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  1. DarkAvenger741

    Destiny Vehicles Figs and More

    Sparrow A Sparrow is a small, speedy, one-person, land-based vehicle used for rapid, local transportation. Sparrows are used by Guardians to get from place to place quickly within a map or area. Each Guardian has at least one unique, personalized Sparrow stored in that player's jumpship, which can be summoned at will. This figure is inspired by my hunter class
  2. DarkAvenger741

    Destiny Mini Jumpship

    so i made a sparrow aswell will make this in available colour irl when i can guys
  3. DarkAvenger741

    Destiny Mini Jumpship

    thank you
  4. DarkAvenger741

    Destiny Mini Jumpship

    thanks :)
  5. DarkAvenger741

    Destiny Mini Jumpship

    Jumpships are a type of transportation used in Destiny to transport Guardians to locations throughout the solar system. Players can purchase their own jumpships. A player's jumpship is where loot and other items are stored.