all of the star wars pods are $10 also the car garage is $100. Also Ninjago 9450 is $100 (Ultimate Dragon Battle) There are others, but thats what I scanned today. Also, I put the entire Chima and new Ninjago line on the shelf, as well as 10x boxes of series 9 minifigures. Chima seems to be quite pricy, but the weight of the boxes is a little more than usual for the size, so maybe they are just reducing packaging. Lastly... I want some Vampire Castles! if anyone spots one and doesn't need it... think of me? Cheers Callum
  8. 20% off all lego at TWL for the new years sales. Also worth noting that it is 30% off all Hobbit toys. This currently includes Lego :)
  9. It pretty much has, Fatteh. I found one of the larger house sets at my store but I sold that within 5 minutes of putting it on the shelf. Appear to have a few of the smaller sets there. Mighty ape does also, but ... prices. :)
  10. Yes the deal worked. I bought 2x Mines of moria, 2x Weathertop, 3x Helms Deep 2x Uruk Hai battle packs and an assortment of the smaller sets. Worth noting that online it was buy two or more, get 25% off the lot, whereas in the store it was buy two get %50 off the cheaper, So technically online was potentially the better deal. I also grabbed Jabbas palace, which is Minifigure heaven! BTW, I am thinking of adding some figures to my collection - I have fallen behind recently. If anyone has a collection of figures they want to move on, drop me a line :)
  11. Picked up all of the Hobbit and LOTR sets over the last few weeks... As expected, they are a bit pricy for what they are - But.... Did anyone take advantage of the Warehouse deal they did a few weeks ago? Buy one, get one half, +25% off all lego.... That was a challanging time for my wallet!
  12. Just a heads up that the LEGO Star Wars 10221 Super Star Destroyer is currently $499 on Fishpond. They take a while to get stuff to you, but if you want a bargain now is your chance. Feel free to think of me if you do buy one. :)
  13. Seems like I got very lucky then! I knew I should have ordered the entire box... :)
  14. Just picked up a few Whitecap bays from Toyco .... keep an eye on them, it appears what you see now may not be everything they have in stock - but they are trickle feeding us :) (or maybe they just found a carton out the back)
  15. That looks excellent guys! Cheers for the invite too, Unfortunately Personal stuff has gotten in the way but I will hopefully make it on one of the re-rebuilds :)