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  1. Contest Pimp My Camper! Voting Thread

    Wow, lego marketing should pick up on this and realize what a perfect example of just how creative lego let's you be. Incredible work from everybody! 5. Kombiprise by Jamesn (1 vote) 9. Oscar Meyer Wiener by Wachutuchief (1 vote) 15. The Van-Van by Trooper10 (2 votes) 81. T1 Cooking Van by Skaldyr (1 vote) 160 Friendly Butterfly Camper by Kristel (1 vote) 171 Imperial Van by Bayou (3 votes)
  2. 10243 Parisian Restaurant

    Wow, it's like TLC got right inside our heads, I mean it has everything that has been discussed, requested, dreamed about and more! Incredible! No stickers, new bricks, "new" color (you know what I mean!), new techniques, new architecural style, jam packed with details inside AND outside...did I forget something? I will most certainly purchase this, and then some!
  3. Fantastic idea! This could also be useful for pen & paper roleplayers, I could easily imagine popping out a few of those modules to create a town center, castle scene etc... Supported!
  4. [MOC] Striped Townhouse

    Wow! What a lovely MOC, I could easily see this standing on the shelves next to the official sets! Perfect color combinations and creative use of the masonry brick! Bookmarked and added to my google doc file "Things to copy" ;-)
  5. Terrarium (Running Waterfall)

    I'm sorry, but this has nothing to do with Lego anymore. There needs to be a new word to describe this...I don't know...LegoArt?... Seriously, this is incredible...bravo!
  6. Hey, I found this picture of a roof built with cheese slopes, which is exactly what I would like to accomplish, but for the life of me, I can not figure out how this was done. Could someone perhaps enlighten me? I am hoping that this can be done without the left-right offset, but with the less than one plate thick offset (that is what I can not figure out...) Thanks!
  7. Lego Quality Reference

    You guys, these are all new bricks (even if they don't look like it), can someone tell me if this is normal? I mean the bricks seem to be all over the place, there are even noticable gaps where you can look through! Here is another example:
  8. Modular Arkham Asylum

    Very nice! How did you manage to pull of that batsignal?
  9. Hey Andy, Yes, it was quite the day, believe you me ;-) You are of course correct about my sorting / storage area, however, there is no way I will be able to properly part out all sets at once. TBH, I am considering simply keeping everything in it's original box, and taking out what I need for starters...but that will take time...I still have not found a proper solution for scalability; ie. the ability to have my sorting / storage system grow along with the amount of bricks. Complicated issue, best left for another thread / day ;-) Thanks Andy D, much appreciated!
  10. Aaaw, don't be jealous, you can do the same thing, just safe your money for a year or so, like I did, then go on a big spending tour ;-) I did come pretty close to my budget, almost over it since I bought a few sets at a supermarket that had them really cheap (like the orc forge) I only bought the orc forge cause I managed to grab for very cheap at a supermarket, not really for parts. The Sydney Opera House should be around for quite a while, whereas the Tower Bridge will be gone, which is why I opted to buy that one twice as opposed to the Opera House. Not saying it isn't a good parts pack, just not for me right now... Did you build your opera house or went straight to parting out?
  11. Note: Obviously my lastname is not "Brickfan", but for the sake of telling this story, my last name is "Mr. Brickfan" The day before driving to legoland I had called ahead to see which sets were available, the store manager (or teamleader to be more precise) had taken note of all the things I wanted, mentioned a couple of times that I was most certainly not allowed to take more then 3 sets of any type, and even that was not a given, for the sets they had low stock it could be that I would only be allowed to take one box! Mkay... I got there at around 11:30, and since the city store would not open until 13:00, I went straight to the legoland factory, you know, where you can buy bricks per 100gr for € 9. Much to my suprise, I found a few of the sets I was going to buy from the city shop at the factory, so I figured, while I am here, I might as well grab those as well. What I am telling you now is not a joke or made up, I kid you not! I took the 10214 (Tower Bridge) and went to the counter, and asked if they could set it behind the counter because I wanted to grab another set (haunted house), and all of a sudden an employee said to me "But you know Mr. Brickfan (how the hell did he know who I was?!?), you can't buy more sets later on in the city shop, you are only allowed to buy the quantities agreed upon yesterday!". For a couple of seconds I was completely baffled, I mean, how did he know who I was, how could he be sure, and why do they keep reminding me that I can't buy more sets!". I have to admit, I did not enjoy being spoken to in this manner, and I expressed my feelings and said that I felt like I was being treated like someone who is trying to con legoland germany for their lego sets! Anyway, I continued to grab the sets I wanted to buy, along with ~4kg of loose lego parts and a bunch of baseplates, paid the whole bunch and asked if I could leave the wares behind their counter, which was no problem. So, I left the factory and went straight to the city shop, which had opened early. I asked for the person who would handle the rest of my business, was greeted by a friendly lady who instantly knew who I was (I have no freaking idea how they knew who I was!), and get this, she pulled a note out of her pocket and said:" So Mr. Brickfan, I see you have already paid for the following sets over at the factory...". She already knew exactly which sets I had bought!!! I was really freaking out now! I had just left the factory! Next she told me, that all the sets I wanted had already been set aside for me in their warehouse on a europalette, why did I buy the sets at the factory...Well, I told her that I had repeatedly been informed that it is not possible to have sets set aside, so it is not my fault that they made an exception without informing me about it. Anyway, long story short, I went on a trip with Andrea (teamleader, really cool girl!) to the factory, were we canceled my complete purchase I had made before, excluding of course the loose parts, then we went back to the city shop, where all my sets in pristine condition (unlike the ones from the factory) had been set aside. (Andrea to the right) Meanwhile I grabbed a bite, went back there where everything had been put in lego bags, and now comes the best part! Andrea said:" In order to make up for the stalking and making me feel like I was some sort of con, she would lend me 2 employees who would help me carry everything I bought and go with me to the parking lot, which I can tell you, is not around the corner, we walked for almost 10 minutes!". That was a really nice gesture, so a buddy of mine, two employees and me "schlepped" everything from the city store to my car. Great feeling, I can tell you ;-) By the way, they told me that the reason why they were so suspicious in the beginning is because apparently they have problems with lots of dealers who try to take advantage of promotions and buy everything available, which is obviously a lousy thing to do, so it's thanks to those measures that I was even able to buy sets to begin with. All in all, I have to say, great experience, great people, will be going again ;-) 1200 kilometers later and not enough sleep, I got back home. Only to realize that there was a huge flaw in my plan. Storage space! Nuff said? My car was full with lego boxes, but I had not thought about were I was going to put all those boxes. Unloading the car was delayed, brainstorming began, and a couple of hours later, it seemed the only solution was to buy another closet (there went my safings from the 20% discount...pfffft!) Ikea it is! Luckily, it's open until 21:00, so I unloaded the car, filled the kitchen and every other available space with bags of lego and I was on my way. Good thing I have the best wife in the world...Not really how I had thought I would spent the rest of the day after I got home from a 1200 km drive, oh well... everything is stacked away by now, phew! Here's a list of what I got in the end: 2x Tower Bridge 2x Haunted House 2x Pet Shop 1x Grand Emporium 1x Town Hall 1x Cinema Palace 1x Arkham Asylum 2x Helms Deep 2x Mines of Moria 1x Orc Forge 2x Family House Anyway, thanks everybody who contributed to this thread, it has been really helpful, now I need to think about how on earth I am going to sort a few of the sets if I part them out :-P
  12. Thanks for the link! What I ment to say was: "Not currently available at legoland", not in general.
  13. Hi Redhead! Sorry I forgot to reply to your post! This is actually a super recommendation, I have two of those, but I have never gotten around to actually look at the inventory. Looks like it has plenty of useful things, so thank you very much for bringing this set to my attention. I might just snatch some more of these!
  14. 10197 - Fire Brigade Parts

    Thanks for the responses, I should have probably mentioned this, I already have opened one and built it! I am not that much of an investor, I only have some extra because IF later on I want or need lots of parts available from that set, I don't want to pay crazy bricklink prices, and I am 100% sure that at the very least, this set will retain it's retail value, if it's MISB of course...
  15. Thank you Andy D, very useful information to take into consideration indeed. I have just learned that the Grand Emporium is also currently not available anymore, oh well. I'll just take that money back home again, no need to bruteforce the money spending ;-)