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  1. It is amazing, it is nice, it is more than lovely, it looks colourful and pretty, and very very winter and joyful, it runs on real train tracks and even can be upgraded with PF :classic: so, this will be perfect toy wrapped under the real Christmas tree this season, hurray hurray for my grandchildren, and while on the first day of Christmas we'll just play and play till late in the night, the second day of Christmas we’ll extend tracks through our living room, the third day of Christmas we'll take our Lego boxes out of the storage and make one passenger car for figures from previous sets, on fourth day of Christmas we will build a car with platform for Lego 10245 Santa with reindeers, then on fifth day of Christmas, oh, my God... and on the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, I mean, we’ll have one 10254 train, two MOC passenger cars, two additional cabooses, three small and one bigger train stations, very young grandma with new{%22color%22:88} hair style, tra-la-la... and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. Honestly, this post about new Lego train is the best news I heard this summer, oh, forget the see and summer holidays, it is the winter I am expecting...
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    China CRH380A high speed train

    Excellent, unbelievable detailed and besides all technical details, I like the most man eating his fish by hands
  3. bjorkan

    German Baureihe 41-241 Polarstern in 1:38

    Perfect! Perfect! And more that beautiful...
  4. Must agree with Zephyr, I do not remember that I have ever seen more beautiful, complex and detailed model. Well, lucky you to have it
  5. Entry A - 1 point Entry G - 1 point Entry J - 1 point :) m.
  6. bjorkan

    Huge train station MOC of 25.000 bricks

    Well, this is excellent. Brilliant idea :)
  7. bjorkan


    100x, it is beautiful!
  8. bjorkan

    MOC, The Emergency Radiology

    There is a short story behind this “Emergency Radiology” (ER) MOC set and only AFOLs can understand me truly My son (Marko) today passed radiology residency program exam and I wanted to give him some special present. Only two months earlier I was scrolling over Eurobricks pages and found some model with MD minifigure, and the idea was borne. The ER model was created over some weeks (basic setup is close to one in the hospital where I am working), then some missing white peaces ordered through Bricklink (by the way, some were too late due to bad weather at one northern European town shop and that is the reason why ER has some very old white, almost gray peaces), and MOC was finalized. To be as close to original Lego sets, I photographed step by stem modeling apart and prepared PDF book of photos as building instruction on memory stick (I know that some digital designer would be better but I am quite fresh in that software). Next, all parts were packed in four plastic bags with numbers, put into paper box and ER “cover page” was designed to remind original Lego set boxes (set number 06052014 is in fact today’s date). And that’s it – ER is still in peaces in original box, but while waiting to be opened I must share the story :) m.
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    BR 59-035

    Pure perfection, bravo
  10. bjorkan

    CAF Urbos 3 tram, Budapest [REAL MOC]

    I would just repeat -- technique is more than excellent :)
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    [MOC] Red 0-4-0 Saddle Tank Steam Locomotive

    Brilliant, excellent :)
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    Help for yellow bar #6139483

    Help in the Lego set 60110 Fire station there is a long yellow bar, like auger, designated in the building instructions as #6139483, but it does not exist in any database as official part, or I am missing something? If someone has some more information, please :) Thanks.
  13. Bravo, bus is perfect and all those tiny mechanisms, brilliant
  14. bjorkan

    Ultra Agents Train (MOC)

    Hi, Lego train lovers, this is, to the best of my knowledge, the first and only Ultra Agents (UA) Lego train, fully functional using Lego PF system. My grandchildren Laura & Filip and me adore UA sets (just discontinued this year, unfortunately) although they were not easily accessible in EU but somehow we found several sets. So we started playing from train cars and after three of them the engine to power the train was needed. The idea for perfect locomotive was found in the article on The Maglev Technological Revolution on the web pages ( where futuristic trains are illustrated by Ferdinand D. Ladera from DigitalHadz (second in the upper illustration on web page; I tried to contact Mr. Ladera by all possible e-addresses and networks but with no answer). Of course, our train model is not levitating as maglev one, it is using typical Lego train wheels. And here it is, the whole UA train (pictures with link to HR photo): (, and UA locomotive itself (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg) and (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg), with Solomon Blaze’s hologram as a driver (lightened inside). There is (futuristic, of course) front door entrance to the engine (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg) and when fully opened, you can see Trey Swift in inspection on anybody trying to enter the train. (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg). From the back, Steve Zeal is appointed as a security guard (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg). First UA train car (from right to the left from the first photo above) is one having anesthetic gas chamber with fully asleep most dangerous villains Sharx and Terabyte, including Sharx’s dangerous remote controlled shark (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg). Second UA car is for prisoners (Toxikita, Invizable, Electrolyzer, and Antimatter) in chains and carefully observed by Mrs. Hydron and Max Burnes, (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg) while Jack Fury is inside his shuttle (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg). And the third UA car has secret chamber UAM/003 (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg) with Caila Phoenix on armory when fully opened (can rotate and shoot to any direction) (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg), and with Jack Fury’s twin brother in hyper vehicle and real Solomon Blaze in his headquarter with communication equipment to contact other UA officers (http://www.bricksafe...g/1920x1440.jpg). Short YT video is attached, as well ( ). Hope you like the train as much as we do. The next that we are just preparing to do is UA Train Station, of course. We will not be discontinued that easy. , &
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    Ultra Agents Train (MOC)

    :) m.
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    This is magnificent! x 100
  17. bjorkan

    Ultra Agents Train (MOC)

    And now on display at the Zagreb Lego Store, Croatia
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    [MOD] PFed GP-38s

    my votes go to ICG like it!
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    It is beautiful!
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    75098 Assault on Hoth

    I am absolutely sure - Lego knows that ultimate collectors will always have the money m.
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    Design Contest Proposition

    Hmmm, why "At least one alternate build. (Alternate models do not have to meet the same requirements as the primary model)" ??? m.
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    MOC: Prisoner

    I used all my black bricks just for myself... :) like it m.