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  1. gads

    LL 928 M.C.V.P

    Awesome work dude! A clever and well done redesign of the classic M-tron set. Well done!
  2. gads

    [MOC] - Guarded Inn

    Thanks for the kind comments :) The comparison photo was taken with both MOC and set side by side. No tricks here! hehehe But I agree, the original set looks very small now...
  3. gads

    [MOC] - Guarded Inn

    Thanks for the kind feedback :) In the first version of the MOC I made the wall modular. Beside making it look more like the original set, I was also trying to participate in medieval collaborative project with other builders. The Inn would be part of the castle walls. But the castle ended up with different stone work and it the Inn didn't fit anymore. So I decided to give a more personal touch by "destroying" the wall and remove the "sharp" endings. If the display would be bigger you could see more wall parts and stones scattered in the field :)
  4. gads

    [MOC] - Guarded Inn

    I think I submitted the wrong URLs... It's fixed and approved :D
  5. gads

    [MOC] - Guarded Inn

    Thanks! Yeah! I also follow those two great master-builders :D
  6. gads

    [MOC] - Guarded Inn

    Thank you very much for the kind reply :) I found a good part of my inspiration on Cesbrick wonderful MOCs (
  7. Hi guys, I would like to present my latest creation - Guarded Inn - based on the classic LEGO Set #6067 Guarded Inn which is one of my favourite sets ever :) Here's the link for the complete album on flickr including a comparison picture of my MOC and the classic set I own. Unfortunately I lost the knight minifg but beside that I think the set it's complete! yay! Comments and other kind of feedback are welcome :D Cheers!
  8. gads

    The Western Rip Off (1996)

    I remember the sets as I'm a proud owner of the western collection :D About the movie, I haven't a clue of what is it...
  9. gads

    Battle of Rorke's Drift, January 22, 1879

    What a beautiful historical MOC!!! I liked the wall texture! The roof and grass are also amazing! Well Done! As one would expect this MOC will go directly to HistoryBricks
  10. gads

    [MOC] Medieval Windmill

    Nice build! This would look fantastic on a medieval diorama I think I'll highlight it today at HistoryBricks.
  11. gads

    Colonial Harbor Scene

    What a gorgeous scene! The building techniques seems simple but the end result is brilliant! I'll definitely write a post about it at HistoryBricks.
  12. gads

    Mountain Village Raid

    Awesome build. The techniques you applied turned into wonderful textures. The technic axes used in the roof is pure genius! I'll highlight it at historybricks blog
  13. I understand your pain :( Some years ago I had the brilliant idea to clean up my old bricks using bleach. My intention was to remove that old yellow effect. The white bricks seemed brand new however the coloured bricks loose part of their colour. The paiin! ooooh the pain...
  14. gads

    Jarlof's shack

    Great work! I like the walls' work. Do you mind if I use the same kind of door on one of my MOCs? The chimneys' smoke is the "cherry on the of the cake"
  15. Your brother have 11 years old and was able to build this gorgeous castle? That's awesome! Send my congratulations to your little brother :) I'll highlight the construction at HistoryBricks