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  1. Thanks for sharing your video! The museum wih the planes around is such a nice venue. And you had a kids area for them to play trains. I also like the bridges between the tables. But you need larger curves and switches. All the great trains look strange in R40 standard LEGO curves. Great layout overall and good luck for your small club! Holger
  2. The LEGO exhibition and fan event "Bricking Bavaria" in Fürth/Germany was the ideal setting to build a really big LEGO train layout. I was named by the organizer Bricking Bavaria as the coordinator for the "Train and City Collaboration". And as soon as the registration was possible, we - me and fellow AFOLs/TFOLs from Noppenbahner and others - signed in and started planning. Planning First ideas were exchanged in our WhatsApp group and the organization team of Bricking Bavaria was given a total size of approx. 20 x 3 meters for the layout. Sceptically we were asked whether we would get this area full at all? But about 20 exhibitors registered with trains, cars, locomotives, bridges, stations and buildings. In summer Florian, Dirk and I met to work on the planning. At least three tracks were planned to keep the train running independently of each other and ensure a lot of movement on the layout. Dirk took over the planning of the outer line and had set himself the goal of completing his metal tracks made of Spur 1 (Gauge 1) rail profiles by the time the event was over. Thus, the 9-volt fraction should also have a realistic track for driving long and fast trains. The two inner lines were planned as Power Function lines without power supply in the track. I had set myself the task of creating a track in shape of an "eight" with a bridge and corresponding ramps for the ascent and descent. In addition, the bridges had to be planned by Michael and myself. Here it made sense to lower a part of the platforms and use these bridges to overcome the resulting valley. In addition, the stations of Nick, Florian and Dirk as well as Nick's railway roundhouse had to be included in the layout. Smaller exhibits such as Peter's depot and various buildings without a direct rail connection were then spontaneously integrated into the layout on the day off setup. My plan of the layout with 3 independent loops and various stations and other stuff Setup Day (Thursday) Ready for LEGO trains On Thursday before the exhibition, the construction of the collaboration layout took place in the Stadthalle in Fürth. The platforms with a total dimension of 19.8 x 3.3 m were already in place. So we were able to immediately start laying out the fire-retardant molleton as a table underlay. I took care of the tedious construction of my "eight" with the ramps and the red bridge in the middle. Florian plunged deeply into the wiring of the numerous switches (we used modified R104 switches from TrixBrix with old 12 Volt style magnetic remote controls) and Dirk packed more than 46 meters of self-made tracks onto the table and connected them piece by piece. In the meantime, Michael's tan bridge had also arrived and was correctly positioned in the valley. My filigree, but quite stable arched bridge (original design by Thomas Avery http://www.texbrick.com/model_whitebridge/index.html) was brought into position at the other end of the valley and already in the early afternoon the first trains were able to make their rounds. Gradually more and more exhibitors arrived and the area grew into a collaboration layout. In order to create as much parking space as possible for all the rolling stock, all (!) existing R104 switches from TrixBrix were used. Additional track sections next to the tracks offered space for further exhibits. Since the Stadthalle was closed punctually at 9 p.m., the construction ended after 13 hours and we were looking forward to the next day. One of the bridges over the valley using BrickTracks R104 tracks AFOL Day (Friday) Friday was all about the AFOLs and was deliberately created by the organizer as a day "by fans, for fans" and without an audience. This offered the opportunity to get in touch with many known and unknown faces and names, to have a chat or to listen to one or the other lecture. At the collaboration layout, the final construction work was still a bit on the way, but finally Nick's roundhouse stood in full splendour and offered a beautiful target for camera lenses and visitors' eyes. Last details on the track were implemented, cable crossings or other small differences in height were compensated and Dirk positioned a huge number of overhead line masts along his 9 volt track, giving it an even more realistic look. And finally we could enjoy the sight of the moving trains! I wonder if the locomotive with the heavy wagons will come up the ramp? And does it manage the descent through the R104 (BrickTracks) curve over the valley without jumping off the track and plunging into the depth on Peter's models? Exhibition Days (Saturday and Sunday) On the two visitor days, the collaboration layout acted like a magnet on large and small and attracted numerous interested visitors. And we always asked the same questions and answered everything in a friendly and courteous manner. "No, the models are not from LEGO and you can't buy them either..." or "These are Gauge 1 rails which Dirk specially converted to the LEGO gauge...". But there was also enough time to change trains again and again and to take many photos and videos. Busy activity on the visitor days Another highlight was Florian's video car, which transmitted the track from the driver's perspective via radio to the specially installed screen. So the spectators could get to know the community centre from this unusual perspective. Flo's video train follows Holger's little ICE Our rail vehicles from the rail bus to numerous steam locomotives to modern high-speed trains such as the Thalys or ICE 3 were able to let off steam for three days and collect several kilometres. There were no major train accidents to report, but one or the other collision could not be avoided. And the so-called "filigree shit" (all the details on the bogies and under the locomotive) could prove itself, whether it was built stable enough and not every minute threatened to fall off and stay on the tracks. The dismantling was finished after about three hours and all participating exhibitors made their way back to Hamburg, Dresden, Munich or Wörrstadt. No enjoy some videos of our collaboration train layout at Bricking Bavaria 2019: Overall capture of your collaboration train layout: Big Boy on my "8" Train chase Best regards, HoMa and the Noppenbahner
  3. And another great video showed up on YouTube showing some more impressive train MOCs running on our collaboration train layout:
  4. Dirk Wunde is the Flickr name. link to one of his latest uploads showing his custom track.
  5. Dirk updated his Flickr with some more pictures of his custom rails.
  6. Hi, our 1000steine.de ambassador Dirk Frantzen @Dirk1313 lives in this area and they have regular meetings in a pub/restaurant. I've contacted him via private message at 1000steine.de. You may also contact him via Eurobricks, he is here as well: @Dirk1313 The local club is MBFR http://mbfr.org/, but I can't tell, how often they meet and which will be the next expo. Welcome to Germany and best regards, Holger
  7. HoMa

    Replacement Wheels

    Great news! You already picked up my wish over at the other thread about the Disney Train. And good to see a collaboration on a wide base of experts involved. Looking forward to your switches and wheels! Holger
  8. HoMa

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    Nice train, nice building with great parts ... but these new wheels are so bad for LEGO train modelrailroad junkies like we are. Might work for short trains in a kids room, but not for AFOLs :-( I hope third party companies like BrickTracks by @coaster can fill this new gap soon. I would love to see a wheel set which comes with metal axle, metal bearings and maybe without the outer decorative stuff so everyone in the world can build his own typically wheels. My 330 Euro better go in R104 switches for my MOC trains :-) Holger
  9. HoMa

    My first Lego trains book

    Ciao Claudio, Congratulations to your book about LEGO models of Italian trains. Can you tell a little bit about the contents of your book? Does it only focus on models of original prototypes or does it bring building techniques or historic background information of the real stuff? Anyway, a great addition to my book "LEGO Treni" which shows up on the book table close to your book. Who published the book? Best regards, Holger
  10. Great idea overall. For the trucks on the double deck wagons you can use 1x2 or 1x4 panels attached upside down (using some SNOT) like I did on my BR 10 steam engine. Also great idea with the cylinders between the coaches. But I think this will not work well. The pivot point of each wagon is where the trucks are attached to the body of the wagon, not at the end of the body. Just push a pair of slightly longer wagons through switches and you will see the enormous gap between the two wagons. I would like to see your solution going through curves and switches. What about an individually brick build noise rather using this, sorry, ugly one purpose element? Happy bricking, Holger
  11. Hi all, whenever I open a *.ldr file in LDView an additional window shows up showing the following Errors & Warnings: Error parsing line. File: C:/Users/Public/Documents/LDraw/ldconfig.ldr Line #1 Line: ´╗┐0 LDraw.org Configuration File I've checked C:/Users/Public/Documents/LDraw/ldconfig.ldr ... the file is there an can be opened with notepad++ etc. What can I do about this? The model in LDView seems to be Ok, but how can I get rid of the Errors & Warnings message? Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards, Holger
  12. @Holodoc thanks for this brilliant review! I like the collection of different faces too avoid the Nexo shield and even more the corrections of the length of the arm. When I was building mine I was fascinated about how the sub assemblies in the last stage became the outer "cloth" of the figuremi was not familiar with the rounded cut off slopes but they work very well here. Must have been a nice challenge designing this model. Just building it from instructions is easy, but developing something like this in a MOC would be high level LEGO work. As I remember 3450 was available through Shop@Home in Germany in 2000. It came in a grayscale box. The box design was changed to a full colored design for the second wave. It was a unique building experience with the instructions showing each layer from a top 2D view rather from a 3D view we all know so well. (LEGO should do such sculptures again!) Holger
  13. HoMa

    A PUP (Power UP) question

    If I understand Sariel's video on YouTube right, then it does work, but you need to keep the Plus or Minus button pressed all the time the motor should run. In comparison the train motor runs without pressing the knob on the remote control. Seems like the PUP motors send an ID to the hub and the hub behaves different depending on the type of motor connected. Best regards, Holger
  14. @marbleman thank you for showing all these great models of Chinese trains. The transparent walls on the engines is a nice idea to see inside the engines. Are there any more pictures of the highspeed train "CRH rejuvenation " available? Best regards, Holger
  15. @sed6 thanks for mentioning this video. Never heard of it, so even cooler to see the TEE featured in this episode. @all, again thanks for your nice comments and feedback here and there on the internet. Holger
  16. HoMa

    Birth of a layout - time lapse video

    Great home layout! Do you have chance to take it apart and bring it to an exhibition? I think, the answer is "no" ;-) Great to see also 12 Volts on your layout. Nice blue MOC loco running in circles with 7740 and 7745. May I ask how you deal with dust on such a layout? A vacuum cleaner train would be good for the tracks. But can you reach every house, car or Minifigure? Thanks for sharing! Holger
  17. Thanks for your comments! When I started to think about motors in the rear engine unit also I also had the synch problem in mind. But then I just did it: Front: 2 motors, 2 LEDs, 1 receiver (channel 1, V2 version), 1 rechargeable battery box Back: 1 motor, 1 LED, 1 receiver (channel 1, V1 version), 1 rechargeable battery box Handheld: One PF remote control In my living room I had no issues, the signal was caught by both receivers, even if they are 2 meters from each other. So for now I am happy with the result of a non synchronised train with motors at both ends. But SBrick is an option. But I only got one :-( Holger
  18. HoMa

    MOC - 60051 Club Car and Extended Car

    here are some options, they should be available in trans black: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=3939#T=C https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=58181#T=C https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=41750#T=C https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=41749#T=C https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=x224#T=C ... be creative, you will find something for your own dome car :-)
  19. HoMa

    [MOC] Santa Fe EMD F7A Warbonnet #315

    @SavaTheAggie, saw your promising work in progress pictures on Flickr. Yes, this is how the Santa Fe F7A has to look like as LEGO MOC. The use of that one element I don't know the name is just perfect for the large front light. And I still "brain reengineer" how the windscreen is build? The grille tiles seems to hold on the glass rather tight. Congrats winning the locomotive category from BMRR at the NMRA show. And thanks for the video showing all the great engines and trains on one of the best LEGO train layouts in the world. Holger
  20. HoMa

    BBÖ ET10 / ÖBB 4041 railcar

    Great railcar you've but together. I like the use of that odd huge hinge (is it classified as hinge?) brick for the lights, the roof and the paragraph of course. The diorama in the LEGO store brings life into the scene ... well done! Holger
  21. Feel free to use my video showing the prototype I got a while ago. Someone newer mentioned Jang ... that is this channel worth more then 1.000.000 subscriber at YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/LEGOJANG Good luck from supporter #22 HoMa
  22. HoMa

    My biggest Lego train layout so far...

    @AlmightyArjen thanks for sharing. Wonderful layout and a cool video. You had great fun worth your trains and rides!
  23. @coaster, great to here about the new Kickstarter project. Just backed for 4x right and 4x left switches. Sounds really promising and I can prove that your prototype works fine (see video above). I just showed the R120 radius curves at a smaller event last weekend in Germany and the feedback was great. Good luck for the new Kickstarter project! Holger
  24. HoMa

    German BR 03

    Excellent looking model and well presented! The golden stripes are a great detail which adds realism and a nice counter-colour to the black and red. Do you have any pictures showing how the wheels are connected and how the steering/turning will work? And of course: welcome to Eurobricks (and 1000steine)! Holger